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Delaware may be small in size but it is rich in history and opportunities. Known as the First State, it played a significant role in the formation of the United States and continues to be a source of pride for its residents. Delaware has something to offer if you are interested in history and politics or want to live in a state with a rich heritage.

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Delaware remains the third US state to incorporate web-based gambling into their sports bookmaking system – with the US States (Nevada and New Jersey) being the pacesetters. It is claimed that Delaware is the first US state to make sports betting lawful. Many gambling games are available in web-based, mobile, or offline gambling houses compared to other US states to enhance gamblers' experience and increase their potential winnings.

Delaware online casino

The available gambling games in Delaware include:

  • Slots
  • Blackjack
  • Video Poker
  • Roulette
  • Live Dealer Casino
  • Baccarat
  • Craps
  • Novelty Games
  • Poker Tournament
  • Sports Betting
  • Horse Racing


Most Delaware online casinos offer these games in DE. In Delaware, there are about 20 virtual casinos available. As a result of the high competition in the Delawarean gambling sector, virtual casinos use promotional tactics to gain more users. In this article, the Delawarean gaming sector will be analyzed.

Playing online in DE: pros and cons

Have you ever wondered why you should select website-based or land-based casinos and get stuck? Well, it is normal. When you are new to a concept, you question why you should select this over what you are accustomed to.

Of course, offline casinos are nice, but walking to a physical casino in the digital age is more challenging than you think. One may have to consider distance, time, energy, and the available cash to trade in for chips at the casino.

Well, this is different for virtual casinos. All you need to do is have an account with one of the reputable Delaware online casinos and Viola! Just fund your gaming account, and you are good to go. You can do this anytime and anywhere, even in the middle of the night.

Besides being easily accessible, a virtual casino allows more ways to deposit and receive your winnings than a land-based gambling house. This is because virtual casinos utilize other payment methods like Bank cards, e-wallets, checks, cryptocurrencies, and other popular payment gateways. In an offline casino like Delaware Park, this is not possible. You would have to trade in your physical cash for chips to enable you to play games physically in Delaware.

That is not all. Online gambling houses have various games to place wagers on rather than an animal race betting option offered by physical casinos in Delaware. Virtual casinos offer games like poker, slots, sports betting, and tournaments, among other thrilling casino games.

The authorized Delawarean body still regulates all these exciting games to ensure their fairness. Many virtual casinos have an average 95% Return To Player (RTP) rate. Can you imagine? You can play more games with the same chances of winning in a physical casino.

Delaware slots online

Online gaming websites also provide mouth-watering bonuses and reward their existing players with points in return for the players' loyalty. On the other hand, one can easily get kicked out from a land casino just for winning more than the casino can give. That is not the case in a virtual casino, as your winnings remain your winnings. No matter how much you win, virtual gambling casinos will reward you for being a dedicated gamer rather than kick you out.

However, nothing is without its disadvantages. The same is with Delaware online casinos. Virtual casinos may seem lonely for a player who finds gambling a social gathering rather than an opportunity to win money with little stress. A friendly player would not find gambling virtually exciting, even with live sports gaming and poker rooms.

Aside from this, an online gaming operator in Delaware cannot replicate the exact form of a casino setting as a real casino would. This is very understandable. Even if you can customize a virtual casino in 3D format, it still is not a physical casino.

The strengths and weaknesses of online Delawarean casinos can be summarized thus:


DE online casinos are easily accessible.

You have more gaming options with DE online casinos than with land casinos.

Also, it is only possible for online Delaware casinos to recreate a land-based casino setting partially.

These online casinos have a 95% RTP rate.

They also offer promotional bonuses and rewards to their customers.

Online casinos in DE incorporate more deposit and withdrawal payment methods than most other places.



Gambling in online casinos in Delaware is unsuitable for social players as no persons can be physically seen.

