League of Legends fans were left with a promising storied finish in the Esports World Cup after T1 and Top Esports clashed at the top of the big stage and came up with a promising campaign to remember. This is the second trophy that was lifted in the tournament as T1 went on to dominate the campaign from start to finish, which says a lot about the massive strides that the game has seen so far.

Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok led his squad to another huge rally in League of Legends as the T1 star pulled off a huge victory that decided their fate in the Esports World Cup. This victory ensures that T1 takes home a $400,000 grand prize to go along with 1,000 Club Championship points, which says a lot about the promising performance that the star and his team has delivered when it mattered most.

It was a promising journey for T1 in the Esports World Cup, and it cannot be denied that the victory wraps up a massive victory that many fans have been looking for in the past few months from Faker and the squad.

A Performance for the Ages

Faker’s insane campaign in the Esports World Cup was proof of T1’s strong chemistry as they rallied behind their star, beating the likes of Bilibili, Team Liquid, and Top Esports en route to a well-deserved victory that many fans have waited for. Faker’s championship with T1 in the Esports World Cup sets a promising standard in the game considering that it is his fourth Worlds title, and with no signs of slowing down, it does seem that Faker is destined for more greatness in the game.

Sure, Top Esports took the first game in the Grand Final after using a Corki mid and Zeri bottom lane combination, but T1 clapped back with promising crowd control and a strong firepower to defeat their Chinese opponents in each encounter. T1 took charge for the whole series after tying up the series at 1-1 and went on to win the final two games to secure the title, which was a highlight performance from Faker as he led the majestic comeback.

This run in the final of the Esports World Cup saw some of the biggest performances from Faker, who pulled off some massive kills and assists across the rift in all four games. That says a lot about the promising campaign that he has enjoyed so far.

A Promising Campaign from Both Teams

T1 breezed its way through most of the competition by defeating Bilibili Gaming with a 2-1 score, followed by another 2-1 victory against juggernauts Team Liquid in the semis to book their tickets to the Grand Final. On the other hand, Top Esports was really a beast in their games. The team had to pull off a sweep in the quarterfinals against reigning Mid-Season Invitational Champions Gen.G in a 2-0 win.

Top Esports followed that massive success with another promising 2-0 sweep of G2 Esports, effectively avenging their 2-0 loss to the European powerhouse back in the MSI tournament. However, they definitely met their match in the Grand Final when they faced against T1, which is arguably the best team in LOL at this point, and it cannot be denied that Top Esports could not make the needed adjustments to force massive victories and at least stretch the Grand Final to five games.