Masters Madrid: Who Are the Favorites to Win in the VALORANT Champions Tour Masters?

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📖 Published on: March 12th, 2024

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The stage is set as the whole world now prepares for the first-ever VALORANT Champions Tour 2024. The Madrid Masters will be on the line as eight teams are slated to battle it out on the big stage with the hopes of becoming the champion to show off their mettle in the game. Now it is time to determine which teams will make the best of their chances to win big in the competition!


What to Expect in the VALORANT Champions Tour Masters?


Two teams from the VCT Americas, VCT EMEA, VCT Pacific, and VCT CN are all slated to bring the house down in the coming tournament. Each league had a total of 11 teams who competed for the two slots for the championship with the hopes of representing their league in Madrid. To further spice up the competition, RIOT Games has established a new format for the said competition which will bring the biggest level of intensity to the games. This spark will feature no same-region matchups as well.


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For the Swiss Stage, teams will have to secure a total of 2 victories each before getting 2 losses in three rounds. This will be needed for them to emerge out of Swiss., with each match being a best-of-three series. On top of that, the winners of this stage will move to the upper bracket, while the losers will be placed in elimination matches. The twist is that between each match, there will be two fully random draws that will be a deciding factor in the games – which will then allow the same-region matchups.


With four Bracket Stage teams now at the ready, a double elimination bracket will narrow down the final teams and then will play in a best-of-five series in both the Lower and Grand Finals, before finally the tournament ending with the last team standing by the end of the competition, being named the Masters Madrid Champion.


Ranking Each Team’s Chances to Win the Masters Madrid


The Masters Madrid is slated to feature the eight best teams in the world from each league. This just means that the expectations are higher than ever considering how well these teams have played in the past few weeks, especially as to how they managed to find ways to win their way in the competition and punch their ticket to the big stage. This says a lot about how The Masters event is expected to play out with the best teams playing their best.


So what should we expect from the playing teams in the competition?




Sentinels image

Sentinels are the leading team hailing from the Americas, and it is a no-brainer that they are the heavy favorite to win in the Masters Madrid. The game-by-game improvement from the team has been staggering as they found themselves in the mix by securing the best finish in the VCT 2024: Americas Kickoff. The regional champions are poised to come up with a massive rebuild in their dynasty in VALORANT, and it seems that this coming tournament will be the perfect stage for them to come up with a strong finish. Let’s just say that the team is the one that everyone should have their eyes on as they have the best chance to win.



As one of the most consistent teams in VALORANT history, there’s no doubt that LOUD can be a contender to look out for with the way they are playing their games. So far, the winners of the VCT Americas in 2023 and third-place finisher in the VCT Champions 2023 are definitely making a lot of noise as they are still making up for lost time – hoping to continue the same pace they had in their 2023 run where they saw themselves as one of the hottest teams in the game with a massive string of victories. Who knows, maybe a bigger winning year is at hand this 2024 for LOUD.

LOUD image


FunPlus Phoenix


FunPlus Phoenix image

As one of the few teams who have won the VCT Masters, FunPlus Phoenix really has to set some expectations in the coming games as they hope to bring success once more. However, we are yet to see some impressive strides from the Chinese iteration of the roster, which is why their Masters Madrid campaign will be fun to watch considering how well they will play their games as they go up against the giants of the competition now more than ever. This is why fans should expect bigger strides from the team at this point in time.


EDward Gaming


The Chinese squad comes off into the mix as a highly-anticipated squad in the competition. From achieving massive roster signups to building a new meta in VALORANT, it does seem that EDward Gaming is the face of innovation in the game right now. However, the team still has a lot to prove if they are going to come up with massive victories in the long run. This shot at the Masters Madrid is going to be the biggest determining factor as to how will they be able to build a lasting legacy in the game.

EDward Gaming image


Karmine Corp


Karmine Corp image

It cannot be denied that Karmine Corp has seen some of its ups and downs in the past few years, and yet this team is going to be the dark horse of the competition with the way they have been playing at a high level in the past few months. Showing off the perfect blend of youth and experience, Karmine does a great job of putting up some of the biggest performances in their games, which is why it is expected for them to emerge from the shadows and even pull off some upsets against the bigger teams in this competition.


Team Heretics


Team Heretics image


They say that home-field advantage should never be underestimated in any esport, and this should be the case for Team Heretics as they enter the big stage as the crowd favorites. The team has been massive when it comes to coming up with strings of victories in VCT EMEA. No one can deny the fact that they have managed to come up with fiery games that have lifted their chances well in the game so far. That is what makes them a favorite to look out for now more than ever. They should well be considered a team that will be able to pull off major upsets, especially with the home crowd on their side. Who knows? Maybe they can even get started in pulling off stunners as early as the Swiss stage.


Gen.G Esports


Gen.G Esports image

Perhaps it is quite stunning to see Gen G. considering how they have performed in the past few games. However, there are a lot of reasons to consider when looking out for the squad that has been considered one of the best shockers in the VCT Pacific. It is expected that they will be the underdogs for the competition this time, and while that seems to be a downside, it should be known that Gen G. thrives when they have their backs against the wall, and that is something that you should consider looking out for if they are going to be a team you want to bet on.


Paper Rex


Perhaps the only team that is considered the “Sentinels stopper” in the competition, Paper Rex is definitely a major favorite to come up with the victory in the Masters Madrid so long as they continue to come up with massive strides down the stretch in the early parts of the competition. The core of this team has been retooled with some major roster changes, which led us to see PR come up with a dash to the final in most of the tournaments this year alone, and that should be enough reason for fans to expect them to come away with their first Masters trophy now more than ever.

Paper Rex image


Blaze of Glory: Why Should You Bet on the VALORANT Masters Madrid


The Madrid Masters will play host to the best teams in VALORANT right now, and you can be sure that there will be a lot of intense matches as the tournament is sure not to disappoint now more than ever. On top of that, there are plenty of impressive squads that will be sure to rock your world as the stakes get even higher than ever!


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