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WatchAndWager is a totally legit, licensed online racetrack where you can bet on horse and dog races. This site is run by Webis Holdings, PLC, and they've got the green light to let folks from most states in the US play the game.


No bonuses from Watchandwager are currently available in Virginia, but check out these similar offers!

Operator Logo
10,000 Gold Coins + $10 Stake Cash
Must be 21+. T&C Apply
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Get up to 367,000 Gold Coins + 32.3 FREE Sweepstakes Coins
Must be 21+. T&C Apply
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150% extra coins: GC 50,000 + 27.5 Sweepstakes Coins
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Get 1.5 million WOW Coins + 34.5 Free Sweepstake Coins!
Must be 21+. T&C Apply
Legal in states
fully functional in PA
email, phone, live chat
$100 on sign up with code NEW100
Min deposit
Min withdraw
Mobile application
iOS, Android
Payment methods:
PlayPlus (E-Wallet)

No bonuses from Watchandwager are currently available in Virginia, but check out these similar offers!

Operator Logo
10,000 Gold Coins + $10 Stake Cash
Must be 21+. T&C Apply
Operator Logo
Get up to 367,000 Gold Coins + 32.3 FREE Sweepstakes Coins
Must be 21+. T&C Apply
Operator Logo
150% extra coins: GC 50,000 + 27.5 Sweepstakes Coins
Must be 21+. T&C Apply
Operator Logo
Get 1.5 million WOW Coins + 34.5 Free Sweepstake Coins!
Must be 21+. T&C Apply

📖 Published on: July 4th, 2023

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Pros and cons

They got a load of betting options - everything from straight win, place, show, to fancier ones like exactas, trifectas, superfectas, and pick 3s, 4s, and 5s. You can even watch the races live from tracks all over the globe while you're laying down your bets.


They kick things off with a hearty welcome bonus of up to $100.

There are a lot of ways you can make your bets.

You get to catch all the live race action from tracks worldwide.

It's super easy to get around their website.

And they've got a customer support team that's ready when you need it.


They're not exactly household names like some other betting sites.

The max you can bet isn't as high as on some other platforms.

They're not showering you with promos like some other sites might.


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No Deposit
10,000 Gold Coins + $10 Stake Cash
Must be 21+. T&C Apply

How WatchAndWager works?

WatchAndWager is a social casino that offers horse and dogs betting.
Here's the inside scoop on how everything goes down:

  • Creating an account: First off, whip up an account. Put your email address and create a password.
  • Load up on virtual bucks: Once you're all set up, time to pile in some virtual cash. It's not real dough, just play money you're gonna use for betting in the game.
  • Choose your race and lay down your bets: You get to pick from horse or dog races and all sorts of bets like win, place, show, exacta, trifecta, or superfecta.

Once you've made up your mind, it's time to place your bet.

  • Kick back and watch the races: WatchAndWager lets you stream races live, so you can sit back and soak up all the action as it happens.
  • Score or miss: If your horse or dog pulls through like you predicted, you're a winner! Your account gets topped up with virtual winnings based on the odds. If your bet doesn't pan out, you lose the virtual cash you bet.
  • Spend or save your winnings: You can use what you've won to place more bets, or stash it for bigger bets down the line.

But remember, this is all make-believe - you can't swap your winnings for real money.

WatchAndWager is all about having a blast, so don't forget that it's just a game. Bet smart, take a breather when you need one, and most of all, have fun!

How to sign up at WatchAndWager?

Here's the scoop on how to get started with WatchAndWager login:

  • Zip over to the WatchAndWager website and click the "Join Now" button.
  • Fill in your details: your full name, email address, birthday, and the place of your living.
  • Create a cool username and password.
  • Got a promo code? That can be very useful.
  • Click the "Create Account" button.
  • Make sure you check your email. You will receive a confirmation message. Click on the link and activate your account.
  • After all that, your account should be good to go! You can use your WatchAndWager login and start betting.

Just keep in mind:

  • You've gotta be at least 21 to sign up for it.
  • Just check if you live in a state where this website is allowed.
  • You need a real email address and phone number to sign up.
  • An agreement with the site's terms and conditions.

Once you've set up your account, you can simply log in using your new username and password. You can also log in with your Facebook or Google account.

Once you're logged in, the betting world is your oyster. There are loads of betting options, including win, place, show, exactas, trifectas, superfectas, pick 3s, pick 4s, and pick 5s. You can even bet live on races as they're happening.