Delaware casinos

DE online casino: what to look for

When new to the Delaware online casino world, it is easy to get confused about which virtual casino to sign up for. Do not worry. It would help if you did not fall into the trap of fake casino sites that aim to steal your funds. We would not recommend any specific casino to you here. Rather, we have pinpointed several key things to note when deciding on an online casino for your gambling experience:

  • The casino bonus offers and other promotional offers
  • Safety and support
  • Availability of mobile versions
  • Methods of depositing and receiving payments
  • Varieties of games available


The casino bonus offers and other promotional offers

Before selecting any virtual casino, it is essential to note the available promotional offers of the casino. These can range from the percentage bonus on every deposit you make and the frequency of the free bonuses to the rewards on customer loyalty. Usually, the bonuses offered by many DE casinos are:

  • Welcome bonus
  • Free spin bonus
  • No deposit bonus
  • Reload deposit bonus
  • Loyalty Rewards

The average percentage bonus in a Delaware online casino is estimated to be 50%, with an average limit cap of $500. However, caution should be taken as an exorbitantly promised bonus on percentage should be avoided as many fraudulent sites use this to bait innocent gamblers.

However, one should also consider the loyalty rewards for the casino's existing players to determine whether the casino is for a lifetime commitment or just for immediate fun.


Safety and support

As a virtual player, it is important to change if the state government licenses the casino you are about to select. Usually, one should check whether a gaming operator is regulated by the Lottery office of Delaware and the Gaming Commission of the Blue Hen State.

This is to ensure that information about your person - especially bank and personal information- is not breached and to ensure the safety of your money.

Delaware gambling


Availability of mobile versions

Selecting an online casino depends on the availability of compatible gaming mobile versions for both iOs and Android smartphones. Once this is a check on the list of virtual casinos, the casino is a must-register if the gaming operator guarantees safety measures.


Methods of depositing and receiving payments

When depositing cash or receiving winnings, it is important to look at the compatible payment methods made available by the gaming operator. Since most virtual casinos do not permit physical cash in Delaware, selecting a casino with multiple payment gateways is important. This ensures that you can access other methods when a gateway is down.


Varieties of games available

Remember the saying, "Variety is the spice of life." Well, the same applies to virtual gaming sites. A virtual casino is preferable when it offers more than the common casino games. These games can be in tournaments, customized gambling games, and the integration of new virtual casino slots.

In other words, "variety is the spice of any virtual casino you select."

DE online casino games

As stated in the previous section, the variety of gaming options is important before selecting a DE online casino. With that in mind, here is a list of some games available on most web-based casinos:

  • Slots
  • Live Dealer
  • Table Games
  • Online Poker
  • Lottery
  • Bingo


The slot game is common to all casinos in the United States. It is, therefore, normal to have slots available in Delaware. Usually, virtual slots use a 3-reel roller that attempts to match symbols.

Your rolling combination determines your winnings when playing slots online in Delaware.


Live dealer games

One of the amazing game options is live dealer betting. This gaming option involves a live gaming room where players are logged in and can see how the dealer rolls the dice, shuffles the cards, and deals with the game. This is one of the most transparent virtual casino options, and it is available to games like poker, baccarat, and Roulette, among others.


Online poker

In DE, poker was integrated into the gambling system around 2012 alongside other gaming options through the legislative decision made by the Delaware government. Delaware does not only permit the casino game in its territory but also teams up with other US States like Nevada and New Jersey to create an interstate poker tournament.

However, to play poker virtually in DE, one must have attained the legal gambling age of 21.



This is a charitable gaming option that is made available to non-profit organizations. Bingos are mostly played for fundraising, and it is mostly either virtual or live. All one has to do to participate is to buy strips (a set of a 5-by-5 table of numerical digits) and wait for the dealers to call out numbers till your strip has a winning combination. It is easy to hit the jackpot with bingo games.


Table games

Table games remain a vital aspect of Delaware online casinos, including dice rolling and card dealing. Therefore, the transition from offline to online gambling doesn't affect these table games in any way aside from the mode of playing.

