Women's Month 2024: Who, What, and How More Women Are Crushing it in the Casino Industry

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📖 Published on: March 11th, 2024

✍️ Updated: March 12th, 2024

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Another year, another day to commemorate the importance of women in all industries and facets of life. iGaming, casino, gambling, and anything that has to do with this type of entertainment have always been known to be a male-dominated industry (which isn’t surprising on most days), but this is our chance to stand up and be counted - and let the whole world see what great strides we’ve made in recent years.

What’s surprising is the women who seep through the cracks and make way for themselves in this ever-competitive industry. They could be a professional poker player, a casino dealer, the CEO, or even the casino owner; these things make a mark and are worth noticing when led by a woman. This International Women’s Month, we’ll show you some noteworthy ladies who continue to change how the iGaming and entertainment industry works for all avid gaming enthusiasts alike.


iGaming gals you should know about by now


1. Amy Howemade content for Fantasy Sports within your reach.

A titan in the gambling industry, Amy Howe leaped forward and became the CEO of the sports betting company Fantasy Sports and just so happens to look into the market of women in sports betting and gambling. She’s one of those trailblazers who can walk her talk while leaving people wondering “How?” instead of “Why?"


2. Erika Nardini keeps digital innovation in sports betting and iGaming well and alive.

Another lady boss in the streets, Erika Nardini is one to shake things up and go for gold on her path to making a sports betting juggernaut more than just a mancave staple. Nardini, the first female CEO of the media magnate, utilized her strengths in digital innovation to disrupt the industry since she became CEO in 2016. Nardini carved her path by reinventing a sports betting blog into a multi-industry giant that brings sports betting, merchandising, licensing, and audio-visual content to fruition.


Erika Nardini
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Howe continues to build momentum in the New York-based company by utilizing social media and email marketing in catering to half of the sports fanbase in the US - women. Howe’s leadership role in a male-centric industry is a stepping stone that she doesn’t take lightly - but instead, she provides solutions for women reluctant to try out a new hobby in a rather intimidating landscape.


3. Kristen Bicknell became more than just the poker champion’s “girlfriend.”

While many recognize her as the girlfriend of two-time Global Poker Index Player of the Year Alex Foxen (which is a terrible claim to fame btw), Bicknell can hold her own and is one of the best female poker players to watch. With tenacity, precision, and panache, Bicknell herself is a high roller to be reckoned with.

This Canadian poker pro began crushing it in low-stakes cash games before creating an online presence in video poker and live poker. She was an ambassador for poker giant Party Poker and is spotted in live high-roller tournaments across North America.


4. Liv Boeree snagged a bunch of wins at WSP to show girls they can too.

Can you imagine winning over $3.8 million all from being good at poker? Well, some pros like Liv Boeree can - because she did! Boeree carved a niche in the industry while also winning prestigious competition titles.

Some of these include the World Series of Poker (WSOP) and an EPT title. If you’re not impressed enough, Boeree also graduated with a degree in astrophysics, becoming a science broadcaster as well as a speaker simultaneously; multi-talented is the word for it, don’t you think?


5. Vanessa Selbst worked her way up to win WSOP bracelets so other girls could get the opportunity to beat her record.

Another downright lady boss in poker is Vanessa Selbst, and she made her mark in the male-dominated industry by winning in an online cash game and then made her way to the top as a PokerStars poker pro while winning three WSOP bracelets. She then went on to play in more live tournaments amassing $12 million in winnings, what a feat!


6. Denise Coates turned a domain into a billion-dollar eSports giant.

We’re sure Bet365 is on your radar - but how about the people running the gambling giant? The CEO of the casino giant, Denise Coates is another trailblazer in the cut-throat sports betting and casino industry. Coates is not a stranger to power and influence and may often be referred to as the daughter of Stoke City soccer club chairman, Peter Coates.

But, don’t be fooled, because Denise Coates isn’t just Peter Coates’ daughter - she’s one of the most forward-thinking people in the industry who was able to generate $4.5 million in revenue with her knack for spinning Bet365.com into gold. Incidentally, Bet365 is one of the largest privately owned companies in the gambling and sports industry.


7. Dominika Szot is making eSports more fun for women

eSports and sports betting, in general, can typically be pictured with a room full of guys yelling at a screen, hoping to win their fantasy leagues. These days, marketing for eSports is far from this imagery, thanks to women like Dominika Szot. This up-and-coming young blood is another disrupter in the world of sports betting and gambling who continues to pave the way for other women who have yet to carve their names in the field.

Szot is known for pushing innovation and inclusivity in eSports marketing by tapping into other forms of media to engage more people in the joy of sports betting. Her podcast called “It’s Her Game” features multi-faceted women in the world of gaming, making waves in the eSports community. She’s also organized landmark hackathons for eSports fans and found ways to enhance data infrastructure in major eSports titles.


8. Sasha Hostyn is breaking barriers as a transgender tournament champ.

While many know her as the kid who joined the StarCraft II tournament back in 2012, she’s made herself out to be a renowned competitor in the world of eSports and gaming. Today, she’s ranked as one of the highest-paid women in eSports and continues to bring in more winning titles since her 2018 win at the Intel Extreme Masters tournament.


But what makes Hostyn remarkable is the representation she brings for young transgender women who are focused on developing skill, mining talent, and winning ferociously in competitions without letting the red tape of transgender politics get in her way– these days, it counts for a whole lot of something.


When a woman wins, you do too

As we continue to change the status quo and make a dent in the rather male-dominated industry of iGaming and eSports, watching the women in the industry pave a path isn’t enough. The importance of knowing who, what, and how they did it makes a difference in how you want to make your bit of difference in your plans of playing, winning, or even working in the increasingly competitive and alluring gambling and sports betting sector.

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