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📖 Published on: March 7th, 2024

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You know that feeling when you’re outplayed by a machine and you stare blankly at the bright LED lights and find yourself wondering, “How did they get me this time?” Well, the way the Return to Player (RTP) goes, whether high or low, has a big part in the way you want to gain winnings, as well as the house edge that you should probably pay attention to every time you commit to a spin or a rebet. Here, we’ll break down the impact of the RTP and the house edge on the games you play, especially in the slots, and teach you how you can maximize your gameplay while understanding the role of the RTP and house edge.


The ABCs of a House Edge


If you think the house edge applies to all the casinos you’ve ever been to, we suggest you think again. But, indeed, low house edges exist just as much as a high RTP does. The thing about gaining more gameplay and increasing your odds of winning is that striking a balance is close to impossible - but it is doable, nonetheless. Knowing which games you have more skill, odds, and the ability to learn in the long run is key to a successful casino experience.


The range of house edges can fluctuate in terms of percentage, and a certain kind of wager may have a relatively low percentage, while a bet next to it may have an unacceptably high percentage– Lady Luck or not, there’s something to be said here. Here are some of your favorite casino games and the house edge that are often applied:

  • Video slots: 0.46% to 5%
  • Slots: 2% to 15%
  • Blackjack: 0.28% and over
  • Roulette: 1.35% to 7.69%
  • Baccarat: 1.06% to 14.36%
  • Craps: 0% to 16.67%
  • Keno: 25% to 40%
  • Sic bo: 2.78-33.33%
  • Three Card Poker: 3.37% to 7.28%
  • Ultimate Texas Hold’em Poker: 2.19% and over
  • Let it Ride: 3.51% and over


Now, the house edge for slot machines and free slot games can range from 2% to 15% and generally, there are better odds. But if you’re after classic slots or progressive slots, the house edge will differ. What people don’t tell you when you’re new to slots is that the reels can mess your game up– especially if you don’t know which type of slots have complex reel systems.


Since getting anything for free in a casino isn’t always true, it’s also good to know that lower-tiered payouts for certain slot machines are typically cut short. Your best bet is to find a game that has almost 100% RTP or slots that showcase its RTP percentage, which is typically with an amount that is inverse of the house edge.


Theory vs. Outcome


Let’s break down the theory of RTP and a real outcome from playing the slots. Imagine randomly playing on a slot machine where every 100 spins can be wagered at $1. What you should be wondering is how much the return is if you win a round. The answer is that $99 should be your RTP from your first bet. In actuality, events proceed rather differently.


In essence, that $99 represents the maximum amount of money that a player may potentially win back in exchange for a lot of spins. Keep in mind that slot games RTP testing is conducted extensively by its operators and regulators. The goal is to ensure the RTP is constantly at 95%, and it goes through a series of tests in the most rigorous manner possible. If you’re wondering why, the simplest reason is to ensure players like you don’t question the legitimacy of the casino.

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The House Edge Percentage and Improving Your Gameplay


A casino will always find a way to one-up you and that’s what the house edge is designed for. In the game of slots, varying RTP percentages in different casinos are the first thing to take note of. As an example, let's say that a specific house edge is stated at 8%.


This would immediately inform players that the typical casino player would lose 8% when engaging in that particular game. Now, thinking long term, regardless of how much a person wins or loses, the average for all participants would be an 8% loss.


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To have the odds in your favor, find slots with lower RTPs.

If you want to practice responsible gambling when playing slots and avoid getting carried away, an ideal approach is to select classic or progressive slot games with a lower house edge. This way, you’ll know that the RTP is higher and gives you more odds of winning even if it’s on an old classic machine.

Do the research and check the house edge on other sites before paying for online slot games.

If you like a good game of chance, randomly choosing slot games to throw your money at isn’t always the best move. If you will allow curiosity to kill the cat, check out free slot games online and see which types of slot games best suit your betting style.

Look for classic slots that have low house edges and progressive slots that have high RTPs. However, keep in mind that there’s no guarantee from the house edge that you’ll gain winnings. How much money you’ll be wagering and the slot game you’re playing still greatly factor in your luck.


Best Online Slots with High RTPs


While you’re busy taking our advice on researching the best slots with the highest RTPs in most online casinos, here’s our list of the best online slots to wager on that have high RTP with low stakes that won’t entirely hamper your gameplay.

  • Mega Joker (99%)
  • Jackpot 6000 (98.86%)
  • Blood Suckers (98%)
  • Bob the Epic Viking Quest (98%)
  • Starmania (97.87%)
  • White Rabbit (97.72%)
  • Medusa Megaways (97.63%)
  • Fruit Shop (96.7%)
  • Dead or Alive (96.7%)
  • Wolf Pack Pays (97.5%)


When they go low, you go high


Like anyone who enjoys a game of chance and likes to dabble in Lady Luck’s game, the higher the RTP of a slot game, the lower the house has an edge on you. These days, many slot machines in land-based casinos and online casinos offer a variety of low-stakes and high-stakes games. The secret is to align your betting interests with the volatility of the type of slots you wish to play in or give into the process of trial and error. Either way, a win is a spin away from your grasp.


Are you eager to learn more about the difference between video slots and progressive slots? Check out our blogs at GambleSpot to know more!


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