Is Tuesday the Best Day to Play Slots at Atlantic City Casinos?

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📖 Published on: May 17th, 2024

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If you have ever been to Atlantic City – and in this day and age, who hasn’t? – then you would most certainly have noticed that a majority of players head for none other than the slot machines. There’s just something about slots that call out to us – perhaps it’s the colorful lights and graphics, the timeless themes, and the ever-welcome sound of coins cascading – but the truth is, many of us have tried our luck in slots, but few have ever really triumphed. It’s not to say that we haven’t won, because most of us have taken home more than a few prizes here and there. But when it comes to really winning – and winning big – only a chosen few had the honor and privilege.


But we haven’t given up just yet, and that’s why slot machines continue to draw the crowds, ready and eager for the big kahuna. And this is where the endless question arises: how can you beat the odds – and emerge victorious – at Atlantic City slots? We might just have the answer you've been searching for. Dr. Illya Nayshevsky, COO of Adwise Partners, conducted a study on Atlantic City jackpots exceeding $50,000, using data from the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement. So what are the details of this study, and, more importantly, how can it help you increase your winning chances at slots? Let’s learn more, shall we?


Land-Based versus Online Casino: Which is Better?


But first – are you the type of player that seeks out land-based slots, or are you more drawn to online slots? It seems that there is a huge difference between the two. For instance, Dr. Illya Nayshevsky has gathered data from both land-based and online casinos from the 1st of January to the 1st of May, 2024, and it was interesting to note that there is a discrepancy between them. It’s very slight, but it’s there nonetheless: based on data, land-based casinos offer less frequent, but more substantial, wins. On the other hand, online casinos offer more frequent, but less substantial, wins. But how did we determine this in the first place? The facts don’t lie – and you can see it for yourself.


The Data Speaks

We first looked at the jackpot stats of land-based casinos, specifically land-based casinos in Atlantic City. Interestingly enough, we found that with over 550 jackpot wins gathered, the average winning jackpot was $99,237. Meanwhile, the total jackpot amounted to $54,480,885 – almost $6 million. Alternatively, in 400 online casino wins, we found that the average winning jackpot was $103,026.45, and the total jackpot was $41,210,580. So what does all this data mean? In layman’s terms, it means that even though you may win more frequently when you play slots online, the overall jackpot win is bigger at an Atlantic City land-based casino.


But wait – there’s more! Did you know that the day of the week also has something to do with your win? Essentially, it was found that there are certain days where you may have a better chance at winning. Let’s have another look at the data.


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Land based casinos data:

Day of the week Number of winners Average Stdev Probability
Monday 23 $85,489.43 $48,265.97 4.19%
Tuesday 11 $93,590.73 $56,603.59 2.00%
Wednesday 7 $77,811.29 $36,425.99 1.28%
Thursday 13 $81,320.85 $28,493.07 2.37%
Friday 13 $80,387.69 $38,638.35 2.37%
Saturday 37 $85,730.03 $64,751.55 6.74%
Sunday 45 $99,014.42 $193,144.68 8.20%


Online casinos data:

Day of the week Number of winners Average Stdev Probability
Monday 57 $92,064.68 $74,285.91 10.38%
Tuesday 49 $118,180.65 $144,516.36 8.93%
Wednesday 54 $92,974.17 $106,622.62 9.84%
Thursday 73 $105,306.78 $162,606.84 13.30%
Friday 67 $98,706.91 $83,130.87 12.20%
Saturday 49 $117,842.31 $178,685.29 8.93%
Sunday 51 $99,537.35 $102,485.16 9.29%


The Days of the Week May Matter

In the data that was gathered, it showed that in a land-based Atlantic City casino, Monday had the highest probability of a win at 14.57%. But it also showed that Monday had a lower average win amount of $90,174 compared to other days of the week. On the other hand, Tuesday, although having fewer winners and a low probability of 10.93%, showed the highest average winning amount at $113,673. In addition, the variability in winning amounts also differed significantly across days, with Tuesday showing the highest standard deviation – which suggests larger but less consistent wins.


Meanwhile, in an online casino, Thursday showed the highest probability of a win at 13.30%, but it also showed lower winnings at $105,306.78. Alternatively, Tuesday showed a lot of promise for having an average win amount of $118,180.65 – but again, it had a low probability of occurring – only 8.93%.


So it all boils down to this: the days of the week that you spend at either a land-based or online casino may mean the difference between a higher winning jackpot amount or a lower winning amount, but it also makes a difference how frequently you want to win. If you want to take home the jackpot more frequently, then we suggest that you go to a land-based casino on a Monday. If, however, you want to go home with a bigger jackpot prize, then why not visit the casino on a Tuesday? If you want to win more frequently at an online casino, you can play slots on Thursday – but if you want a bigger jackpot prize, you might want to try playing on a Tuesday.


At the end of the day, it’s really up to you and your priorities.


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The Discussion: Main Takeaways

With all this information, we have two main takeaways. The first is that it matters where you play. If you decide to play at a land-based casino, your jackpot win may be larger, but your actual win may be less frequent. If you play at an online casino, your wins may be more frequent, but it may be a smaller jackpot amount due to higher accessibility as well as a higher volume of players.


The second takeaway is that the specific day you play may make a difference as well. For land-based Atlantic City casinos, Tuesday is the day that gives you the largest jackpot prizes - although the risk to you is higher, the potential reward is also greater. The same is also true for online casinos – Tuesday seems to be the ideal day for securing a big win, although the probability of it occurring is less. If your aim is to have more frequent wins but less substantial rewards in slots, then it is better to visit a land-based casino on a Monday and an online casino on a Thursday.


Overall, the best strategy to secure a jackpot win at slots is to consider not just the day you play, but the platform you would like to play in (whether it’s land-based or online). While online casinos may ultimately be more convenient and accessible, land-based casinos hold the allure of heftier payouts. But once again, it’s all about weighing what matters to you – and never forgetting that, at the end of the day, it’s all about having the best time, regardless of whether you win or not.


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