Why You Should Beware and Care about Bonus Abuse as an iGamer

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📖 Published on: June 7th, 2024

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Bonus abuse, sometimes referred to as bonus hunting or bonus fraud, is a practice where players exploit promotional offers from online casinos to gain an unfair advantage. While it might seem harmless to some, it can lead to severe consequences, including account suspension, forfeiture of winnings, and even legal action. As an iGamer, it's crucial to understand the fine line between taking advantage of bonuses and engaging in activities considered abuse.


What is considered bonus abuse in online casinos?

The idea is pretty straightforward: bonus abuse happens when players take unfair advantage of the bonuses offered by online casinos and apps, especially those aimed at first-time users. It involves using malicious software and illegal means to obtain user information for personal gain.


A classic example would be opening several accounts in order to continuously claim the same bonus. In order to exploit the system, players may also assume phony identities or work together with others. Such behavior not only hurts the casinos but also results in less attractive bonuses and harsher regulations for honest players.


Casino Bonus Abuse and Scams to Look Out For


Like any intricate scam, bonus abuse is a culprit that contributes to the challenges many data security professionals encounter when preventing iGaming sites from being exploited. These scams often involve creating multiple accounts or using bots to unfairly claim bonuses. By staying informed about these tactics, you can help maintain a fair gaming environment for everyone. Here are some you should be wary of in case you come across this during your gameplay in a top-tier online casino.


Generating Several Accounts

One of the most common signs of bonus abuse in online casinos is when a person perpetuating the abuse creates more than one allowed account per user to further use bonuses for their own gameplay. While amateurs fall into this nasty habit, they don’t often realize that this type of online behavior is monitored by security professionals who are trained to look through unique IP addresses from different devices and households which were used to register and redeem welcome bonuses.


Using a VPN or different IP addresses to open numerous accounts is a popular method of tricking the casino. Even while the accounts seem to be for separate people, they are actually owned by the same individual, who may then repeatedly take advantage of alluring sign-up offers.


Ignoring Promo Limitations

Before adhering to any casino bonus, reading through certain terms and conditions, requirements, promotional rules, and restrictions is crucial. Ignoring these can lead to misunderstandings about how and when you can use the bonus.


To avoid any surprises, make sure you are aware of the wagering requirements and game restrictions. Recognizing these restrictions guarantees you may take full advantage of the advantages without experiencing problems thereafter.

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Keep in mind that online casinos have top-tier technology that helps keep players from redeeming bonus money against a restricted game. However, bonus misuse occasionally entails trying to circumvent promotion guidelines and limitations in order to use bonus money to access games with low house edges.


Collusion Play Tactics


If you don’t know it yet, one of the most difficult bonus misuse gaming techniques to keep an eye on and stop is collusion. In order to con the casino, two or more players must cooperate. It can be a scammer who recruits numerous players and transfers the bonus money to them.

Alternatively, several players may join the same playing table and work together to influence the result of the game. This type of cheating can be hard to detect because it involves coordinated efforts that appear legitimate on the surface.


Casinos use advanced algorithms and monitoring systems to spot these patterns, but it’s a constant cat-and-mouse game. As a player, be wary of anyone encouraging you to team up for supposed mutual benefit—it's a surefire way to get banned.


Saving Bonuses


Instead of keeping free money and mixing it with funds from later promotions, casinos prefer that players spend their bonus cash as soon as they redeem it by meeting the wagering requirements. It is a type of bonus misuse to the casino even though it is not fraudulent.


Players who save bonuses for future use can disrupt the casino’s promotional strategy and skew the intended benefits. This behavior often leads to stricter terms and conditions for everyone. To avoid any issues, ensure to use your bonuses within the specified time frame and according to the rules.


Several Bonus Claims


Players are not permitted to cash out bonuses from casinos more than once. Put another way, you will typically only be able to take advantage of a certain casino promotion once.


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This is particularly true for welcome bonuses that are exclusive to new customers. Some gamers attempt to repeatedly redeem bonuses and evade casino server trackers. The most popular approach is making several accounts. If the player is successful, they have several chances to activate bonuses before the casino finds them.


Playthrough with High Stakes


Abuse of online casino bonuses sometimes consists of using complimentary funds to make a large bet on a game with a high potential payout. Even though the win is unlikely, the player could still receive a sizable payment. Since they perceive it as a breach of the good faith agreement between the casino site and players, casinos do not appreciate free money being utilized in this manner.


High-stakes playthroughs can distort the casino's risk management and promotional strategies. To ensure a fair gaming experience, casinos often implement wagering limits and game restrictions for bonus funds. Playing within these guidelines helps maintain a balanced and enjoyable environment for all players.


Bottom Line


To sum up, for an equitable and pleasurable iGaming experience, it is important to comprehend and steer clear of bonus exploitation. You may contribute to preserving the integrity of the online casino community by being aware of common scams, including opening multiple accounts, disobeying promo restrictions, collusion, saving bonuses, and high-stakes playthroughs. Always play sensibly, abide by the rules, and take advantage of incentives without jeopardizing the security of your account or the gaming ecosystem as a whole.


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