Kevin Pillar is one of the key rotational pieces for the Los Angeles Angels’ roster, especially when Mike Trout got injured. However, it does seem that the outfielder is ready to move on from the game and call it quits with the hopes of earning a graceful exit from the sport and finally focus on settling down with his family in the years to come.

It is worth noting that Pillar has now played a total of 10 years in the MLB – which is a massive feat that not a lot of players can actually achieve at this point. It is worth noting that the outfielder has achieved what only almost 7% of MLB players can accomplish in their respective careers.

Now that he has decided to move on from the game by the end of the season, Pillar is ready to embrace a final run with the Dodgers, who are also sitting at third-last in the American League with a 37-52 record as of the time of writing.

A Big Decision for Pillar

Not long ago, Pillar was a free agent after he abruptly rejected the assignment from the Chicago White Sox to play for the Triple–A Charlotte Knights. Just two days after that, the Angels offered Pillar a contract with the hopes of replacing Trout on the lineup. Now after celebrating his 10th year, it does seem safe to say that Pillar made a big decision that he has been thinking about for a very long time now.

“In my heart, I’m 98% sure," said Pillar. “Obviously, things change but I think just going through another off-season of the unknown, and what kind of stress it puts on me and my family, is not healthy. If I’m fortunate enough to get a phone call early in the off-season, and someone wants to give me some money and a job, it’s going to be a conversation I’m going to have with my family.”

Pillar has a batting average of .259, 1,021 hits, 113 home runs, and 453 RBI for his whole career as of June 29, 2024. His time with the Angels saw him make some impressive strides in the game so far, such as recording his 100th career stolen base last May 15th, and recording his 1,000th career hit in a game against the Texas Rangers last May 19th.

Leaving a Legacy

While he hasn’t won any massive individual awards nor have played on the biggest stage, Pillar has shown his longevity well in the game. He has played a total of 9 teams in 10 seasons, spending the most of his career with the Toronto Blue Jays from 2013 to 2019, before playing a lone season with the San Francisco Giants in 2019.

He would go on to spend single-stint campaigns with the likes of the Boston Red Sox (2020), Colorado Rockies (2020), New York Mets (2021), Los Angeles Dodgers (2022), Atlanta Braves (2023), Chicago White Sox (2024), and then the Angels last April.

Drafted 979th overall in the 32nd round of the 2011 MLB Draft, Pillar has become a promising outfielder in his own right, proving his worth as one of the reliable players in the game and even being hailed for his defensive impacts, which made him a desirable replacement for Trout when the Angels needed his impact on the field for this season.