You can have a blast and potentially win big when you watch and wager on your favorite sports with WatchAndWager.

WatchAndWager mobile app

WatchAndWager has a slick mobile app for both Android and iOS devices. With the app, you can bet, keep tabs on how you're doing, and watch live races from literally anywhere.

To start using this app, you gotta set up an account and log in with your username and password. Once you're in, you'll have all the same features that you get on the website. It's a rad way to bet on the go, super user-friendly, and honestly, if you're a regular there, you gotta get the app.

Here's what you get with this app:

  • Bet on horse races and greyhounds from wherever you happen to be.
  • Take a peek at your progress and see how it goes against others.
  • Watch live races from all over the World.
  • Get notifications about upcoming races and sweet deals.
  • Call customer support if you've got questions.

WatchAndWager screen 1

You can download the mobile app on the App Store and Google Play and it's totally free.

Here's the lowdown on how to use the app real quick:

  • Just go ahead and snatch the app from either the App Store or Google Play.
  • Get ready to dive in! You can either create an account or, if you already have one, simply log in and get the ball rolling.
  • Pick the race you wanna bet on and your betting options.
  • Decide how much you want to bet and lock it in.
  • Kick back, watch the race live, and track how you're doing.

Banking options

They have got a bunch of options for putting in and pulling out your dough. Here's what they accept:

  • Credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, and Discover are all good to go.
  • Debit cards: They'll take Visa and Mastercard too.
  • Bank transfers: They accept wire transfers and ACH transfers. Old school, but it works.
  • E-wallets: They're totally on board with PayPal and Neteller.

The smallest amount you can drop in there is $20. For the biggest amount,  that depends on how you're planning to do it. Each banking method has its own limits.

Deposit methods and withdrawals

Here's the lowdown on putting money in and pulling money out:

Money in:

  • Credit cards: they're okay with Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. You can put in anywhere from $20 to $2,000, but they'll charge you a 3% fee.
  • Debit cards: Visa and Mastercard. Same deal as credit cards, $20 to $2,000, with a 3% fee.
  • Bank transfers: wire transfers and ACH. You can move between $50 and a whopping $10,000 with no fee at all.
  • E-Wallets: they'll take PayPal and Neteller, letting you deposit $20 to $5,000. PayPal pulls a 2% fee for withdrawals.

Money out:

  • Bank transfers: again, wire transfers and ACH transfers are good to go. You can take out between $50 and $10,000 without any fees.
  • E-Wallets: they'll work with PayPal and Neteller. Withdrawals range from $50 to $5,000, with PayPal taking a 2% cut.

Paying out: this website got you covered in 24 hours or less. But depending on how you're banking, it might take longer for the funds to show up.

Fees: watch out for the fees. You're looking at a 3% hit for credit card deposits and a 2% cost for PayPal withdrawals.

Couple more things:

  • The time it takes for deposits and withdrawals can differ depending on the banking method you choose, so keep that in mind.
  • To use banking methods, you gotta live in a state where they're licensed to operate.

WatchAndWager promo code

It has got a bunch of cool promo codes that can hook you up with free bets, extra cash, and other sweet deals. They're usually up for grabs only for a little while, so keep an eye on the website to catch the latest offers.

To cash in a promo code, punch it into the "Promo Code" box when you're depositing money. Once you hit enter, the bonus will be slapped right onto your account.

Here are a few of the hottest promo codes:

  • NEW100: Pop this code in when you're making your first deposit, and you'll score a $100 bonus.
  • MATCH25: This code matches 25% of your first deposit, up to $25.
  • FREE5: It gives you a free $5 bet when you make your first deposit.

Keep in mind that each promo code has its own rules. Here's an example: with certain bonuses, you might need to wager a specific amount of money before you can cash out any winnings from the bonus.

Got questions about promo codes? Just hit up customer support.

A couple more things to remember about promo codes:

  • They're usually up for a limited time.
  • They can give you free bets, bonus money, and other cool promotions.
  • The rules for each promo code can be different.
  • You can find these codes on their website or in their promotional emails.

WatchAndWager screen 2


WatchandWager bonus explained

This website is pretty awesome at giving their customers some sweet bonuses that you can use for free bets, extra cash, and other cool promotions.

One popular bonus they offer is the match bonus. Here's how it goes down:

Let's say you put in a hundred bucks as a deposit, and they're feeling generous, so they match it 100%. That means you're gonna have an extra hundred bucks in your pocket to play.

