Slots Showdown: Progressive Slots Vs. Video Slots

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📖 Published on: February 27th, 2024

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There’s a common misconception in the gambling world, and it is that first-time gamblers and slot machine players should just pick the classic progressive slots to ensure quick wins even if it’s a low-stakes game. But keep in mind, if you’re new to playing the slots, safe bets don’t always take you far - especially if you’re trying to build your gameplay at slots. If no one else has told you yet, there are a bunch of other slot machines you could try out aside from the classic fruit slot games you see in most ads and casino promos.


The dawn of technology has allowed entertainment to evolve and bring avid iGamers more optionality when it comes to curating a dynamic gaming experience. Yes, we love a good win from progressive slots, but video slots make it a point to bring interactive gaming to new heights with AI-integrated features that boast superb game design, optimum graphics, and top-notch sound effects. Let us show you how you can bet on higher stakes while breaking the monotony of the basics with our guide on progressive and video slot gaming.


Slots Galore: What is a Progressive Slot Machine?


Progressive slots provide potentially life-changing prizes of millions of dollars, with jackpots that grow gradually until won. You know those people who make it to the news for winning at the slots and becoming instant millionaires? Well, it’s highly likely they were playing on a progressive high-stakes slot machine and received a high payout in return. While the odds are typically slim to none, there’s still a lot to like about progressive slots.


When playing progressive slots at land-based casinos or even just on your phone, bear in mind that there are still a variety of progressive slot machine types to become acquainted with before you consider yourself a master of the game . The following are some differentiations to watch out for:

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  • Standalone Progressive Slots: One of the simplest slot machines to maneuver, standalone progressive slots usually have smaller payouts and prizes which are commonly linked across several other machines. With every wager made on one standalone progressive slot, the jackpot goes up.
  • Local Progressive Slots: In-hour proprietary progressives is another name for this type of slot machine. They stand out amongst many players because they’re all linked together in one casino or under one operator. They’re great for high-stake bettors who like maximizing substantial winnings.
  • Wide Area Progressive Slots: These progressive slots are the millionaire makers in a casino and boast the biggest prizes that can be won by other connected casinos in multiple states. How so? Well, these types of machines have a jackpot meter that’s electronically connected to a central server. These types of slots used to be restricted in the US but can now be played in multiple casinos and online slots where gambling is regulated and legal.


Video Slots: Interactive Gamechangers in Entertainment


It’s easy to overlook the slots if you’re born at a time when technology and entertainment boast the musings of iGaming. There’s an impact virtual and augmented reality in casino gaming have on how video slots are played and consumed by casino goers. Knowing how crowd-favorite video slot machines work and how much they bring to the table can make an absolute difference in building your personal slot strategy.


What to like about Video Slots


Picture the pay lines on a classic slot game - they all connect once you score a bonus or win a jackpot. Now, imagine 50 of these lines connecting reels in one game. This is the magic of video slots– when the player spins the wheel, the computer will select five different numbers from each reel simultaneously.


Keep in mind, though, that the results of every spin aren’t always the same as the last result, so manage your expectations accordingly. Another notable thing about video slots is it’s not only engaging, and filled with one-of-a-kind sound effects, it also offer visual storytelling for enthusiasts and casual casino-goers alike.

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Why Some Players Don’t Trust Video Slots


While some people are busy falling for the allure of video slots’ shiny games, catchy sound effects, and engaging themes, there are still some skeptics who think video slots aren’t all that. The reason? The use of Random Number Generators (RNG) which are known to select numbers set for display on the screen once the reels stop spinning. RNG in slot machines has the reputation of making it difficult for players to spot repeated patterns.


Now, flashback to the 80s when computers and technology were still being kickstarted and lacked the savviness it has today– this makes it easier to mess with mechanical slots to show a certain result. Fast forward to the 90s when WMS Gaming introduced Reel ‘Em slots, the first video slot game that made raves in the US.


Video Slots vs. Progressive Slots


Now, how can you tell which is best for your gambling style? Knowing the key differences is essential.


Progressive Slots Video Slots

Jackpot: Progressive slots provide potentially life-changing prizes of millions of dollars, with jackpots that grow gradually until won.

Types: Different jackpot contribution techniques are found in stand-alone and in-house progressive slots, among other forms of progressive slots.

Payouts: Often, to be eligible to win the ultimate progressive jackpot payout, players must wager the maximum amount.

RTP: Progressive slots usually have a lower Return to Player (RTP) compared to regular slots, leading to less frequent wins but with the potential for huge payouts.

Features: Advanced features found in video slots include pick-a-prize games, bonus rounds, free spins, earnings multipliers, and special symbols.

Jackpot: While satisfying, fixed jackpots on video slots pale in comparison to the enormous progressive jackpots available on progressive slots.

Gameplay: Through several in-game elements, they increase the number of winning opportunities, but there is a maximum payout limit.

Appeal: Video slots are popular among players because of their many features and captivating gameplay.


Are all progressive-type slot machines regarded as video slots?


Not every progressive slot machine qualifies as a video slot. The prize that increases as players bet on the machine or linked machines is what distinguishes a progressive slot machine from both classic and video slots. Thus, a classic slot machine with a progressive jackpot function can also be a progressive slot machine.


Are all video slots considered progressive slots?


On the other hand, not every video slot qualifies as a progressive slot. Advanced features like bonus games, distinctive symbols, and a variety of themes are what define video slots as they provide an engaging gaming environment. Even while some video slots have progressive jackpots as one of its bonus features, a video slot is not a progressive slot just because it has advanced features.


Choosing Slots that Work for Your Style


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Learning the difference between video and progressive slots isn’t always enough, but being true to your betting style can help. While progressive slots are more generative in terms of big jackpots, video slots also bring a bunch of interactive features that can change the way you play at the slots, be it the sound effects, visual effects, or AI integration; there’s something for your kind of slot gameplay.


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