Ranking the Top Five Free Agents in the NHL's Offseason

Ranking the Top Five Free Agents in the NHL's Offseason image

📖 Published on: July 5th, 2024

✍️ Updated: July 5th, 2024

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The offseason for the NHL is going to be a wild goose chase considering how many unique talents are slated to enter the free agency market with the hopes of finding their worth with various teams, or even organizations bringing in a lot of different talents to boost their respective squads ahead of the next season. This will be a wild phase for teams, players, and even fans as the massive speculations are about to blow the league wide open.

What to Expect in the Free Agency Market for the 2024 Offseason?

There are a lot of stars and key players from other teams who are slated to enter the free agency market this offseason after a campaign that has either led to tough losses or massive finishes, and this is why there is going to be a lot of storylines to look out for in the coming weeks after the Stanley Cup Final. For starters, there have been a lot of upsets in the playoffs alone, with certain teams not even reaching the deeper stages of the postseason despite the fact that they were initially favorites to begin with.

Free Agency is a chance for teams to upgrade their rosters image

There are some players who are already disappointed with the way their seasons ended, and are now actively seeking greener pastures to come up with a restart in this phase of their careers. It is also worth noting that the free agency has some of the wildest scenarios over the years, with key stars moving to new teams that have either beaten them or joining up with other stars to form a super team in the league. Most of these take place in the offseason and has definitely shaken some of the biggest powers in the league.

Plenty of roster movements have been quite promising image

We have also seen the biggest storylines unfold in the NHL free agency market with players finally being given a big break with their new teams. Most of the time, signings are quite tedious with the details on the salary cap, the years included in the contract, the clauses, and many other essentials that are discussed between signings. This is why it is really hard to argue about how the game itself is definitely reliant on the way signings in the offseason go at the end of the day.

Who are the Top Five Free Agents in the NHL Free Agency Market?

With the free agency slated to begin in a few weeks’ time, it is easy to say that many teams are already on the lookout to see which players are available on the market and could possibly boost their chances in the next season. So who are the top five players to look out for in the coming free agency market?

Jake Guentzel, Carolina Hurricanes

Jake Guentzel is going to the Lightning image

With 30 goals, 77 points, and a plus-25 in the season, it is easy to forget why Jake Guentzel is hitting the free agency market for the Carolina Hurricanes. The star has made a promising splash with the team after the midseason trade from Pittsburgh, tallying a promising statline of 12 goals and 34 points in 28 games since the deal. There are already rumors that the Canes are expected to cook up some extension deal to bring him in the squad for the years to come, but no reports have surfaced yet when it comes to his future in the team. But for now, Hurricanes fans should be happy that the winger has shown flashes of star-level plays and is really keen to sign with the team. Unless of course, a new team drops by to offer a bigger deal with him.

Update as of July 4, 2024: Guentzel has agreed to a new contract with the Tampa Bay Lightning after the trade.

Steven Stamkos, Tampa Bay Lightning

Steven Stamkos moves on to the Predators image

At the age of 34, it is quite obvious that Steven Stamkos is interested in getting more titles to his name, and it would be a massive problem if Tampa Bay does not actually make a move to bring in additional key players to surround him with after a disappointing exit in the first round of the NHL Playoffs. As the heart and soul of the team, Stamkos hitting the free agency market means that the team is also hinting at a possible rebuild, and with the salary cap being a problem for the Lightning, it is easy to expect that no extension talks between the team and the forward’s agents mean that the blazing scorer will be coming in for a different sweater when July 1st comes.

Update as of July 4, 2024: Stamkos has signed a four-year, $32 million deal with the Nashville Predators

Jonathan Marchessault, Vegas Golden Knights

Jonathan Marchessault is now joining the Predators image

The former Stanley Cup Final MVP is definitely disappointed to see himself out of the playoff picture so early when they got upset by the Dallas Stars in the first round. Jonathan Marchessault has been the best star for the Golden Knights since Day 1, and the former Conn Smythe Trophy winner did not hold back when he said he was disappointed with the way Vegas fell short of a title run this season. His 42-goal season for 69 points is a career-high, and any team that would be getting him in the free agency market might actually consider making a playoff run next season with Marchessault at the helm.

Update as of July 4, 2024: Marchessault is signing a five-year, $27.5 million deal with the Nashville Predators.

Elias Lindholm, Vancouver Canucks

Elias Lindholm is slated to join the Bruins image

Let’s face it, had it not been for the promising playoff success this season by the Vancouver Canucks, Lindholm would be a guaranteed free-agent transfer in the offseason. Since being traded from the Calgary Flames, the right forward has been a promising star in his own right despite struggling to fit in well with the rotation so far. As a versatile player in his own right, Lindholm is expected to come up with some of the big strides, and his two-way rating has also proved that he can excel on the big stage when needed. Still, should Lindholm find some interesting offers from teams that can offer him more consistent playing time, there’s no doubt that he will take on that deal in the free agency market.

Update as of July 4, 2024: Lindholm brings his talents to the Boston Bruins in a seven-year, $54.25 million contract.

Sam Reinhart, Florida Panthers

Reinhart returns for more action with Florida image

Per sources, Reinhart is expected to engage in talks to extend his deal with the Panthers by the end of the season – whether or not Florida scores a trip to the Stanley Cup and wins it or not. Being a consistent performer in the game has proven Reinhart’s worth, considering the fact that he has dropped 57 goals for 94 points in the season after a promising rally in their games that have led them to stay in a competitive race in the East. Reinhart has just enjoyed his breakout campaign, and it would be easy to expect that the Panthers will be keen to come up with a deal that will keep him in the squad before he gets a chance to nail the open market.

Update as of July 4, 2024: Reinhart has agreed to return to the Florida Panthers in an eight-year, $69 million max deal with the defending Stanley Cup Final champions.

Stay Updated on the NHL’s Free Agency Market

There are plenty of expectations as to how the NHL’s free agency will unfold in this offseason. As the Stanley Cup is still slated to unfold, one can expect bigger swings when a champion is named, and there will definitely be a lot of key stars who will be looking for a change or a chance to take their game to the next level in the coming season.

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