Now, let's talk about the free bet. This is super cool because you don't have to risk any of your own money. And here's the best part: if you win, you get to keep all of the winnings. No strings attached.

This place also has other types of bonuses like reload bonuses, refer-a-friend bonuses, and wagerback bonuses.

Keep in mind that every bonus comes with its own set of rules. Let me give you an example: for some bonuses, you may need to place a specific amount of bets before you can withdraw any winnings earned from the bonus.

Want to find out more about  bonuses? Just hit up their website or give their customer service a shout.

What you should know about bonuses:

  • They're usually only available for a limited time.
  • They can give you free bets, extra cash, and other awesome promotions.
  • The rules for each bonus can vary.
  • You can find bonuses on their website or in their promotional emails.

Looking for some bonuses? Here's a few tips on how to use their bonuses:

  • Read the fine print: Before you grab a bonus, make sure you understand what you should do to qualify and how to cash out your bonus winnings.
  • Be smart about using your bonus: Don't just throw it around. Make good bets with good odds and avoid high juice bets.
  • Ask for help if you need it: You can ask any questions about their bonuses. Their customer support is there 24/7 ready to help you.

WatchAndWager customer service

Need to chat with WatchAndWager's customer service?

You can connect them by email. They've got a dedicated customer service email address that's super easy to find. Plus, if you're in the United States you can use a toll-free phone number. Dial them up and you'll get a real, live human on the other end to help you sort out any issues you've got.

Sure, this website might not have a live chat feature, but hey, they've got loads of tutorials and guides that could help you out if you hit a snag. And if that doesn't solve your problem, simply shoot them a quick email or give them a call. They'll be happy to assist you, no worries!

Here's how to reach them:

  • Phone: give them a ring at 1-888-204-9150
  • Email: shoot them a note at [email protected]

So, if you need any help along the way, don't hesitate to reach out.

WatchandWager logo


This is a social casino that's okay to play in most parts of the U.S. But, it depends on the state you're in because each one has different rules about social casinos. In a lot of states, you're good to go as long as the casino doesn't involve real money gambling. That means you can't win or lose actual cash when you're playing games there. However, there are a few states that aren't so cool with social casinos, and they include Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, Nevada, South Carolina, and Texas. If you are in one of these states, you can’t play games on this website.

If you are uncertain about the legality of social casinos in your state, it is advisable to consult your state's gambling commission for clarification. Taking this precautionary step ensures adherence to regulations and promotes a responsible approach. It's always smarter to play it safe and be cautious by seeking out the necessary information from the right sources.If you've got any questions or need some clarification, don't hesitate to reach out to the right folks in charge. They're there to lend a hand and give you the info you're after. So, don't be shy and feel free to get in touch with them.

Now, let's check out some states where it is all good to go. Here's where you can find it: Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. This website is all clear in a lot of states in the U.S. But remember, always double-check the laws in your state before you start playing. Better safe than sorry!

offer icon
No Deposit
10,000 Gold Coins + $10 Stake Cash
Must be 21+. T&C Apply


How do I win at WatchAndWager?

Well, there's no magic formula to always win, but here's some stuff you can do to up your game. Before you jump right in, it's a good idea to take your time and fully understand the details and intricacies of what you're placing your bets on. Second, bet smart, don't go all in at once. Third, chill out and take breaks. It's a game, not a sprint. And finally, make the most of those sweet bonuses and promos that it can throw out. They'll give you some extra cash to play with and who knows, it might just boost your odds of winning.

Is WatchAndWager legal?

Alright, here's the lowdown. It is totally legit in a bunch of states across the U.S. But it's not a one-size-fits-all deal because every state has its own rules when it comes to social casinos. So before you start playing, make sure you check the gambling laws in your state. That way, you can have fun and keep it all on the up and up!

Is WatchAndWager safe?

It is a totally safe and secure website. They use fancy SSL encryption to make sure all your personal and money stuff is protected. They're regulated by the North Dakota Racing Commission, so you know they're legit. No need to worry about your info getting into the wrong hands, they got you covered!

Can I have more than one WatchAndWager account?

You are nor allowed to have more than one account. They are very strict about that stuff. If they catch you trying to pull a fast one and create multiple accounts, they'll shut them down real quick. And not just that, they might even ban you from using the website altogether. So, stick to one account and play it safe.

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