Eight Things You're Doing in the Casino That Keeps You from Winning

Eight Things You're Doing in the Casino That Keeps You from Winning image

📖 Published on: February 27th, 2024

✍️ Updated: February 28th, 2024

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Leaving Vegas with more losses than you expected can sometimes put you through a roller coaster of emotions. You could even be left wondering what to do at the casino and whether you’re running out of luck or just being doxed by the casino, but one thing’s for sure: you’re not entirely right or wrong. You could be a beginner or a casual gamer in a casino game, but the house can still get you, and in this article, we’ll tell you why.


1. You’re looking for the time.

One thing anyone who plans to go to Vegas often forgets is that casinos want you to have fun and forget what time it is. That’s probably why it’s rare or even impossible that you’ll find a clock in certain parts of the casino. What to do at a casino when looking for the time can be tricky.


Whether you’re gambling in Las Vegas or Macau, their primary focus is to keep you playing at different tables or machines, so finding the time isn’t going to be the easiest, especially when you’re seated at a table since phones aren’t allowed on the floor.


2. You’re drinking while or before playing the slots.

Placing wagers anywhere while even slightly inebriated is simply a case of bad judgment– it’s also not how to win at casino table games or slot games, truth be told. However, one of the main selling points of any casino is the multi-sensory experience you get when you’re playing, especially at the slots.


The bright lights and catchy sounds from slot machines can make a difference in how you engage with slot games in physical casinos. So, having a few too many can impair your gameplay and strategy, leaving you with more losses than wins once you walk away.


3. You’re taking bad playing advice from strangers.

Do you have that one friend or even a colleague who spent one week in Las Vegas with a ton of “sound” gambling advice? Well, if you’re new to gambling in a real casino, then it’s only smart to take whatever quick tips you get with a grain of salt. There’s absolutely no certainty anyone’s amateur win has anything to do with how you will be playing, especially since most dealers can spot a “basic strategy” in most casino games.


4. You fall for fake optimism too easily.

A huge part of casino trips is the endless joyful gatherings and happy celebrations. Whether it’s a birthday or a bachelor’s party, there’s always an agenda to have fun and be merry– and this is exactly what casinos want from you.


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This is a big reason why casino staff, from dealers to casino hosts, are notoriously excited to see you and welcome you to a table. The go-to line they like to use is “it’ll turn around eventually,” which, to be fair, applies to any situation - but is overused in the casino to keep you optimistic and to encourage you to play more rounds.


5. You’re too comfortable with the bottomless drinks.


If you’re in a Vegas casino to party it up, then that’s your absolute prerogative. But many high-stakes rollers who come to Vegas a lot and have days where they walk out with more losses than wins do not go unnoticed.


It’s crucial to remember that casinos that offer free drinks at your table do it because they’re taking advantage of serving you with convenience while very well knowing you won’t walk another 20 feet to the bar to get them at full price. Players invested in a table game are more profitable while they’re placing wagers. So, be mindful of how many free drinks come your way, especially if you’re a blackjack 21 away from the dealer.


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6. You’re milking those comps too much.

How to win money in Vegas is trial and error at the end of the day; watching the big bucks slip away, one bad roll at a time, can be disillusioning, but casinos are great at giving you consolation prizes to help you forget the losses. They come in the form of comps, and redeeming them from casino hosts is typical. So, if you just lost a hefty $5,000 wager, then a sweet room upgrade can only get you so far. Try to keep an objective perspective when claiming comps, but try not to overdo it.


7. You're drowning that one cute dealer with tips.

We’ve all been there, had a little drink, and got a little flirty with the cute dealer or casino hostess. It can be fun charming your way into a game or two or just for the heck of it, so if you’re a high roller who happens to enjoy tipping generously, then maybe dial it down a little.

Most dealers enjoy it when players win because when you win, they win, too. It’s how to make money at a casino that works for both players, dealers, and staffers. A big win here and there often makes players more generous, and they tend to tip several dealers without realizing it.


8. Loyalty programs easily sway you.

While casino frequenters become accustomed to the comps and loyalty programs, Vegas tourists who enjoy a little gambling are often the main target for loyalty programs. The offers and deals may easily sweep you off your feet, but keep in mind that any comp is just a fraction of your losses. Whether it’s a lost wager of $500 or a free restaurant dinner worth $100, it isn’t the same, is it?


What to Know about Gambler’s Fallacy


A good concept to keep in mind before any big casino trip is the concept of Gambler’s Fallacy. Let’s say you’re someone who tends to lose in multiple rounds of slot games, but you’re still insistent that you’re likely to win the next time around.

This may apply to various modes of casino play, including coin tosses, slot machine payouts, and roulette spins. This is a mistaken belief that many gamblers tend to fall into and could lead to irresponsible gameplay.


Bottom Line


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There is a fine line between enjoying too much and irresponsible gameplay. And if you’re wondering how much does a casino make when you lose, it’s probably hard to conjure the thought. This is why most casinos and online casinos have resources provided to players who need some help navigating healthy gambling habits.


Although a good time at the casino isn’t always supposed to be suspicious, being cautious about your spending and drinking habits, including how to maximize comps and subscribing to loyalty programs, are just some must-dos to exercise responsible gameplay, don’t you think?


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