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An underrated yet beloved casino table game is Craps, which more people are gradually getting into, thanks to iGaming apps and live table games in online casinos. The popularity of Craps has also been recalled for more Craps tournaments. These tournaments offer players a chance to compete for large prizes and showcase their skills in a thrilling environment.


Whether you are a seasoned player or new to the game, the world of Craps tournaments offers something exciting for everyone. . Stick around to learn more about the basics of signing up for Craps tournaments, what goes into a Craps tournament, and what the dynamics of these events are.


$25 Weekly Tourneys

Weekly tournaments are designed to be enjoyable occasions that anybody can participate in, and the inexpensive entry fee is reflected in the reward structure (which we'll talk about shortly). These tournaments provide an excellent opportunity for new players to experience the thrill of competition without breaking the bank.


Plus, the relaxed atmosphere encourages camaraderie among participants, making it a fun and social event you’re likely to enjoy. Stay tuned as we dive into the details of the rewards and how you can make the most out of these weekly tourneys.

Invitation-only Tourneys/Events

The invitation-only events serve as a springboard to entice more non-tournament play from the casino's database of the best, occasionally visiting, mid- to high-rolling customers who aren't always loyal. These exclusive events are designed to reward top players and offer them a unique and prestigious gaming experience.


Invitations are typically extended to high rollers and VIPs, creating an elite atmosphere with high stakes and significant rewards. It's not just about the competition; it's also a chance for casinos to build relationships and encourage future visits from their most valued patrons.


Tourneys with High Entry Fees

Because of the high-value prize structure, attendees of the more costly, well-organized events travel from all over the nation to attend these well-run events. These high-stakes tournaments attract serious players looking to test their skills against the best in the game.


Certain competitions demand substantial buy-ins ($1000) and costly entrance fees ($500 or more). But for that $500, you usually will get a hotel room for two nights, all meals, a cocktail party, and a nice gift. The competition is fierce and the atmosphere is electric, with everyone vying for a chance at the big payouts. Whether you're aiming for the top prize or just looking to enjoy the excitement, these tournaments offer an unparalleled experience for Craps enthusiasts.

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Wagering against Other Opponents


While the usual dynamic of Craps in your online casino may be just you versus the house, in a Craps tournament, you’re betting against fellow contestants. At the end of a set number of rolls (typically 100) or time (usually one hour), the goal is pretty straightforward, you just have to have the most money at the end.


This implies that you have to be extremely watchful and vigilant of the chips in your opponents' racks and cognizant of their wagers. The player with the least amount of losses wins the tournament if everyone ends up losing money.


Adding to your Wagers

Knowing if you can add money to your play is another crucial concept. Attend the orientation meeting before the event to learn more about these and other unusual rule details. Keep in mind that every tournament is unique! With the lesser ones, you can continue to play with your own money as usual. You simply purchase chips from the dealer.


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However, the field must be balanced if the prize money exceeds $50, meaning that each player must buy in advance (sometimes with $500), and you are not allowed to increase your wager beyond that point. You are done and have to get up from the table when you reach zero.




You may occasionally find yourself playing in "rounds," which are essentially mini-tourneys if there are a lot of competitors. You move on to the next round if you win the first one. One thing to keep in mind here is that you must learn the regulations before you participate, as they might vary from tournament to tournament and occasionally from round to round; you wouldn’t want to be caught off guard in these streets, right?


Mock Tournaments


Savvy players make it a point to practice every time they get the chance. This is what mock tourneys and practice plays are for, which typically happens before an upcoming tournament. There are two ways to run a mock tourney: at home and through betting simulations.


You may set up several practice bets and dice rolls at home with your practice rig to test out different betting strategies. Something like that becomes more realistic the more people participate in it. You must pay attention to the competitive and group dynamic that emerges when everyone understands that it is not the typical everyone versus the casino situation, but rather each player against each other.


Moreover, you could use WinCraps to simulate some betting. That will give you a good idea of how your strategy may perform in a long-term matchup with the casino, but it doesn't fully explain how you might do versus other players at your table in a time- or roll-restricted matchup. Recall that you’re going against them, not with the casino.


Rules and Regulations to Note


When joining a Craps tournament, some rules to keep in mind include:


  • Keep Chips Visible: Make sure that every chip you have is readily visible. Hold them or hide them unless you intend to place a wager right away.
  • Different Chip Denominations: Generally speaking, you should store various chip denominations apart. You can arrange your chips according to the betting units you intend to utilize if this guideline isn't followed.
  • No Chip Sharing: You cannot exchange chips with other players or wager on each other's behalf. Before the results are declared official, every chip needs to be counted.
  • Table Max-Bet Limits: If you place more bets than the maximum amount allowed at the table, you are not permitted to accept another player's chips, even if they are offered.
  • Rules for Betting: In certain tournaments, you have to place a wager if you pick up chips. A wager cannot be increased until the next roll, and if the boxman says "No more bets," late "Off" bets are typically not accepted.


Making your Debut at Craps


If you’re a casino gamer and enjoy live table games, venturing into Craps and even challenging yourself enough to compete in a Craps tournament is an adventure worth exploring. Understanding how the tournaments are set up, how to properly wager, and how to run mock tourneys are all stepping stones you can charge to experience.


To learn more about the basics of betting in Craps, read through our blogs at GambleSpot.

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