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📖 Published on: April 12th, 2024

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Have you ever noticed one thing about online casinos? It seems that on the surface, it all looks attractive, appealing, and really well put-together. But upon closer inspection, the opposite is true – and it turns out that the site is too good to be true! Granted, this isn’t the case with many websites, and we will continue to applaud those platforms for the excellent way they have handled their site and the great strides they have taken to further the cause of online social casino gambling in these United States. But every so often, there is a rotten apple in their midst – and is this the case with Panda Master? Here, we will learn all about the intricacies of this latest online casino to join the top contenders, and see if it has what it takes to play among the big leagues. So, let’s not dilly-dally any longer: let’s analyze Panda Master - and see if it’s got what it takes to stay afloat.


An Overview of Panda Master


When it comes to social casinos, we already know the drill: look for a social casino site which has a number of wonderful games, invaluable customer support, great payment options, and most of all, look for a social casino site which has been properly regulated in US states. For social casinos, the most important point of all is that it is licensed and therefore allowed to operate in different states. If it isn’t, then that social casino is a bit questionable. But here’s the thing: does it really matter if it’s licensed or not when you don’t have to expect real money prizes from that social casino? Well, let’s be real: the fast and easy answer is no. Even if a social casino doesn’t seem to have licensing in the US, you can still play on it because, after all, you won’t receive any real money. In other words, it’s all for fun.


So, to cut to the chase: PandaMaster is, first and foremost, a social casino that has free-play elements. In short, it lets anyone play for free. You can just go to the website or download the app, and you can start playing a fish game or a beloved slot game.


But what you need to know is that Panda Master casino is an unregulated social casino, which means it is not licensed or regulated in the US. It seems that the only license we’ve seen for Panda Master is in Curacao. But you can download Panda Master on the App Store or Google Play and also play on your desktop or laptop, if you are so inclined. Here’s another aspect about Panda Master social casino that is confusing to most users: there are some Panda Master variations out there, so you have to look and search carefully before finding the correct variation. To be clear, the Panda Master we are talking about is Panda Master Fish Games, and you can go to the website at to access it.

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We have more details below:

Question Answer
Does Panda Master have bonuses? The only free offers we’ve seen are a free credit selection; but there are regular offers and freebies on its Facebook page
Is Panda Master available on the App Store or Google Play? Yes, it seems to have downloadable versions on iOS and Android
Does Panda Master have a license in the US? From what we have seen, it does not have a US license and is therefore unregulated
What are Panda Master’s selection of games? Panda Master has slot games and fish table games plus other games like keno


The Features


A lot of users will know by now that social casinos exist for one thing: for anyone over 18 to play games online for free (without the expectation of real money), whether it’s a game of slots, fish games, and more. So what is one good thing about Panda Master online? Here’s a rundown of the features you can expect:


A selection of games

If you are merely looking for games to play in a casual setting or when you’re bored, Panda Master may just have the games for you. Aside from the usual slot games, which all social casinos have, it also comes with various fish games. As you may know, fish games are games where you point and shoot at an array of underwater creatures (and even a mermaid or two). The concept is straightforward and simple, and you just have to have a certain level of skill and observation to detail to do the job right. If you aren’t too keen on slots or fish table games, you can always play Keno, which, under the banner of Panda Master, is named Fortune Keno.


A promo code and bonus

Now this is where we have some questions initially, because some sources say that Panda Master has a promo code. Some say that you will get a bonus of $50 even if you don’t make a deposit, while others state that the bonus is only $10. What we have found, however, is that there are no promo codes or bonuses, but if you dig deeper and go to the Facebook page of Panda Masters itself, you may find free credits (up to $35) when you purchase a coin package.


It works much like any social casino

Here’s another source of confusion for us: being that Panda Master web is a social casino, it should work on the concept of coins – namely gold coins and sweeps coins. But there is no information anywhere on the site of how to avail of them. They’re as elusive as the proverbial pot of gold at the end of a rainbow! Try as we might, we can’t find the information we seek, and this is a red flag for us. Granted, you don’t have to buy gold coins in order to play at Panda Master (you can go to Panda Master play online for free, just like any other social casino), but it would have been nice to have the option.


A downloadable app

Panda Master proudly boasts a downloadable app, and its app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play. If you have an Android device, you can download the Panda Master app on Google Play, but be careful, because it has a Panda Master 777 download link, which is not very secure. And when we tried that, it didn’t do anything and just kept bringing us back to the same page. On the other hand, you can also download it on the App Store if you have an iOS device; you can scan a QR code and download the app from there.


Of course, you can also access the site on your desktop, and you can play on the website version as long as you input your username and password. But this is where we also encountered a hurdle, because the web browser is not secure (it does not start with https). Instead, it starts with And that’s only the beginning of our issues with Panda Master. More on the issues below, if you’re still interested!


