Top 5 Players to Look Out For in the Qatar ExxonMobil Open 2024

Top 5 Players to Look Out For in the Qatar ExxonMobil Open 2024 image

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The Qatar ExxonMobil Open is one of the premier tournaments that the ATP Tour has in store for February every year. But what makes it more exciting is that it is one of the highly anticipated competitions in the Middle East when it comes to tennis. With some of the biggest names playing on the big stage, it seems that this competition will be fun to watch now more than ever.


More known as the Qatar Open, the ATP 250 Tour is slated to take place this February 19th and will wrap up by February 24th. It has a lot of history imbued in the courts as some of the greatest players in tennis have won multiple titles in the competition. That says a lot about the high expectations set in the tournament with the top players of the ATP Tour set to take on the challenge.


What Should You Know About the Qatar Open?


High-stakes rewards await the top players in the world who are keen to make the most of their chances in the competition. A prize money of $1,395,875 will be given out to the top performers of the tournament, which means it is a huge gain for them to give out their best on the court. Here is the breakdown of the rewards set for the winning players of the Qatar Open 2024.


The winner of the tournament is slated to earn the lion’s share of $212,300. Runner-ups, on the other hand, will be given $123,840 while semi-finalists will be given a prize of $72,810. Quarter-finalists are awarded with $42,190, while the Round of 16 finishers will be given a share of $24,500, while the Round of 28 finishers will receive a consolation prize of $14,970.


This is the last time that the Qatar Open will be played as an ATP 250 Tour event. Starting this 2025, the tournament will now be upgraded to an ATP 500-level event considering its popularity and high fan following. This means that the event will be much more popular with more high-profile players taking on the competition as well.


The Qatar Open has been held since 1993 at the Khalifa International Tennis and Squash Complex in Doha, Qatar. The outdoor hard courts have been popular among players as it is considered to be one of the most challenging surfaces in the tennis world. This is why you should expect intense battles and fiery showdowns from the top players coming in for the competition.


Who is the Winningest Player in the ATP Qatar Open?


Roger Federer holds the record for the most singles titles won in the ATP Qatar Open. The Swiss star won in the 2005, 2006, and 2011 editions of the tournament. However, it can be argued that Rafael Nadal has more success in the competition, having won two singles titles and four doubles titles (most among players). Andy Murray, on the other hand, holds the most singles appearances in the competition with five, including the previous year’s edition.


Winningest Player in the ATP Qatar Open image


Who is the Defending Champion of the ATP Qatar Open?


Defending Champion of the ATP Qatar Open image


Daniil Medvedev is slated to defend his ATP Qatar Open crown for this year’s edition. The Russian star managed to claim his first title in the competition after beating Andy Murray in two straight sets at 6-4 and 6-4. It wasn’t an easy push for Medvedev as he had to stave off the British star in consecutive sets. Considering that Murray had massive experience in the competition and the court itself, it is easy to say that Medvedev had to defeat the odds to push for his victory.


Who Are the Top Picks to Win in the ATP Qatar Open?


As the Qatar Open starts to pick up traction, it is easy to expect the big names that will be coming in for the tournament. While both Novak Djokovic and Carlos Alcaraz will not be chasing points in this competition, there are still plenty of stars to look out for, especially in one of the toughest tournaments in the ATP Tour calendar. With that being said, punters should still be able to make some great bets on the top picks for the upcoming tournament.


Here are the top players to look out for in the Qatar Open:


Daniil Medvedev



Daniil Medvedev image 

Daniil Medvedev enters as the favorite to win in the Qatar Open this year. As the defending champion, the expectations are high for the Russian star thanks to his relentless pursuit of success. It can be remembered that the world no. 3 fell short of winning the Australian Open back in January after he lost to Jannik Sinner in the final.


In that game, Medvedev had the upper hand to begin the contest, winning two sets in a row. However, his form faltered in the dying moments of the showdown as he lost three straight sets and failed to force deuces in those sets. On top of that, the star admitted that he got sloppy in those closing sets, leading to the tough loss. The Qatar Open is the perfect spot for Medvedev to redeem his confidence and get back on the winning track this year.


Andy Murray


Andy Murray image


The 2024 ATP Tour hasn’t been quite a great start for Andy Murray so far, losing back in the last three tournaments he played in. He reached the First Round of the Australian Open back in January but lost to Tomas Martin Etcheverry in three straight sets. His campaign in the Open Sud De France and Open 13 saw him wrap up early in the Round of 32, which just says a lot about the pace he is going in.


Still, Murray is the runner-up for the previous edition of the Qatar Open, and it means that he is a favorite to win the game as well. This is why it is expected for Murray to still be the deadly player he is on the court, especially in a court where he has won twice. Now it is time for him to shine bright once more and deliver a promising performance to claim his third title in the competition.


Andrey Rublev


Andrey Rublev image


Rublev fell short in the 2023 edition of the Qatar Open after losing to Jiri Lehecka in three sets. He managed to secure the first set, but then went on to lose the other two as he failed to put up a fight in the final moments. However, this year has seen him make some strides in the 2024 ATP Tour, starting with his quarter-final appearance in the Australian Open.


At the age of 26, Rublev has a promising chance to make a push in the Qatar Open. A win in the competition will see him finish with the second title in the ATP 250 event and will likely help him begin a climb in the ATP Rankings this year as well. Who knows, maybe a victory in the Qatar Open will help him set the tone for his upcoming games in the rest of the campaign.


Gael Monfils


Gael Monfils image


World no. 70 Gael Monfils may be already in the twilight years of his career, but don’t underestimate the grit and grind of the French star. It can be remembered that Monfils already won the 2018 edition of the Qatar Open, and has managed to make his way to the Final four times since 2006. That says a lot about his prowess in the court and dominance in the tournament as a whole.


Monfils has already hinted at a plan to retire by the end of the 2024 campaign, depending on his health and fitness. This just means that the coming Qatar Open might also be his last shot at one of the toughest competitions he’s ever played in. However, he has to beat the odds against the younger stars who have dominated the tournament in the past few years. But then again, no one should ever underestimate the heart of a champion.


Rafael Nadal


Rafael Nadal image


Perhaps the biggest shocker of the upcoming Qatar Open, Rafael Nadal is lobbying for a return to one of his favorite courts in Doha. The former world no. 1 was injured in the 2023 Australian Open and missed out on the whole 2023 ATP Tour to recover from surgery. Nadal went on to play in the Brisbane International, reaching the Quarter-final stage but losing to Jordan Thompson, 2-1. The Spanish star went on to miss the 2024 Australian Open to recover from a minor injury as well.


If all goes well according to plan, Nadal is expected to make his return to the tennis stage in the Qatar Open this month. And guess what, the star is also one of the top picks to win in the competition but by a long shot. This just means that fans should expect a great run from the Spanish Maestro once more, especially when he last won the tournament back in 2014 against Monfils and last reached the final back in 2016. This is a redemption arc for Nadal to begin his season with a huge win on one of the toughest courts to play in.


Enjoy Fast-Paced Betting on the Qatar ExxonMobil Open 2024


The Qatar Open brings 28 players in the singles edition, and that means more chances to win for some of our top picks in the competition. With the tournament coming in hot, you should expect to see bigger clashes and rivalry buildups in the games ahead. Place your wagers on the best players to get a huge chance of making the most of your bets today!


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