57 Terms to Know When Playing Keno

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📖 Published on: May 2nd, 2024

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Another popular Chinese table game continues to make itself a popular go-to for many table players. Whether you’re in Las Vegas or playing right from your phone, the game of Keno is a lottery-style game that anyone and everyone can enjoy. While it does have an element of randomness (just like playing the lotto), it can be confusing at first when you don’t know the varying terms of this lottery. Read on to get a grasp on all the Keno terms you could learn to improve your odds at your next pick.



Aggregate Limit - The highest payout that the casino will give out in a keno session.


All or Nothing - A type of Keno game where there are two methods to win. Either all of the winning numbers you selected for Keno or none of the numbers you selected for Keno will be paid out.



Bank - This is the money a casino has to reward players with equivalent cash prizes to their chosen games.


Bankroll - This is a Keno term used across various casino table games which refers to the money a gambler has budgeted for gambling.


Ball Game - A phrase used describing the most common type of Keno where the host draws plastic balls in a live event like in a Bingo draw.


Blank - The term used to describe a blank Keno ticket.


Blower - This is a part of the Keno machine that selects a ball from the bowl into a clear tube from where the winning numbers will be drawn.



Caller - The employee in a casino who runs the Keno game, draws the numbers and then announces the winning numbers.


Catch - The term used when you hit a number marked on your Keno ticket.


Catch-All - A type of Keno wager where the player has to hit each number marked on their ticket to win the draw.


Catch Zero - Another type of Keno bet where the player has to avoid hitting numbers marked on their ticket to score a win.


Close - This is the part of Keno where the casino closes for Keno wagers, just before the keno draw.


Combination Way Ticket - The term used to describe a single keno ticket on which the player places several bets.


Computer Ticket - A Keno ticket generated by the computer wherein players bet on multiple wagers.


Crayon - The marker used for marking Keno tickets in the traditional version of Keno.



Deuce - The term used when two Keno numbers are chosen and positioned next to each other on the layout.


Draw - The total number of keno numbers that are drawn in a particular round. This typically has a total of 20 numbers, but it can occasionally have even fewer.


Draw Sheet - An instrument in Keno which keeps a record of numbers drawn from previous rounds of online Keno. This can also be referred to as ‘History’ on most online Keno platforms.

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Edge Ticket - This is a type of Keno ticket where you can select all 32 numbers surrounding the edge of the ticket.


Enhanced Payoff - This is the term describing an increased payoff for a more challenging wager at Keno.


Exacta - The term used to describe a combination of two consecutive games in Keno. If a specific number of winning Keno numbers are landed in both rounds, it typically offers an additional reward. In horse racing, these keno words are also often used.


Expected Value - The Keno term describing the frequency of a specific result in a game of keno.



Field - The is a term used to describe a set of designated, uncircled locations.


Flashboard - The term used to describe the computerized signs that show the winning numbers in a lottery. Older boards with light bulbs are still in use, although the majority are now LED.


Free Play - A type of winning in Keno where there’s no cash payout but it allows you to play your wager.



Goose - A term used for the machine that blows keno balls up into two long tubes.


Group - Areas on a keno ticket that are circled or marked differently from the other spots.



Handle - This is the total amount of money collected during a game, shift, day, or other time frame.


High-End Ticket - The term used to describe a Keno ticket that, in comparison to a conventional ticket, pays more for hitting a lot of locations and less (or nothing) for hitting fewer spots.


High Roller Ticket - This is a term used to describe the expensive minimum ticket price for a ticket.


Hit - When the location on your ticket and a drawn number match.


Hold - The term used to manage minus payoffs or the total revenue following the distribution of all winning tickets.


Inside Ticket - This is the Keno ticket turned into a casino.


Jackpot Meter - This is a type of electronic display that shows the jackpot amount as of right now.



King - A single keno ticket's highlighted number that can be used alone or in combination with other numbers to create a custom wager. While payout tables for king ticket bets differ, they unquestionably offer higher payouts.



Left-Right Ticket/Left-Right Keno - The term used to describe a player who selects numbers only on the left or right side of the Keno layout.



Mark - The designated numbers that are meant to be bet on while utilizing a keno ticket or playing keno online.



Net Win - The term used describing the player's profit at the end of the round from their keno payouts. Subtracting the wager amount from the total victory yields the net win.


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Odds - This speaks of a player's odds of winning a wager. For instance, the odds of a particular outcome occurring are 9 to 1, given a 1 in 10 chance of occurring.


Open - A term used to describe when the Keno field is open to players for betting.



Pattern - The term describing a player who chooses to play keno numbers on the keno field that create a particular pattern. For instance, placing a wager on the numbers to create a cross or an L. How do you feel about Punt's "P"? I think we're fairly inventive.


Pay Any Catch - Term used to describe a type of keno where the player receives payment regardless of the number of "catches" or winning numbers they can land.


Probability - This and the odds are nearly the same. On the other hand, probability is typically shown as a percentage. The likelihood of the event, using our example of a 1 in 10 chance of happening, is 10%.


Push - A "Push" is applicable to any casino game where a tie might happen, not just in keno terms, particularly. The most popular usage for it is in blackjack. In keno, a push indicates that you will be paid out the same amount as you wagered.



Quick Pick - This is a reference to a feature that lets players select their numbers right away in a lot of online keno games. When utilizing the quick-pick feature, all numbers are chosen at random. The quick-pick option in online keno is typically found on the button panel.



Race - The term is another name for Keno.


Rate - The price of a Keno ticket that the player must pay.


Rate Card - A table that the casino provides that shows the expenses and payouts for various keno wagers.


Replayed Ticket - When a player reuses the same numbers consecutively in a Keno game.



Split Ticket - This is a type of wager in Keno where players play multiple groups of numbers individually on one ticket.


Spot - The term pertaining to the chosen numbers that are marked by the player on their ticket.


Sleeper - A type of ticket considered uncashed despite being a winning pick.


Straight Ticket - The term pertaining to a standard Keno ticket the casino provides.


Stud - This is another Keno term for progressive jackpot games in casinos.



Top-Bottom Ticket - This is another kind of wager in Keno where the player bets on the top 40 Keno numbers or the bottom 40 numbers.



Video Keno - A Keno variation where only a single player is playing with an RNG providing on-demand draws.



Way - A different side wager made on a Keno ticket.


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From Quick Picks to King tickets, each term unveils more of the fascinating gameplay of keno. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned player, mastering these terms not only enhances your understanding but also boosts your enjoyment of the game. So dive in, pick your numbers, and who knows? Maybe luck will be on your side!


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