Do a Wrexham: Why Wrexham's Underdog Story is a Blast

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📖 Published on: May 27th, 2024

✍️ Updated: May 29th, 2024

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Wrexham AFC has been seen as one of the uncommonly popular clubs in English football outside of the Premier League. Many critics are pondering how well the club has managed to bring global attention in the span of two years to its small budding county that is full of loyal fans, solid supporters, and a club that is willing to do anything for its fans. All in all, Wrexham’s underdog stories has been a blast for everyone.


What Makes Wrexham’s Underdog Story Special?


We have seen a lot of football promotion stories over the years, but no club has documented its journey better than Wrexham, which has been a special club to look out for thanks to its impressive growth over the years. This underdog story by Wrexham is like no other. A lot of fans are aware of the team’s situation from its star players, all the way to the staff responsible of keeping the team’s hopes of winning alive. On top of that, we are seeing the big love that Wrexham fans have put into the team, the faith they have on their club is just incomparable, and it says a lot about the way their culture has been on display now more than ever.


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It is also worth noting that not a lot of people knew about Wrexham until the new management came and arrived in the 2020s. Since then, Wrexham has emerged as one of the biggest clubs to look out for at the international level. Football usually highlights the big teams in the EPL such as current champions Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, and many known clubs in the top-flight. Somewhere down that same line, is Wrexham – it is gaining massive popularity as of the time of writing, and there are plenty of stories left to be told as the club continues to make a promising dash one year after another.


Wrexham has ignited a massive fan following ever since image


Perhaps what makes it even more special is the insurmountable odds that the club and the whole county continues to face. No one can deny the fact that the odds are always against them whenever they begin a season, and it will be that way for as long as they continue to grind their way to the top. This is a story that will definitely bring the third-oldest professional team in the world into the biggest spotlight in the sports world and take its reputation to the next level.


Why People are Hooked into Wrexham’s Climb in English Football?


Wrexham has been loved by the masses since it began its climb in the 2022-23 season, making strides in the National League with a 1st-place finish to secure an automatic promotion after spending a record 15 years in the semipro side of English Football – enduring a lot of heartbreaks, tough finishes, and plenty of disappointing endings that have nearly forced the club to even close for good.


So how did people get hooked into one of the biggest promotion stories in English football?


“Welcome to Wrexham” Offers Direct Insight in the Club’s Growth


It is no secret that the award-winning documentary series “Welcome to Wrexham” has helped a lot in increasing the club’s publicity by offering a driver’s seat point-of-view in Wrexham’s journey to the top of English football. We have seen interesting stories from the players themselves, the dilemma of surrounding businesses in the county that have ties to the football club, the club’s problems when it comes to the management of players, staff, health, facilities, and many more.


Welcome to Wrexham is now airing its third season image

Welcome to Wrexham even provides an insight to football for those who do not know much about the sport. We have seen episodes explaining the tiers of English football, the necessity of each position and the players in the club, various terminologies not known to the common fan, which makes it even more fun to watch. On top of all that, the docuseries has continued to highlight the club’s growth over the last two years, how they have managed to become a team to watch from being in the depths of English football, making it crucial to boost the club’s popularity as time goes by.


Club Impacts Directly to the Community


The club’s success has ignited the love of the community for the team in the short two years that they have managed to secure back-to-back promotions. In its wake, Wrexham businesses have begun to see a rise in profit and economic growth overall for the community. Customers have been travelling from afar, attracted by the rising popularity of the club with the hopes of experiencing the promising fan blasts that we have been seeing throughout the club’s progression in the sport. There’s also been the presence of various charities supported by the club, showing how big of an influence it has been.

Arthur Massey was awarded a jersey for being the oldest Wrexham fan image


The increased tourism and volume of customers present in the county is all because of Wrexham’s continued success – and it seems that there will be a lot more of those to come in the next few years as Wrexham attempts to continue to make a dash to the top. According to a top economist in North Wales, the club has helped well in putting a spotlight to local businesses around Wrexham, giving opportunities to both large-scale operators and small business owners, which says a lot about how the club itself has been a boost to the overall growth in the business sector of the community.


Club Owners are Visible and “Human” to the Club and County

A common scenario among football owners is that they are usually perched up in the office at high-rise business buildings, appearing in games whenever the team in discussion is about to win a rivalry game, or even clinch a championship. This hasn’t been the case for Wrexham, considering the fact that both Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney has been present in almost every single game in Wrexham, rarely missing fixtures whenever they have other appointments. They are dedicated to the club and the county as a whole.


Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney are one-of-a-kind owners image


One can say that the owners have absolutely transformed Wrexham as a whole with their investment – and their willingness to learn about the club, the community, and the sport itself. That kind of dedication to the third-oldest football club in the world says a lot about how Wrexham will likely continue to emerge and keep on climbing in the football pyramid with huge success thanks to the backing of its owners. Both Reynolds and McElhenney are also deeply rooted with Wrexham’s locals, often engaging with fans and players alike, and that proves their love for the club is at an all-time high.


Follow Wrexham’s Climb in English Football


Wrexham’s ascension to the top of the English football is creating a massive wave of fans in the game, and there’s no denying that the club itself has a chance to write history in the game with successful promotions. Fans should know that the Red Dragons are just two more tiers away from actually moving to the top of the football pyramid in the Premier League. This is a story that no one can replicate or duplicate, and one can definitely see the bigger story unfold in the coming months and years.


Just like what The Guardian said in its remarks about Wrexham AFC’s rise to prominence, "everybody wants to ‘do a Wrexham’, but not everybody can."


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