What Do We Really Know About Milky Way Casino?

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📖 Published on: April 10th, 2024

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Have you ever wandered into a particular online casino and decided to try it out, no questions asked? Yes, this may very well be a risky endeavor, but you wouldn’t be a real online casino player without doing it once or twice. Sometimes it pays off – and we’re avid fans for life. Other times, though, we can chalk it up to a learning experience and know better for next time. With all the social and online casinos cropping up, who’s to say what’s legal or not? Fortunately, we’re here to give you an impartial view – a totally honest view that gives you the real gritty parts. And we’ve done just that with Milky Way casino, which has caught our attention since many interested players are asking for its legitimacy, safety, ease of use, and everything else. So what do we really know about Milky Way Casino? Here’s the gist.


An Overview


As one of the lesser-viewed casino sites, Milky Way (officially known as Milky Way Galaxy Casino) seems to have plenty going for it when it comes to games alone. But is it legit and can it be trusted, and, first and foremost, what is it? Is it a social casino, or is it a real online casino where you can play any Milky Way game online for real money? How does it compare to other casinos in terms of bonuses, and are its games really one-of-a-kind?


Well, we should start by saying that we tried visiting the milky way casino site, and on the surface, it looks legit enough. It seems that Milky Way (which is part and parcel of the Play 777 Games group and is very similar to Vblink777, by the way) has a long-standing reputation as one of the best developers of fish table games. If you aren’t entirely familiar with fish table games, it’s found in both brick-and-mortar and online casinos, and it’s a game where you can shoot fish and other underwater creatures simply by clicking and pointing at them – and your goal is to shoot as many as possible. Fish table games have become a permanent fixture in many casinos, and they have entered the online casino space with relative ease, considering that they constitute a ‘grey area’ where they are not illegal – nor are they legal, for that matter.


Anyway, going back to milky way 777, as it is also referred to, it seems that it is a developer of many fish table games, both online and offline, and it is now trying its utmost to enter the online casino sector. And so far, it’s doing good. As far as we can tell, Milky Way offers a good-enough selection of games, including slot games and keno, and it has a collection of table games as well. Of course, it doesn’t go far from its roots and offers a selection of fish games for players to try.


What we do know about Milky Way Casino


The experts say that when you are checking out any casino online, it’s best to stick with the facts. We wholeheartedly agree, so here’s what we do know about Milky Way casino:


It is a free play platform

First of all, let’s end the confusion and set the record straight: Milky Way online casino is a free play platform, which means that anyone can go on the platform and play any Milky Way online game for free. You don’t even have to log in, and Milky Way doesn’t seem to have any welcome bonus or bonus codes (more on this later), so you can just visit the website and basically start playing. All its games are only built for your entertainment – in other words, if you are expecting to win prizes, you might be disappointed, and if this is the case, it’s in your best interest to go elsewhere.


It says it has an app, but the evidence is unclear

Secondly, the Milky Way casino site says that it has an app for Android users, but this is the real red flag, because while you can download the Milky Way app if you have an Android device, it is not approved by Google. In short, it’s only through an APK link where you can download it, and it is not Google-approved, and this is a bad sign. You’re honestly better off playing the games on the website.


And if you’re an iOS user, good luck finding Milky Way on the App Store! We’ve searched high and low, but we couldn’t find an app to download on the App Store – if you really want to try out the Milky Way games, we suggest you just optimize the MilkyWay 777 site itself.


It offers customer support, but the options are lacking

Here’s yet another red flag for you: Yes, Milky Way does offer customer support, but they are few and far between. You can, for instance, get in touch with Milky Way via Facebook Messenger or the actual website, but the responses may take a while. All our questions were quite basic (regarding the process of downloading, for instance), but we didn’t receive any response. We wish Milky Way online casino would offer an FAQ page, at least – but that’s the least of our worries, as you will see.


It provides some excellent games

Well, if there’s one thing that Milky Way seems good at, it’s the games. The roster of games on the MilkyWay games website is unbeatable, and if we were only talking about games, it’s great, because Milky Way’s got a huge selection that includes a great Milky Way fish game selection and slot games and everything in between.

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But here’s another word of warning: be careful when playing these games because we couldn’t guarantee their fairness (i.g., there is no mention of any Random Number Generator testing on the website). To make matters worse, the Milky Way game is on a website that’s not secure, which is play.milkywayapp.xyz, and we all know that sites without the “s” in HTTPS aren’t completely safe.


All that being said, here is a rundown of the top Milky Way games:

  • Slots: The slot games at MilkyWay casino consist of 20 slots, with leading titles such as 888 Fortune Gold and Hot Buffalo, which were inspired by 88 Fortunes and Wild Buffalo, respectively. Many players also love the gameplay offered by Triple Sevens (a classic fruit machine slot game) and Milky Moolah (a slot game filled with wonderful farm animals). But once again, there isn’t any guarantee that the games are fair, and because Milky Way slots casino isn’t a real money casino, you won’t win real money, either.
  • Fish table games: When it comes to fish table games, this is where it gets exciting, because Milky Way has over 15! It’s got its top fish game, which is Dragon Slayer, but you have other options as well, such as Fire Kirin Plus, Eagle Strike, and Frog Frenzy.
  • Other games: Milky Way online is a bit unique among social casino games because it has other game titles you wouldn’t find in other social casinos, such as keno, roulette, and blackjack.


