Betting Bots in 2024: Why GambleSpot's Gamble AI is a Better Alternative

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📖 Published on: March 27th, 2024

✍️ Updated: March 28th, 2024

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First things first, comparing bots to AI is like comparing apples to oranges, yet not everyone recognizes this distinction.


Undoubtedly, technology has immensely shifted iGaming trends in the past few years by introducing AI assistants and betting bots into the casino gaming experience. The buzz about betting bots rings loud, with notable feedback from users and casino operators alike.


While many professional players appreciate the ease of getting up-to-date tips and strategies, it’s worth noting that on the other side of the spectrum, many casinos aren’t very pleased with the advanced capabilities of collecting data scores and manipulating machine learning models to gain bigger winnings more often than humanly possible.


This ongoing debate in the iGaming industry continues to boggle the minds of many players, enthusiasts, and newcomers to the scene. This blog will explain the trends, legalities, benefits, and setbacks players should know to continue practicing responsible gameplay.


Are Betting Bots Legal in the US?


While there are no regulations on betting bots for gambling in the US, and they are not explicitly illegal, many casino operators have varying regulations. Still, generally, most online casinos consider using betting bots as unethical. Well, it’s only natural since betting bots make it easier to technically “cheat” the odds by getting a bot to calculate your odds enough to win often, even if it only brings you small winnings.


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Since betting bots are software programs that automate betting on online gambling platforms, they remove human input when calculating odds. So, before signing up for any online casinos and playing casino games, it would be in your best interest to check the prohibition of using gambling bots in their terms of service. The typical consequence of using these gambling bots is account suspension (or an outright ban) from playing at online casinos.


What Betting Bots Get Wrong

So, it could be a bit confusing to know what gambling AI tools are doing regarding the casino iGaming experience. For players who often opt to exploit the house edge, using betting bots to maximize their sports bets is a bit tricky—and the stakes are definitely high because getting caught has its own set of consequences.


Arbitrage Betting in Sports

One of the most popular trends is utilizing gambling AI bots for arbitrage betting. The bot sorts through various sportsbooks, gathers all the relevant data, and then bets on both outcomes to ensure profit regardless of the game or race’s result.


Manipulates Results in Table Games

Another con to using a betting bot is being able to manipulate the outcome of a poker or baccarat game unethically. Betting bots can be wrongfully used in online poker to play multiple hands simultaneously, while advanced tactics can be used to get more rewards.

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The betting bot can also gain an unfair advantage in table games like baccarat by using strategies like visual ballistics to predict results. Of course, this is often frowned upon since it overpowers human opponents playing within the rules.


Account Stealing and Abusing Bonuses

Another way betting bots are frequently called out is the abuse of bonuses by generating multiple accounts to maximize all the signup bonuses online casinos offer. With duplicate accounts and fraudulent registrations, referral programs offered by other operators are also being taken advantage of with most players in the dark, wrecking their gambling reputation online.


It might be obvious, but protecting your information is crucial. Cybercriminals make it a point to use betting bots to claim your account and utilize notorious scams like phishing emails to gain stolen credentials and purchase information on the dark web.


Hiding from Detection

While it’s hard to admit that betting bots aren’t quite brilliant inventions, they’re also culprits of fair and responsible gaming. They’re designed to evade detection algorithms by legitimate operators, making it easy for prospective players to dodge automated activity and proceed with “cheated” bets on systems. This is typically doable through sophisticated bots that mimic human behavior and manipulate user profiles.


Detecting Betting Bots


As we mentioned, regulating betting bots is far from successful since many states still have different rules and regulations on this type of gaming technology. To instill responsible and safe gameplay, operators and online casino resources must remain vigilant when conducting security checks and algorithm detection.


Some practices to take up to avoid betting bots messing with your system include:


  • Traffic monitoring to detect bots early by looking for irregular traffic behavior.
  • Adopting user behavior analytics to spot unusual user activity in short periods during peak hours.
  • Searching for possible user connections to other fraudulent activities internally.
  • Double-check the IP address and device data of bots you’ve already identified to understand potential threats or destructive patterns that can be used in future bot developments.


What GambleAI is Getting Right

Yes, betting bots are inherently bad news for online casinos. Still, some alternatives are fair, legal, and helpful in expanding your iGaming experience (and it doesn’t involve cheating with a bot!). Consider GambleSpot’s new Gamble AI assistant as another level (cause it's an AI chat bot - not a betting bot), which can be used right on this website. Here are some benefits of using Gamble AI and how it can positively impact your iGaming journey:


Customized User Experience

When researching casino games and sportsbooks, Gamble AI provides a nifty tool that can give you seamless internet searches, a mix of agents' capabilities, and custom-tailored responses solely based on your conversational context. Our GambleAI operates in a user-centric way, building user profiles and observing user behavior to provide you with specific sports scores and odds, custom bonus offers, and even bespoke promotions.


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Seamless Access to Reliable Gambling Resources

One of the main features we’re proud to share is the innovative design of GambleSpot’s GambleAI, which is powered by strict data-type LLM companies like OpenAI and Perplexity. This means you can get responses from our GambleAI based on your emotions and contextual exchange. Whether looking for poker promotions in New Jersey or finding the best feature a social casino like WOW Vegas offers, GambleAI can point you to the best information you can access within our platform or even data from other reliable online resources.


Responsible Gaming and Regulation

GambleSpot remains firm, embodies the need for responsible gaming throughout its platform, and continues to abide by state-by-state regulations to serve its users fairly. The new GambleAI assistant is here to help users with sensible tips for reassessing user needs and behavior. Whether it’s tips on setting limits and betting budgets or directing you to support services and resources to help regulate your gambling, the GambleAI assistant delivers up-to-date and valuable information. Note: it's still in beta, and AI is experimental technology, so errors are possible. Always double-check important legal information with state regulators.


The Bottom Line


In the evolving landscape of iGaming, the controversy surrounding betting bots persists. While they offer shortcuts to success, they often compromise fair play and integrity. However, platforms like GambleSpot's Gamble AI provide an alternative worth exploring. With tailored user experiences, reliable gambling resources, and a commitment to regulatory compliance, Gamble AI emerges as a trustworthy ally in pursuing enjoyable and ethical iGaming in the US.


Learn more about GambleSpot’s GambleAI from our user guide and explore our resources to access reviews, demos of slots, sportsbook guides, and more.

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