More concerning details


To be honest, we have plenty of reasons not to trust Panda Master, and it isn’t just because we can’t access it on desktop or mobile (or the site is not secure). There’s more that concerns us, as you will see:


Playing Panda Master online

Yes, we have talked about the obstacles we encountered when we tried downloading the app, but even when we tried playing Panda Masters online, we had some difficulties as well. First of all, we’re not too comfortable about playing games at a site that is not secure. But for those who went ahead and accessed the site, they have this to say: the website is easy to use and navigate through, and one great aspect that Panda Master has over other social casinos is its avatars – they’re interesting because they can be personalized! So if avatars are your thing, go ahead and enjoy.


Customer support

As for Panda Master’s customer support, some sources say that it is available through a contact form that you have to fill out on-site, and there’s also live chat and social media (primarily through Facebook). The good news is that Panda Master seems most active and operational on Facebook, so if we were you and we have questions about downloading the Panda Master app, game features, bonuses and special offers, and anything else, your best bet would be to go on the Panda Master Facebook page and follow them from there, and it seems to have plenty of updates and offers as well.


The range of games

If you like nothing more than playing slot games for fun, then it would be an excellent idea to visit Panda Master casino play online just for the fun of it. Luckily, it’s got over 30 games, enough to keep you entertained for an hour or two, and although the games aren’t your usual favorites (Panda Master has an in-house games developer), you could still check them out. The list is filled with slot games most of all, and it has titles like Dancing Skeleton (very intriguing) but it has the ‘normal’ slots we’ve all gotten used to such as fruit themes, fishing themes, gold quests, dragons, pandas (what else?) and more.

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There are also a number of fish table games, with the latest game featured right on the website: Panda vs Alien Hot! Of course, you can also take your pick from other favorites like Crab King (though technically, it isn’t really a fish table game, just underwater creatures) and the newest addition, the Kraken Skilled fish and slot game, which is supposedly a sweepstakes game. You can, as already mentioned, also play keno and other alternatives.


The Legality of Panda Master in the US


Here’s where we have to be honest with you, if we haven’t been honest already: Panda Master is a social casino which isn’t licensed or regulated in the United States. This means that no US state gambling authorities can vouch for it, nor can they say that the platform is safe to use and will protect your personal data every time you use it. It is only licensed in Curacao, which means it follows Curacao gaming laws.

And as you know, licensed social casinos in the US uphold fair play and transparency in all their dealings with US players, and since Panda Master online casino isn’t duly licensed, we are concerned about the lack of oversight when it comes to game protection and fairness.

Also, it’s crucial to note that since Panda Master doesn’t have a clear license in any state, you might be violating your own state’s rules and regulations just by using the platform.


Our Recommendations


We think you know by now what we would say – it’s all about due diligence and safety. Be careful whenever you play at any social casino, and we suggest checking out reviews and doing your own research about a social casino site’s licenses and authority to operate in your state. There are plenty of other social casinos that are fully licensed and even promote responsible gambling, so you’re better off sticking with a platform you know and are familiar with.

PandaMaster play online may not be the absolute worst when it comes to social casinos – indeed, you can try its games out if you want because it’s only a social casino and you won’t win real money, anyway. But always remember the golden rule in social casino gaming: it’s all for fun, and if you no longer feel that it’s worth the fun, then leave. There are always plenty of other social casinos in the sea!



  1. Question: What is Panda Master?

    Answer: Panda Master promotes itself as a free-play social casino, where anyone over the age of 18 can play games for free without the need to buy anything. You can access Panda Master on desktop or mobile, and it has a variety of slot games, fish table games, and more.

  2. Question: Is Panda Master legit?

    Answer: No, Panda Master does not have any social casino gambling license in the US, although it does have a license to operate in Curacao. This lack of a gambling license is concerning because it means that it does not have to uphold any standards regarding data security and transparency and fair play, which are upheld by other licensed casino operators. We’d like to note, however, that since there is no real money involved in Panda Master, you can simply play the games for fun.

  3. Question: Is it possible to win real money at Panda Master?

    Answer: No, it is not possible to win real money at Panda Master, because it is merely a social casino. Whenever you log in and play at Panda Master, you can play the games just for the fun of it. In fact, you don't even have to purchase coins to play with because you will get free coins almost on a daily basis as long as you log in. Besides, there is no way to purchase any coins, as Panda Master doesn’t seem to have any payment methods or options for buying gold coins (a standard in other social casinos).

  4. Question: Is it safe to play at Panda Master?

    Answer: For all intents and purposes, Panda Master is supposed to be a safe site and app for social casino gamers just looking for some fun games to play online. But be reminded that there appear to be some issues with the site security itself and downloading the app is more complex than we imagined. As long as you are aware of these risks, then you can play games for free using your mobile or desktop.

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