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📖 Published on: April 12th, 2024

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We must admit, we were a bit dubious about Play GD Mobi’s credentials from the start, and we can't say we were surprised when we came across other reviews stating the same. Simply put, if you’re going to spend time looking for a good, old-fashioned (or a new and innovative) social casino site, Play GD Mobi definitely isn’t it. First off, it’s hard to find the site, and second of all, it has too many holes and complications that it’s just not worth our time looking for answers. But we have decided to give it the benefit of the doubt, because, who knows, right? We just might stumble across some redeeming information about PlayGD Mobi. So does this social casino have what it takes? That’s what we’re here for – and our unbiased review is enlightening, to say the least. Read on to find out all the salient facts about Play GD Mobi Golden Dragon.


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In the world of play-for-fun sweepstakes casinos, there’s one thing that most of these casinos have in common: they offer some brilliant games and fascinating gameplay for the user. While this, at least, is true for Play GD Mobi, it’s where it ends. This is where the façade of PlayGD Mobi begins to crumble, because it’s very hard – and we mean it’s a real challenge – finding any relevant or up-to-date information about it! If you are familiar with social casinos and how they work, this is a major red flag. It’s in a social casino’s best interest, after all, to promote itself, and one way it can promote itself is by spreading information about it online – or at the very least, making its site relatively easy to find.


But sadly, this isn’t the case with PlayGD.Mobi Golden Dragon. There are a few inconsistencies from the get-go. We will lay them out for you, so you can decide if they’re a good enough reason to stay and try it out – or run for the hills. Here goes:


  • The site,, is inconsistent with its name. When you type in Play GD Mobi on your browser, it gives you another name, which is Golden Dragon mobi. Now this is fine by itself, because some other people do refer to it as Golden Dragon casino (hence the “GD” in Play GD Mobi). But what is strange is that when you enter the site, you have to sign up using your mobile ID and a default password (and we have no idea how to get that).
  • When you type Play GD.Mobi on the search bar of Google, you will also be taken to another site, which is Now we must say, this is more legit-looking, because it has a list of all your favorite games, such as fish games, pick ‘em games, slot games, and Super Keno Classic. It’s also here where you can find both “Play GD Mobi” and “Play GD Mobi login,” and once you click on these, you will once again be taken to the previous Play GD Mobi site ( On the other hand, if you click on Play GD Mobi, you will be taken to a page explaining in more detail how you can create an account.


You have to fill in a form (thankfully, the form is right there) with details such as your name, email address, mobile phone, and an ID (either a state ID or driver’s license) that you have to upload. Again, this raises a major red flag (complete with alarm bells) for us, because this is the first time we’ve seen any casino ask for this information. In other words, we’ve never encountered a casino (whether it’s a social sweepstakes casino or a real-money one) that asked for an ID to be uploaded even before you join! Yes, some ask for IDs, but that is only if you want to redeem coins or withdraw money. So that is suspicious in itself, and it doesn’t make us comfortable at all. But if that is ok with you, go ahead and sign up – but keep in mind that there are plenty of other sweepstakes casinos out there that are more reputable and are licensed to operate in the United States. Maybe it’s better to search for another, and it’s very easy to find one.


The Games Roster


Whenever there’s a sweepstakes social casino somewhere, you can expect all sorts of games to follow, and this is an area where Play GD Mobi or mobi Golden Dragon seems most adept at. Being on the site brings you a delectable games cornucopia, and there are plenty of fish games and slot games to choose from.


According to PlayGD Mobile, the most popular games are Deep Trek, Haunted Mansion, Lucky Shamrock, Dragon City, Fire Wheel, Monster Frenzy, and the newest game on the list, King Kong’s Rampage and the well-loved classics Golden Legend Plus and Wild Buffalo. If you would like to try your luck at other games, there’s Super Keno Classic and Hot Shot Keno, plus the new fish game, Zombie Awaken.


With such intriguing and captivating titles, you’re sure to be hooked. Play GD Mobi also promotes its games on desktop, mobile phone, or other gadgets, which adds another layer of excitement with on-the-go gameplay. But wait – there’s something else you should know, and we’ll delve into how you can play on your mobile or internet browser in the next chapter – so read on.


Playing Play GD Mobi on Mobile


Now that we’ve covered the array of games on PlayGD.Mobi, it’s time to tackle another important factor: is it possible to play Play GD Mobi on – you guessed it – mobile? In short, is there an app you can download? The short answer to this is no. Aside from the fact that Play GD Mobi is unlicensed and unregulated in the US, it also doesn’t have a goldendragon mobi app available for download. For example, Play GD Mobi doesn't seem to have an Android app, even if you are told to visit the app download for Android, nor is there an iOS app where you can access the Golden Dragon game.


However, you can access Play GD Mobi on your mobile device or web browser, but remember that the registration form is not on – it’s on the Golden Dragon app and website that we talked about earlier. Keep in mind as well that you will be asked for your personal data, and, in our opinion, the ID upload is a bit too personal, if you get our drift. But if you are fine with it, upload it. Honestly, we aren’t too fine with it, and that’s why we can’t really endorse Play GD Mobi at the end of the day.


Play GD Mobi Bonuses and Promotions


You may be wondering, “So, what’s in it for me?” if you still decide to sign up with Play GD Mobi. Perhaps there’s a generous welcome bonus in store for new users? Well, we hate to disappoint you once again, but if there is indeed a welcome bonus or other promotions and offers at Play GD Mobi, we must be blind because we haven’t seen any! There isn’t any information on the Golden Dragons website regarding any free spins, bonus offers, and the like, much less the much-awaited welcome bonus. Needless to say, the welcome bonus has become the gold standard for every other sweepstake casino we’ve seen, so if you’re looking to take advantage of that at Play Golden Dragon Mobi, you will be very disillusioned, because there’s no mention of it on the website (or other sources on the web, for that matter).


