Top Five Rookies to Look Out for in the NFL's 2024-25 Season

Top Five Rookies to Look Out for in the NFL's 2024-25 Season image

📖 Published on: May 22nd, 2024

✍️ Updated: May 23rd, 2024

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The NFL has brought in a lot of new promising talents in the game with the latest draft last April. Still, not every player who got drafted in the NFL is a perfect fit with their respective teams, which is why fans should consider to find out who to watch in the coming campaign with rookies aiming to make the most of their first runs in the season.


What Happened in the NFL Draft?


The 2024 NFL Draft just enjoyed a promising night for many players, with lots of fans claiming that this has been the deepest draft class over the years. We have seen the likes of Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, Joe Alt, Brock Bowers, Malik Nabers, JC Latham and many other talented college stars emerge to take on the NFL stage. This just says a lot about the big expectations that critics and key analysts have placed upon these rookies. There are a total of 257 new rookies entering the fray this season, and yet, only a few are expected to make a leaping impact in the game this season.


The NFL Draft 2024 showcased a promising collection of rookies image


It is not easy to be a rookie in the NFL, let alone play for some of the biggest contenders in the game or even be the centerpiece of a rebuilding team in the league. There are many talks as to how immense the pressure is put in many rookies, let alone in the NFL, which is why the 2024 NFL Draft has set massive expectations among the young rising stars in the league. Still, this season shows a lot of promise and a lot of rookies are expected to make waves with their respective teams, and that already proves that the 2024 campaign will be fun to watch considering that many squads will have rookies inserted into the lineup.


Who are the Best Rookies to Watch in the 2024-25 NFL Season?


While there are a lot of rookies in the mix, the NFL season is expecting to see some talented rookies who are set to make some waves on the big stage. Not all of these rookies will have the intended impact that is expected of them, but fans will have to wait and see how well they can perform under pressure while playing amongst the elites in the league.


So which rookies are expected to come up with a blazing run in the 2024-25 NFL Season?


JJ McCarthy, Minnesota Vikings

JJ McCarthy image

Selected with the 10th pick, many analysts consider JJ McCarthy as a rare pick considering that the team doesn’t really need much of a quarterback. Still, he had 38 starts in Michigan at the age of 21, and that makes him a valuable player who has experience in opening games with a bang. His play creation is one of his biggest strengths, and McCarthy can really just find ways to win in running the line with Sam Darnold playing at the helm. He will be anchoring a solid offensive line that also features Justin Jefferson, Jordan Addison, and TJ Hockenson. This should allow McCarthy to thrive as a first-string quarterback while also creating the best environment for his skills to develop with ease.


Jayden Daniels, Washington Commanders

Jayden Daniels fits well with the Commanders thanks to his solid athleticism and high-level mobility in the game. His strengths are considerably needed in Washington’s roster, and his offensive philosophy of throwing efficiency is gonna give him the opportunities he needs to shine bright on the big stage. Playing alongside effective receivers in Malik Nabers and Brian Thomas Jr. will surely help him thrive as a long-ball thrower, which makes the Commanders a fun team to watch with a squad full of youngsters. Considering the fact that he will be under offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury, an experienced expert who is known well for building the early years of Patrick Mahomes, Daniels’ future is definitely brighter than ever.

Jayden Daniels image


Khyree Jackson, Minnesota Vikings

Khyree Jackson image

A cornerback selected in the fourth round, Khyree Jackson proved to be one of the biggest steals in the draft considering how he was compared a lot to Xavien Howard. His massive wingspan, athletic playstyle, and highly physical defensive expertise has made him a suffocating defender to play against. Considering the fact that the Vikings have one of the best defenses in the league, it cannot be denied that Jackson fits well and will have a promising development moving forward. There’s also the Brian Flores effect, who is great at helping defenders maximize their skill set, and having Jackson work with him will definitely give the Vikings a defensive phenom in the making.


Xavier Worthy, Kansas City Chiefs

By the end of the Tyreek Hill era in Kansas City, the squad has gained a lot of reputation for Andy Reid’s retooling of the team into a small-ball squad – leading to back-to-back super bowls. Bringing in Xavier Worthy into the mix will see the long launches that Patrick Mahomes used to come up with back in the day. For starters, Mahomes is known well for being one of the most efficient bazooka passers in the game, but Worthy – a 4.21 speed player, can be the biggest boost that the team needs if they are going to become one of the best offensive-oriented squads with Mahomes at the helm. Worthy has to live up to the expectations and deliver when it matters.

Xavier Worthy image


Cole Bishop, Buffalo Bills

Cole Bishop image

With Jordan Poyer gone, the Buffalo Bills are in dire need of a new safety that will take over on the defensive side. Still, a do-it-all rookie in Cole Bishop may just be the perfect fit in that spot, considering how well he served as Utah’s defensive anchor at an efficient level. His young age and yet versatile skill set on the defensive side make him a promising defender that will help the Bills retool their squad’s needs. Bishop offers explosiveness, speedy recovery on defensive chases, and impressive body control when it matters most. There’s no denying that Bishop is even slated to become a rising star in just a quick span of time.


Watch Rookies Shine in the 2024-25 NFL Season


The NFL season doesn’t begin until this September, so rookies will have a lot of time to prepare for the big stage and take on the tasks that is expected from them. This is why you should take your time to know a lot about the rookies in the NFL who are going to rock the coming season with their immense performances down the stretch.


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