Table games that can be played virtually include:

  • Blackjack
  • Craps
  • Baccarat
  • Pai Gow Poker
  • Three cards poker
  • Caribbean Stud, among other table games

The rules of each table game remain the same, as no changes are made to them. The table games are available live and virtually on website-based casino sites and mobile apps.



Being among the revenue-generating sector of the Delaware economy, the lottery dates back to 1975 when it was legalized. There are currently different lottery options on web-based casinos:

  • Instant Wins
  • Keno
  • Instant Games

However, DE virtual Lottery game tickets must be purchased from only authorized lottery retailers.

Delaware mobile gambling

With the expansion of technology in almost every sphere of the Delaware government, it is not strange that website-based casinos now have mobile versions of their websites.

This is actually to increase the accessibility and efficiency of virtual casino platforms since it is not safe to store certain details on websites, having a mobile app for Delaware casinos online that allow users to stay logged in to their accounts without necessarily being logged out.

Most virtual casinos create mobile apps compatible with Android and iOs devices. In addition, casino gaming apps integrate payment gateways like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and BOKU, among others, to ensure fast deposits. Not only that, Mobile apps have more promotional offers than regular web-based casinos, so it is a suitable mode of gambling when it comes to bonus opportunities.

Most virtual games like slots and table games give a better experience on the gaming apps as it perfectly matches the smartphone's screen display. Mobile gaming apps also have more geolocational features, which notify where users log in. It is best for preventing unauthorized access to a player's account.

Delaware Mobile casinos

Casino bonuses in Delaware

The Delawarean State, also called the Blue Hen State – is popular for having several gambling dens, leaving the gaming sector of Delaware with high competition. So, just like how every other business sector would have been, many casino operators began to create promotion tactics to gain more players.

Many gaming casinos apply one or two of the below types of offers to survive in the gambling market:


Welcome bonus

Many Delaware online casinos use this common promotional luring to get new players. Here, a specific bonus is given to all newbies of the gaming operator. It usually varies from $10 to as much as $1000, depending on the gaming operator.

To claim the welcome bonus, it is very important to meet up with the requirements of the casino. The casino sets down some conditions which must be met before the welcome bonus is released. One of the conditions for activating the welcome bonus and utilizing it can be signing up, depositing a certain amount, or just using the betting features for certain.


Free spin bonus

Free Spins – just as the name implies – are a form of bonus gambling operators gives based on luck. The spin usually adds the resulting reward to the account of the player. Sometimes, there are certain requisites needed before obtaining free spins. Free spins give extra winnings to the players, and they also have the chance to win the jackpot prize.


No deposit bonus

This form of promotional offer or bonus is one that every punter in the Delawarean world of gambling. Here, gaming operators randomly give a player a little coin, which is redeemable only after wagering it a certain number of times as stipulated by them. Usually, there are two forms of no deposit bonuses. These are free spins and free cash.

It is important to have it at the back of your mind that most no-deposit bonuses come together with several casino-specific wagering requirements. Suppose a casino does not require some wagering criteria before you can enjoy your no-deposit bonus. In that case, it will state so in its promotional material. Promotion does not explicitly mention its wagering requirements does not mean there aren't any. You might have to be more painstaking in your search.


Reload deposit bonus

This form of bonus is a bonus for every deposit. Every deposit made has a percentage added to this. In other words, if a casino aims to offer its users at least 25% of every deposit and a player deposits $250, that player gets a $62.5 bonus extra. Usually, this form of bonus has a limit cap – within the range of $500 to $1000. Therefore, before you deposit, ensure to take a look at its bonus cap.


Loyalty rewards

This is a feature of every licensed casino in Delaware. To keep players on their platforms, gambling houses use this to retain existing customers.

