Bettors' Dugout: Five NHL Betting Tips You Should Know for 2024

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📖 Published on: March 19th, 2024

✍️ Updated: March 19th, 2024

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Have you enjoyed the biggest ice hockey games yet? Well you can definitely spice it up even further by betting on the biggest games as well! As one of the most popular leagues in the world, you should know that NHL offers some of the most promising wins that you can enjoy, and this is why you should consider these tips to help you win!


Why NHL Betting is a Big Opportunity


While the NHL is one of the underrated sports leagues in the United States, it has brought in a lot of talent from all over the world. Despite being one of the oldest leagues in the country, it is still expanding, putting up new teams as latest as the 2021-22 season, and it is not going to stop there. On top of that, the playoffs is closing in as of the time of writing, and you can expect that intensity ramps up even more.


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Over the years, the NHL along with other leagues in the United States has not embraced sports betting until the late 2020s. With the doors opening for sports betting via jersey sponsorships and arena naming rights, it does seem that you can now finally enjoy an immersive betting experience in one of the biggest leagues in the world. And you would want to make the most of your chances in the NHL with plenty of big rewards waiting just for you!


How to Score Big Wins in Betting on NHL Games?


While you may have prior knowledge when it comes to the betting markets and many other aspects of placing wagers on NHL games, it is still a must to have more strategies, tips, and tricks in betting on the hottest games in the schedule. After all, you would love to have any advantage that you can use in increasing your chances of winning in each game you bet on.


Here are five NHL betting tips you should know for 2024:


Check the Odds Between the Playing Teams


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The bookmaker always sets predetermined odds as a way of signifying which team has a better chance to win in the given game. You may spot a plus (+) sign next to a number, which denotes an underdog, while a minus (-) next to a team’s number means that it is a favorite to win. Now the odds are pre-set usually weeks or even before the season begins. However, it tends to change and fluctuate over time, especially as the campaign progresses. This means that the original odds may have set one team as a favorite, but then they can become an underdog a few months or weeks into the season based on their performances.


On top of that, the odds still continue to change as the specific game progresses, so it would be wise to always monitor the odds as it is one way to predict which team wins. With the odds in mind, you can make an informed decision and come up with a better chance of winning in your bets.


Never Chase Losses


There is no guarantee that you can win every single NHL bet that you make, and this is why you should never go all-out when it comes to placing wagers, even if you lose. For example, you just set a limit of betting on five NHL games on a given day, whether those are prop bets or parlays, just stick to that budget and win or lose, try not to go for extra wins even if it is so tempting to do so. Remember, if you win all those five games that you wagered on, then it is time to call it a day, as you don’t want to come up with unwanted losses that can spoil your winnings.

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At the same time, if none of these wagers you made end up winning, it would make no sense to try and make some desperation bets on other games and markets as it could even lead to more losses down the stretch, especially if your groove has been losing all day.


Do Your Research About Playing Teams


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Now, it is a must to know more about the playing teams in any given circumstances, simply because it is your money on the line once you place your wagers. More knowledge about the playing teams is essentially a must since you are going to place your bets on them and it will help you have an edge in the odds since you can actually predict on your own if a given team will actually lose or not. Coming up with impressive wagers depends well on how a team plays on the ice, and if that specific team is missing some key players or is on a losing streak, then you may want to go the other way around. This also means keeping an eye out for their performances most of the time.


Have a Go-To Team and Player


The NHL has a total of 32 teams, with each squad having more than 15 players in its roster. This means that you could have at least one or two favorite teams to look out for. Most of the time, these teams can serve as your go-to options in any given day, and betting on them should give you more advantages than you would expect especially with a team that you know so well and players that you watch on a regular basis. This means you can even dare to come up with some promising futures bet, such as this team to win the Stanley Cup, or come up with the best record in the league by the end of the season.

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You can even make some prop bets, such as a specific player to win any of the individual awards by the end of the season or a player to reach a set number of points before the playoffs. All of these can end up as a promising win that you could pull off!


Always Stay On Top of the Latest NHL Updates


Like any other sports league out there, the NHL season stretches for months, and not all teams would have the same roster that they started out with to begin the season. This is why you should always keep an eye out for the latest and hottest news in the NHL. Many news outlets cover the league’s happenings, from game results, injury reports, trades, staff changes, and many more.


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All of these play a huge role in a team’s chances of winning, and it does affect your wagers in the long run. This is why you should always be updated on the the NHL and see if these changes are about your favorite team, or the one that you just wagered on. At the end of the day, you get to make the most of it with the help of the latest updates on the league.


Enjoy Top-Notch NHL Betting with our Guides


The NHL offers some of the best games that you can bet on, and it is a no-brainer that the league offers some of the hottest action that you would not want to miss. With the help of our betting tips, you can be sure that you will have a better chance of winning in your wagers, especially with higher stakes when the playoffs come into play.


That being said, it is wise to stay updated on the NHL and the rest of the sports world. Lucky for you, GambleSpot always comes up with the best blogs, predictions, game analyses, betting guides, and many other sports-related content just for you! Don’t miss a single beat with us today!

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