Play Games for Free – No Deposit Required


The only redeeming factor we’ve seen about Play GD Mobi is you can really play all kinds of games for free. Yes, it’s true – you can have access to a wide assortment of games strictly for the fun of it, including the addictive Golden Dragon fish game. If you come into it with low expectations – meaning you are only playing for fun and not to get real money prizes – then you might like it. The idea is good in theory, anyway, we can say that for sure. So our advice is, don’t expect to win any real prizes, and instead, just get a kick out of playing a bevy of games, and you can’t go wrong. But then again, if you want to acquire virtual coins such as gold coins or sweep coins, then why not join a legitimate social casino that’s licensed and regulated in your state?


Customer Service at Play GD Mobi


When it comes to customer service and support options, Play GD Mobi has none, nada, zilch. Whichever word you choose, it all comes down to one thing: you are on your own when you decide to play at Play GD Mobi. Even a simple email would be more than welcome, but there is nothing at the Golden Dragons website. You can, however, try getting in touch with a representative at (844) 660 7600.


Quick Facts


We’ve also gathered some quick facts to help you along, and these facts will tell you more about what social casinos to go for (and which ones to avoid). It will be of great help if you are finding it more difficult than usual to decide which social casino to choose. Here, then, are some quick facts:


A social casino is not a real money casino

We’d first like to reiterate that a social (or sweepstakes) casino is not a real money casino. Social casinos exist as free-play platforms, and they allow you to play for free but do not give out real cash prizes, unlike real money casinos. You can potentially win gold coins and accumulate sweep coins in social casinos, but these coins have no real value and you can only use gold coins to play with. Meanwhile, you have the opportunity to collect sweeps coins through rewards and bonuses and exchange them for real money or gift cards, but you would have to have a minimum number of sweeps coins first. In the case of Play GD Golden Dragon Mobile, it doesn’t have any information on gold or sweeps coins on the platform, so we have no idea where to get any. We believe this option simply isn’t available.


Be careful when dealing with an unregulated or unlicensed social casino

We’ve said it before and we’ll hammer it in again if we have to: be careful when dealing with an unregulated or unlicensed social casino, because these types of casinos do not follow any set rules or guidelines, particularly about fair play, responsible gaming, transparency, and the like. And since these social casinos are not restricted by any regulations or guidelines, it’s basically a free-for-all – which is not good for players, because you are not amply protected and your sensitive personal information and data is not secure. For Play GD Mobi’s features, licensing, and legality, we are in the dark – there is nothing definitive online, and this is worrying.


It’s best to proceed with an extra dash of caution

If you do decide to try Play GD Mobi casino or go to the just for the heck of it, it’s best to proceed with an extra dash of caution. Because we cannot find any definite clarity about Play GD Mobi and we are more uncertain about it as we go along, we advise you to exercise the utmost caution before signing up for Play GD Mobi.


Know that you have other alternatives

The landscape surrounding social casinos, especially in the US, is vast, but we are slowly but surely exploring the terrain. That said, know that there are other alternatives. There are lots of reputable and trustworthy social casino platforms that have many fish games and slot games in store for everyone. Best of all, these social casinos have the proper licenses and promote responsible gambling, too. You might be pleasantly surprised at the alternatives you have at your disposal.


The Final Verdict


At its core, Play GD Mobi or Playmobil golden dragon seeks to provide its players with an attractive and tempting platform, but we’re sorry to say, the platform falls short. We, for one, aren’t too pleased about the fact that Play GD Mobi has to ask for a copy of your ID before it can even let you play (it screams the dreaded S word to us!), and to make matters worse, all the information which is a standard at other social casinos (such as the gold and sweeps coins, the bonuses, and the process of signing up) is nowhere to be seen. It can’t even present users with a real way to register right on the website itself but instead directs it to play Golden Dragon mobile at

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At the end of the day, even though its one redeeming quality is an array of exciting games, we feel that it isn’t enough. Maybe, just maybe, Play GD Mobi might change its platform in the near future – but until then, we couldn’t seriously endorse it; there are too many holes in the Play GD Mobi landscape, and we are afraid of stepping on a landmine!



  1. Question: What is Play GD Mobi casino?

    Answer: Play GD Mobi (otherwise known as Play GD Mobi Golden Dragons casino) is supposedly a social sweepstakes casino where gamers can play for free at any time. But it is not licensed nor is it regulated in the US, and there is a lack of information regarding several aspects that are usually disclosed by social casinos, such as bonuses, the sign up process, redemptions, and more.

  2. Question: Who owns Play GD Mobi casino?

    Answer: It is not clear who really owns Play GD Mobi casino, although it is under the Golden Dragons group of casinos (which also operates the Blue Dragon Plus platform). There doesn’t seem to be much information in the WHOIS database for the owners, either.

  3. Question: Is Play GD Mobi legit?

    Answer: No, Play GD Mobi is not legit or licensed in any state in the US. It is not regulated, which means that it doesn’t follow any rules or regulations, nor does it follow any set standards regarding transparency, fair play, or responsible gaming.

  4. Question: Is it possible to win real money at Play GD Mobi?

    Answer: Since Play GD Mobi isn’t a real money casino, you cannot win real money prizes. The thing is, it doesn’t seem to have virtual coins, either, which are another standard at social sweepstakes casinos. However, you can play for free as long as you are technically above 18 years of age, so the platform is mainly for entertainment purposes.

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