Usually, to earn these rewards, points must be accumulated by the player by performing certain tasks on the platform. The tasks may be simple or mildly difficult. For example, points may be given for daily logins. If you know how to get committed, you can enjoy rewards.

Payment methods at DE online casinos

One important aspect of any casino – online or offline – is its deposit and withdrawal methods. While land casinos deal with physical cash, the same is not possible with a virtual casino. This has prompted questions like "How do I deposit and withdraw in a DE online casino?".

Since a virtual casino is devoid of physical, physical cash is impossible. Rather, there are other available payment gateways used for depositing and withdrawing. A few of these are:

  • Play+
  • Online Bank Transfers
  • Casino-customized Prepaid cards
  • Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Tether, and other altcoins

However, the most commonly used payment methods are Credit and Debit cards.

So then, what are the steps to funding your online gambling account?

  1. Login to your registered virtual casino account.
  2. Click on the "deposit" tab on the website or the mobile application, as the case may be.
  3. Select any of the varieties of payment gateways your online casino provides.
  4. Please make your payment and expect to see it reflected in your balance as soon as possible.

Withdrawal has a similar process. All you have to do to withdraw is to:

  1. Click on the "withdrawal" tab on your preferred casino website or its mobile version
  2. Input the amount you wish to receive from your winnings.
  3. Select the payment method most suitable for you
  4. Fill in other verification details.

That is all you need to both withdraw and fund your Delaware casino online.


History of Delaware casinos

When it comes to gambling in DE, history points back to the 18th century when horse punting was the order of the day. This resulted from the colonists' introduction of betting activities into the United States. However, traces of gambling go deeper into history.

However, the Protestants of the 1700s were against the idea of betting, making gambling an illegal activity until 1933. It was in that year Commissions were established for harness horse racing and actual horse racing. Four years after establishing horse racing commissions, Delaware Park (the first land-based casino) was legally established.

In 1974, the lottery became a legal gambling game as other authorized casinos began to make lottery tickets available for sale.

The 21st century saw the transition of authorized games from land racinos to other casino establishments in 2009. This can be regarded as the expansion of the casino gaming market, making it possible for interested investors to enter the casino gaming providers market. Additionally, in 2012, technology began to reach deep into the US states, bringing the online casinos Delaware into the legal casino gaming class.

2017 saw the integration of DFS ( Daily Fantasy Sports) into the Delaware casino system as soon as the state legalized it. Additionally, the following year saw Delaware becoming the first US state to permit virtual sports betting fully upon the revocation of the Federal Government's 1992 PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act) by the Supreme Court.


Which is preferable to play: Delawarean-licensed casinos or casinos from other countries?

If you reside in Delaware, this question will surely bug your mind. However, the answer is straightforward. Delawarean gambling houses - either online or brick-and-mortar - are the most recommended. This is due to the safety measures that have been put in place in Delaware to protect its legally gambling citizens and residents. Therefore, rather than place your wagers on a casino website that may be unregulated, it is safer and easier to place bets on the ones available in Delaware.

Are web-based gambling games available on tablets or other mobile devices?

With the development of technology and its infusion into many sectors of the Delawarean economy, the gambling world of Delaware gradually migrates into the digital world. Therefore, offline casinos across DE have not only been offline but web-based games have been integrated to match the compatibility of Android and iOs supported devices. In simple terms, Yes! Online gambling games are available on your iOs or Android-enabled devices.

Can real money be won from a DE virtual casino?

As a punter, this question is of utmost importance. Is real money obtainable after placing your hard-earned money as a wager on a game? Well, Yes! Like a land-based casino, a web-based or online casino Delaware allows players to earn real cash from the bets. For this purpose, many payment gateways - for withdrawing and sending real cash - have been integrated into virtual casinos in Delaware.

How many Delaware Web-based casinos are available?

Delaware has over three offline casinos - which also provide virtual gambling operations. Nevertheless, DE currently houses over 20 virtual gambling - making betting easier for many punters who prefer gaming from the comfort of their homes.

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