10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Gambling Bae

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📖 Published on: February 12th, 2024

✍️ Updated: February 13th, 2024

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Another 365 days around the sun, and here we are approaching the day of love. Suppose you’re part of the 53% of people keen on preparing for Valentine’s Day and getting your loved ones their customized gifts. There’s a whole subtlety in planning a great night out on the 14th of February.


It’s probably why people who enjoy the holiday spend months before planning and preparing to get their significant other the “perfect gift.” In that case, this blog should guide you with what to get your favorite person, especially if one of their hobbies includes iGaming or playing in the casinos. Regardless of their personality, finding gifts for casino lovers shouldn’t have to be a dreadful chore.


10 Best Casino Lover Gifts You Might Want to Take Inspiration From


Here are some ideas you might want to plan around to make your significant other’s Valentine’s Day a sweet one to remember.


1. For the Extrovert: A Night Out in Las Vegas


If your boyfriend or girlfriend loves being around people and playing a live round of Blackjack or Baccarat, then a gift for someone who likes casinos is a trip to Las Vegas. Keep in mind this one will definitely require some planning.


By rule of thumb, booking a room and a restaurant table in a Las Vegas casino can be tricky if you’re not already a frequent visitor, so it’d be best to make arrangements months in advance. Some of the best spots you can’t go wrong with include The Bellagio, Caesars, and Mandalay Bay.


2. For the Introvert: A Night in with a Casino-Themed Movie


Say your significant other is more of a homebody who likes to dabble in iGaming than bet in real casinos. A night indoors with a simple movie and dinner are also good ways to spend time with each other on Valentine’s Day.


If their love language is quality time, then cooking a delicious dinner paired with their favorite glass of wine or drink of choice is one way to go about it. Get the cuddling rolling with a selection of beloved casino-themed films like Molly’s Game, 21, The Card Counter, and Hard Eight.


3. For the Hobbyist: Professional Lessons from a Gambling Veteran


This one’s for the gal or guy with a partner new to iGaming or sports betting. Do you want to give your partner something a little more personalized and engaging this Valentine’s Day? Well, a live lesson from a professional gambler is one way to do it.


If you’re a Nevada resident, tourist, or frequent visitor, booking an Airbnb Activity in a local Las Vegas casino is a unique way to get better at the game, learn from a seasoned pro, and see Las Vegas with your favorite person!


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4. For the R&R Enthusiast: Las Vegas Scented Candle


This one’s for those tried and tested couples who just want to gift their partner with something sweet and useful. If your significant other prefers to stay in during Valentine’s Day and avoid all the rush, then planning an R&R day is one way to go about it. Starting with their favorite food, a round of poker at home, and then capping the day with a nice bath with a Las Vegas-scented candle that’ll have your gambling bae relaxing in minutes– simple, tried, and tested.


5. For the Bonus Collector: Casino Bonuses for Eager Online Players


This might be the most obvious gift, but if your loved one enjoys a good game of slots or poker now and then, one of the gift ideas for casino lovers to consider is casino bonuses for their favorite games. Whether it’s slot games with real money or high-stakes poker, getting them a little token of appreciation, like casino bonuses, could be a sweet gesture to show your favorite person on Valentine’s Day.


6. For the Jewelry Lover: Tasteful Charm Bracelets


If your lady is an avid gambler, you can’t go wrong with an elegant piece of jewelry. Whether you met on an online gaming platform, at an actual casino, on a dating app, or some other elaborate meet-cute, a little something from Pandora, like a dice charm bracelet, would be a sweet reminder of how much you cherish Lady Luck.


7. For the Coin Savers: Slot Machine Bank


Thinking of something cute but useful for a gift for a casino lover? Try getting something a little vintage, like a slot machine coin bank. If they love playing at the slots, a great place to store loose change is a stellar way to save money and make it fun while they’re at it.


8. For the Indecisive Players: Sports Bet Decision-Maker


Here's a little something for your favorite sports bettor. Consider a nifty little sports bet decision-maker to give your gambling bae a hand when placing wagers.


It can be exhausting to figure out the odds of their favorite sports teams, and keeping up with betting trends can also be a lot. A sports bet decision-maker can help take some load off your loved ones by betting on the Super Bowl or the US Open– at the end of the day, it’s just a little something to make them smile and feel loved, right?


9. For the Collectors: Custom Poker Chips and Deck of Cards


There are multiple ways to make your loved one feel special and, more importantly, seen. Another set of great casino themed gifts are customized decks or poker chips. Don’t underestimate a tastefully curated deck of cards or poker chips, especially if your favorite person is an actual casino dealer! Personalizing things can take some time, so ample time to order these or have them made is crucial.

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10. For Drinking Game Connoseurs: Shot Glass Roulette Drinking Game Set


Now, if your boyfriend or girlfriend is a fan of throwing parties and table games like roulette, then a playful shot glass roulette drinking game set might be a sure way into their hearts. This drinking game is a fantastic way to keep guests entertained. Although an intimate night with your significant other can never go wrong on Valentine’s Day, spending time with your friends and family with a fun, roulette-themed drinking game is another way to celebrate the day of love with your favorite people.


Go Big on Valentine’s Day


There’s no better way to make your partner feel special on the universal day of love than simply connecting and spending time with them. Although we’ve given some dope ideas on how to make them smile and feel loved, the best present is still your presence. Whether you’re kicking it in with a bottle of Pinot Noir and a Las Vegas-scented candle or actually spending an epic night in a Las Vegas casino, there’s no one right way to nail Valentine’s Day, but you can certainly try!


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