Its registration process is far too complex

While you can, in context, readily play games on the Milky Way website itself, the process of finding the actual registration/sign up form is like playing a game of hide and seek – we simply couldn’t find it! If you are on the website, there is no way that you can register – the only thing you can do is go to the game lobby and log in. But how can you log in when you can’t even register?

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It seems that there are only two ways to sign up: you can either go to the app website at themilkywayapp.com or you can find the link to register on the Milky Way Facebook page. Let us tell you, this leaves us with more questions than answers! The registration/sign up process to join an online casino should always be easy – we couldn’t stress this enough. In fact, in our experience, with many online casinos, the registration is the easiest bit. But we couldn’t say the same for MilkyWay online casino.


The best thing you can do, in our opinion, is to go on the Milky Way website and play instantly. But if you really want to download the Milky Way app and go the whole Milky Way casino login route, the steps are outlined below:

  • Step 1: Go to themilkywayapp.com
  • Step 2: Click on the tab that says ‘Join the Club’ to begin the process of registering with the Milky Way app.
  • Step 3: Enter your complete name, phone number, email, and mailing address.
  • Step 4: Click on the link provided by Milky Way to download the Milky Way app.
  • Step 5: Wait for a representative/agent to get in touch with you. This representative will give you the proper username and password.


Note: this is a major red flag once again, and anyone who has ever signed up for an online casino/social casino app knows that this isn’t the usual way that a sign-up is done – normally, you will be asked to set your own username and password first. The fact that the representative knows this information is suspicious. In a case like this, take our advice and proceed with caution.


It’s vague about payment and redemptions

We’ve dug some more about the Milky Way gaming redemptions and payment options, but we haven’t found any clear information. In other words, there is no clear way for you to either redeem Sweeps Coins or purchase coins at Milky Way casino. In our own view, since Milky Way is supposed to be a social casino, it shouldn’t allow deposits in the first place (only real money casinos have this option). Theoretically, with a sweepstakes social casino, it is possible to purchase virtual coins, but again, there’s no information on the Milky Way gambling site on how to do that. In all honesty, because the very act of downloading the Milky Way app is not secure, we would recommend you not to make any deposits or withdrawals in the first place. If you would really like to play at a legit casino, there are plenty of other fully legal casino sites out there which would be more than willing to dish out real prizes for you.


We cannot verify its deposit bonuses or promo codes

It could be that we didn’t search hard enough, but this is another fact that dampens everything: we can’t find any bonuses on the Milky Way app or website. There are some who say that Milky Way casino online bonuses exist, and that you can get daily login bonuses and $5 login/sign-up bonuses, but try as we might, we couldn’t find them. Besides, think about it: if Milky Way were to offer a deposit bonus, then it wouldn’t be a social casino any longer, would it? Then again, it could be a purchase bonus, which, in most cases, comes with free sweeps coins, but we couldn’t verify this, either.


Yet another aspect that is strange to us is the fact that Milky Way itself says that there are promo codes, which players can get when they sign up, but there’s no indication where it is – except for the Milky Way Facebook page. Maybe you would need to contact a Milky Way representative in order to acquire the MilkyWay online casino login and promo codes. Needless to say, there is nothing on the Milky Way website about promo codes or bonus codes – so again, if you hear of any, always check the legitimacy of the source.


The Final Decree


Our final decree is fairly obvious: we can’t, in good conscience, endorse Milky Way casino to our readers. Maybe it’s us, but we just cannot find the right information about Milky Way, and there is no way to verify all that we have heard. If only Milky Way itself offers some good info – such as its bonuses, registration process, and the Milky Way app - but the info we’ve gathered is sparse, to say the least. In safety and fairness (and even legality and licensing), we have virtually nothing to go on. That said, if you have tried all the social casinos out there and are looking for another one to put you on the edge of your seat (both literally and figuratively), then try Milky Way casino and play MilkyWay online, by all means. But don’t say we didn’t warn you!



  1. Question: Is Milky Way casino legit?

    Answer: No, Milky Way casino is not legitimate or licensed in the United States, and we cannot find any indication that it is. This lack of legitimacy means that we can’t verify the fairness of the games or the security of your personal information or data when you sign up or register with Milky Way casino.

  2. Question: Is it possible to win real money at Milky Way casino?

    Answer: No, it is not possible to win real money at Milky Way casino because it is only a social casino where you can play games for free. Even though you may have heard reports saying that Milky Way casino is a real-money casino, it is best to take these reports with a grain of salt.

  3. Question: Who owns Milky Way casino?

    Answer: Milky Way Casino is owned by WoT N.V and is part of the Play 777 Games brand, and this makes it similar to names such as Vblink777 and others. It was introduced in 2023 and is licensed in Curacao.

  4. Question: Is it safe to play games at Milky Way casino?

    Answer: In our opinion, you are better off trying out other social casinos which are legit and legal in the US. And it’s not clear whether the Milky Way site or app is safe, primarily because it doesn't have HTTPS in its URL. This means that your personal data is not safe or encrypted. Aside from this, we have also found its registration process to lack privacy and confidentiality.

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