8 Ways to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Style

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📖 Published on: May 2nd, 2024

✍️ Updated: May 3rd, 2024

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One of the many holidays America has adopted from the culture of Mexico into its culture is Cinco de Mayo. It’s a fun-filled event that happens annually where the best dances, food, and people come together to celebrate Mexican-American culture in the US. With 37.2 million Mexicans living in the US, it makes sense that so much of their culture and heritage continues to change (and positively influence!) American life. If you’re curious about some creative yet exciting ways to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, read on and explore how you can make the most out of this exciting event this weekend.


1. Attend a Cinco De Mayo event in Las Vegas


Who doesn't like a good party? If you’re a clubber or raver, Las Vegas is the place to be on Cinco De Mayo weekend, with several casinos hosting some stellar parties. What better way to get together than in some of Vegas’ go-to spots? Here are some Las Vegas events hosting Cinco De Mayo parties:


  • MGM Grand: Zedd in Wet Republic Ultra Pool
  • TAO Beach: Alesso (May 4th) and Nelly (May 5th)
  • OMNIA Nightclub: Steve Aoki


2. Host a Cinco De Mayo cocktail/mocktail party at home


Now, if you’re not much of a party person, you can easily enjoy the flavors of Cinco De Mayo with an exciting cocktail or mocktail party at home. Get your friends and family together and enjoy popular Mexican cocktails like the classic Margarita, a fruity Paloma, a savory Michelada, and the stunning Tequila sunrise.


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3. Make some tacos with friends


Here’s another idea for the foodies! Throwing a taco-making party at home is a great way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo - and one where you can also involve the kiddos . Simply set up a taco bar with all the fixings: seasoned meats like chicken, beef, or pork, and plenty of veggie options, too. Don’t forget the essentials like shredded cheese, lettuce, diced tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and a variety of salsas.


Add unique toppings, such as pineapple, pickled veggies, or even some spicy bugs for the daring diners, for a unique twist! Arrange everything in a buffet fashion, allowing each person to construct the ideal taco. Everyone may customize their tacos to suit their tastes during this entertaining and participatory dinner, which is perfect for visitors of all ages. It's also a fantastic opportunity to become familiar with the many tastes and ingredients found in Mexican cooking.


4. Play some Cinco De Mayo-themed Slot Games


A more low-key way to acknowledge the festive holiday of Cinco de Mayo could be done right through your phone. If you’re a gamer and enjoy games like online slots, why not check out a few Cinco de Mayo-themed slot games? Here are some ideas to consider:


  • Mayan Eagle by Nobleways (96.32% RTP)
  • Ole Bonus
  • Willy’s Hot Chillies by NetEnt (96$ RTP)
  • Spicy Wins
  • Sweet Chilli by Ainsworth (96.17% RTP)


5. Support Mexican businesses


While joining a festival and throwing a party at home can be fun, it’s also a lot of work. One other way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo is to simply wine and dine out. Support Mexican businesses near you and bring in some good business to popular taquerias and food trucks and try out regional cuisines across multiple Mexican restaurants.


6. Make a Cinco De Mayo playlist


No Cinco de Mayo is complete without good music. Whether it’s a Spotify playlist or a YouTube Music mix, creating a playlist with a variety of Latin music can certainly set the mood for the festivities. Dive into recent hits to keep your playlist fresh and exciting. Include popular tracks like:


  • "Con Calma" by Daddy Yankee featuring Snow
  • "Tusa" by Karol G and Nicki Minaj
  • "Dákiti" by Bad Bunny and Jhay Cortez

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These songs are ideal for getting everyone in a party mood since they combine lively rhythms with appealing melodies. A variety of salsa, bachata, and cumbia favorites will also please everyone, making your Cinco de Mayo celebration a success from beginning to end.


7. Play pass the sombrero or pinata games

Spice up your Cinco de Mayo party with some lively games like "Pass the Sombrero" or break open a piñata. These fun activities are sure to get everyone laughing and moving. In "Pass the Sombrero," players pass sombreros around in a circle while listening to music, much like in musical chairs.


Conversely, the piñata game is a hit with players of all ages; just load a piñata with candy and sweets, blindfold the players, and let them swing away. These games are excellent for having memorable parties.

8. Throw a Cinco De Mayo quiz night

Last but not least is to host a Cinco De Mayo-themed quiz night with your favorite people. It’s a great way to get you to do the research for the trivia questions of the game and actually learn more about the Mexican and American history of the event while you’re at it.


Not to mention, it’s a blast to challenge your friends and family on their knowledge and see who comes out on top. Spice things up with categories like Mexican culture, famous landmarks, and iconic foods. Throw in some questions about popular Mexican artists and Cinco de Mayo traditions to keep it educational and fun. Plus, offer some festive prizes for the winners—maybe a bottle of tequila or some homemade salsa—to keep everyone motivated and laughing all night long.


Happy Cinco De Mayo!


The influence of Mexican culture in the United States and around the world goes beyond tacos, burritos, tequila sunrise, and delicious food. It is vibrant and enduring, making Cinco de Mayo a perfect time to celebrate and appreciate it. Whether you're hosting a taco-making party, sipping on delicious margaritas, or testing your knowledge at a quiz night, there are countless ways to honor this day.


So gather your friends and family, enjoy the rich traditions, and make this Cinco de Mayo memorable with fun, laughter, and a deeper appreciation of the beautiful Mexican heritage that enriches our lives.


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