Breaking Barriers: Honoring the Impact of Jackie Robinson in the MLB

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📖 Published on: April 15th, 2024

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The MLB is slated to celebrate the big impact of Jackie Robinson and the impact he has made in the league. This year’s edition is slated to see MLB put up some impressive celebration with the hopes of honoring the massive change that Robinson has inspired across the league. But what changes did the iconic Robinson offer to the MLB?


You might be surprised to see some players wearing jerseys with the number 42 etched in their uniforms. This is to commemorate the legacy left by Jackie Robinson as one of the biggest MLB icons who have made an impact in terms of success, progressive changes, and promising standards in the league. Every April 15th, the MLB remembers the historic advancements he made in the league, with fans, clubs, players, and coaches remembering how he strived hard to make a change in the game.


Jackie Robinson: Breaking the Color Barrier


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For those who didn’t know about Jackie Robinson, the Georgia native was the first player of African American descent to play in the MLB. Long before Robinson came into the league, professional baseball has always worked on racial segregation – forcing black players to play as relegated players to the Negro leagues since the 1880s.


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Robinson was a talented athlete – being able to play more than one sport. In fact, he was a player for the track and field, even winning the long jump and won the 1940 NCAA championship. Robinson also played for the UCLA Bruins football team in his college run, even being hailed as one of the star players in the team back in the early 1940s. However, the subsequent World War II ended his budding career in football as he got drafted into the miliary. That time, Robinson faced racial slurs in the army, being transferred from one unit to another and was later court-martialed all the way to earning an honorable discharge in 1944 with the rank of Second Lieutenant with the 761st Tank Batallion.


Later on, Robinson would go on to meet a former player of the Kansas City Monarchs in the Negro American League, who would then encourage him to try for the league. By early 1945, Robinson was already playing in the Negro Leagues and was a promising star at the time. Not long after, Robinson was already playing in the Minor Leagues for the Montreal Royals – where he still experienced racial segregation, not being allowed to stay with his white teammates in the hotel, being forced to lodge at the home of a political African American couple.


When Robinson played for the Los Angeles Red Devils in just a short period of time, the Brooklyn Dodgers went on to call him up just six days before the season began. When he made his season debut in the Major league as the first baseman in April 15, 1947, he had a crowd of 26,623 – half of which are black. That broke the color line in the MLB and was hailed to be an icon for African American players. Initially, many people still mocked Robinson for trying to fit in, being a subject of rough physical play in the game and even derided by opposing teams. That didn’t deter Robinsons’ unwavering spirit as he would then go on to play 151 games, having a batting average of .297, on-base percentage of .383, and .427 slugging percentage.

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For the whole season, Robinson went on to score 175 hits, 125 runs – which was composed of 31 doubles, 5 triples, and 12 home runs. His massive performances have led him to win the MLB Rookie of the Year Award, and he would go on to become the first black player to play in the World Series, with the Dodgers losing to the New York Yankees in the 1947 edition.


A Successful and Impressive Career


For the rest of his 10-year career in the MLB, Robinson shined bright amidst all the criticisms and the racial slurs he received. The Georgia native has been named an All-Star for six straight years from 1949 to 1954, even being named the NL MVP in his first All-Star year – the first black player to do so. He was a massive piece in the team’s campaigns in the World Series – a total of six trips to the big stage and winning in the 1955 edition of the said tournament. This just showed how he was a promising player to look out for back in the day, despite being mocked for his color.


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By the end of his career, aside from his known feats, Robinson was also a batting champion in the NL in 1949, as well as a stolen base leader in 1947 and in 1949, showing that he has what it takes to be a spectacular two-way star in the league. When he finished up, the Dodgers would go on to retire his jersey number 42, with the rest of the league following suit as they opted to retire the said number, celebrating the Jackie Robinson Day every April 15th since 2004.


An Inspiration for All MLB Players to Follow


Jackie Robinson wasn’t just a legendary player because he broke barriers in the game. He was also known well for his character – being a kind-hearted player who knew well how to respond to the rough physical plays and racial slurs that he had to deal with in the game. His use of nonviolence in dealing with heated plays and other pressured moments in the game is why many people are keen to follow his example.


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Robinson was recognized by many cities, governing bodies, and different awarding committees during and after his career. There were many statues, awards, and many other feats named after him. This just shows how impactful he was, what kind of impact he has delivered to the game, and how his presence changed the MLB forever.


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