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📖 Published on: April 25th, 2024

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An underrated yet amusing casino game many iGamers don’t often learn about is Sic Bo. This Chinese dice game has stood the test of time and remains a casino staple in places like Las Vegas and Macau, among others. While the dynamic of the game could be complicated at first, beginners playing Sic Bo will have an easier time navigating the game once its basic terminology is part of your lingo. Read on to learn Sic Bo terms for your next big Sic Bo game.



Any Double - Term used when you think two of the dice will stop at the same number, making it possible for players to wager on any double; pays out at 11:1.


Any One Number - This self-explanatory term enables players to bet on any single number on the Sic Bo table. On the other hand, you will receive 2:1 for two consecutive numbers and 12:1 for three consecutive numbers if you hit a streak and the same number comes up again.


Any Pair - Another Sic Bo term for ‘Any Double.’


Any Triple - Sic Bo term describing all three dice that will land on the same number; also known as ‘three of a kind,’ which pays out a whopping 31:1.



Big Bet - The most common bet placed in Sic Bo which lowers the house edge, giving players better odds to work with. If you think the total sum of the dice will fall between the numbers 11 and 17, the Big bet is the go-to option for most bettors.


Birdcage - This is another variation of Sic Bo, with the only difference being that this game has a higher house edge and typically not-so-great odds for most players. It’s also known as ‘Chuck-a-Luck’ or ‘Grand Hazard.’



Cage - A small device used during a Sic Bo game where the dice shakes or tumbles before the dealer rolls it.


Chips - These are basically what all casinos use for players to place bets.


Chuck-a-Luck - Another Sic Bo variant with lower payouts and unlikeable odds in contrast to the original game; also known as ‘Birdcage.


Clear - This is the Sic Bo lingo used when the table is wiped and all your bets are placed in your pile.


Combination Bet - This is the type of bet when you make a wager on the expectation that the same number will appear on two of the dice. Paid at 6:1, often known as a pair match or pair bet.


Cup - This is a device similar to a cage and shaker, but with a device to shake or tumble the dice instead.


Croupier - The dealer of the Sic Bo game which is derived from the French game of Roulette; typically only used in European casinos.



Dai Siu - This is another term used for Sic Bo in its Chinese origin which means ‘Big Small.


Dice Face - The name given to a bet which is equated to a specific number in the Sic Bo table.


Duo - aka known as ‘Double, which is the same as any bet placed on any pair or any double.



Even - This is a Sic Bo bet when a player thinks the total sum of the three dice will be an even number.



Grand Hazard - This is a British variant of Sic Bo where the odds are just as bad as the odds on Birdcage or Chuck-a-Luck.

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Layout - This is the part of a Sic Bo table where bets are supposed to be placed.


Live Sic Bo - The live version of the classic game, dealt in real-time by a real dealer.


Lose On Any Triple - The term used to describe a Sic Bo rule that states all small and big bets lose once a triple is rolled.


Lucky Dice - Another name for Sic Bo.



Odds Bet - This is the type of bet where players believe that the sum of three dice will be an odd number.



Pair Match - This is a type of bet in Sic Bo where two of the dice will make the chosen pair bet.


Payout - This is the ratio that shows the amount of money paid by the casino relative to the amount gambled. Even money pays at a ratio of 1:1 and has the lowest payoff in Sic Bo. A triple bet, on the other hand, pays 180 to 1.


Pay Table - The Sic Bo table where all the features show all the possible bet payouts and variations.



RNG - Universally known in most table casino games and slot games; RNG stands for Random Number Generator, which is a software that ensures the result of each Sic Bo round is randomized.


Re-Bet - The motion of betting the same wager as the previous bet on the next round.


Roll - This is the way the dice move when a Sic Bo round starts. Instead of rolling physically, online Sic Bo gives players a roll button to select.


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Shaker - The object to shake or tumble the dice and other similar dice games.


Small Bet - This is the type of wager placed when you think the final tally of the dice will fall between 4 and 10.


Spin - This is the result of shaking the dice in the cup or basket. Until you have made a stake on the Sic Bo table, you are unable to spin.


Snake Eyes - Snake eyes occur when two die and leave one pip on each of them. This term has been used in Craps but has been adopted into Sic Bo.


Strong Bet - This is a type of bet where all three die come with low odds, but eventually gives great payouts.



Tai Sai - Another term used for Sic Bo.


Three Dice Total - This is a bet made on all three dice's face-up pips.


Three Single Number Combination - This is a wager stating the player's chosen number will appear on all three dice.


Total - Another term to describe a ‘Three Dice Total.’


Two Faces - Another term for ‘Combination Bet’ where you believe two die will eventually land on the same number.



Weak Bet - This is when a player places a wager on the result that will appear on one or two die.



Yee Hah Hi - This is a variant of Sic Bo usually played in Macau casinos where the die also features symbols aside from just numbers.


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Ready to dive into Sic Bo? Armed with these basic terms, you're all set to join the thrilling world of this classic dice game. Whether you're betting big or small or aiming for doubles or triples, understanding Sic Bo lingo will definitely enhance your playing experience. So, place your bets and let the dice roll!


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