Setting Expectations: Big Teams to Win in the CS2 Copenhagen Major

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📖 Published on: March 12th, 2024

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The first-ever CS2 Major is coming right into your doorstep, and it is bringing the best of the best that you would want to see! After all, who would not want a series of wild clashes between the fiery teams in Counter-Strike. This is why it is something that you would not want to miss now more than ever!


What to Look Out For in the CS2 Copenhagen Major 2024?


Set to be streamed over the official PGL Twitch channels, the CS2 Copenhagen Major brings in the biggest teams in CS2 right now to play for the blazing major. A total of 24 teams are slated to play at the Major, which are the ones who qualified from direct invites, massive and challenging RMRs around the world, and many other means of contention for the upcoming major.


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16 teams will then emerge from the opening stage of the tournament. This will work in a Swiss system format, which will allow eliminations in just a best-of-three series between teams, while all other games will be played in a single-knockout format. After that, the top eight teams will move on to the elimination stage, with the bottom teams on the other side taken out of contention.


The Playoffs will see the top eight teams gunning for the Grand Final. This only has a single-elimination bracket, with all matches set to a best-of-three. There will be no lower-bracket battles coming up on this one once it reaches this stage.


Top Teams Who Could Win in the CS2 Copenhagen Major


A lot of blazing teams are set to take center stage. However, only one will emerge as the champion. This is why many fans are keen to see which big teams will have the best chance of winning in the competition now more than ever. But which of these teams will emerge as the best CS2 team for this year’s edition of the Major – the first one to be played in CS2?




ENCE image

Thanks to the continued rise to stardom with the lead of gla1ve, it seemed that the Polish roster has been considered one of the most promising teams to look out for this year. Under his lead, ENCE has emerged as a dominant team that is just waiting to come up with the right opportunity to show their big chance to win big on the Major. With gla1ve at the helm, it does seem that the squad has what it takes to cement its legacy on the biggest stage of CS2 this year, especially if they manage to claim a win in the biggest major of the shooter game.




Heroic image


On the bright side, in-game leader kyxsan has been pretty much the impressive star that he is by providing immense veteran experience in the team this season, and their previous stretch of games is starting to look like a promising campaign that fans are looking for. This just goes to show that their additions in nicoodoz and NertZ are starting to click well in their favor, giving them the best results that everyone has been looking for in the past few months, which is what makes them a surprising team to look out for.


Eternal Fire


As one of the few Turkish squads who are expected to show up on the big stage, Eternal Fire is showing that they deserve to be on the big stage as they have taken out some of the big contenders en route to the Majors. Rifler Wicadia has been an impressive star to watch with his insane skills in the game, which just shows how much he is improving in his games this year, and that has translated to impressive victories for Eternal Fire so far.

Eternal Fire image


The MongolZ


The MongolZ image


As the best team in Asia (can still be up for debate), it does seem that the MongolZ have what it takes to contend against the top-tier squads in Europe. It cannot be denied that this CS team is really pushing it to the limit, bringing some massive strides in their games when it matters most. While they have struggled to play against some of the best teams in the game, it is no secret that The MongolZ will be a team to look out for especially in the early stages of the tournament.


While the team spent 2023 on a quiet notice, the team is still primed to make one of the biggest splashes with a hopeful push towards the top spot of the Copenhagen Major. Let’s not forget the fact that fame and FL1T are both making some impressive strides this year, and no one can deny that they can really make some noise in the contest, especially if they can get lucky when it comes to the opening stage and make it past against the top contenders of the tournament. image


G2 Esports


G2 Esports image

Of course, no one should ever forget NiKo and his band of misfits with G2 Esports, who are expected to come up with massive wonders in the tournament. Returning to the big stage with m0NESY, it is impossible to forget that G2 Esports certainly has what it takes to battle against some of the best in the CS2 scene right now. On top of that, they are on the prowl for a title this time after coming up short in the previous runs last year. With NiKo on board, no one should ever count out this squad in a Major that is considered the highest stage of CS2 competition.


A Brewing Showdown on the CS2 Copenhagen Major


The Copenhagen Major is slated to bring the best of all players and teams in the CS2 scene, which is going to make a lot of noise in the esports world. We have laid out some of the big favorites to win in the tournament, so you should have an insight on which team is going to be favored to pull off a victory in their coming games!


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