Race to the Western Conference Play-In: Which Teams Will Win?

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📖 Published on: April 11th, 2024

✍️ Updated: April 12th, 2024

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As time winds down in the NBA season, it seems that the Western Conference is going to host some of the biggest and most intense Play-In Tournaments we have seen in years, and it cannot be denied that it would even be on par against some of the playoff games that have been seen in the previous season. But which teams will come out on top of the Play-In Tournament in the Western Conference?


How is the Western Conference Play-In Tournament Shaping Up?


The Western Conference has been a beast this season, with teams from the first seed all the way to the 10th seed being above the .500-mark. It just seems that the level of competition has been dialed up to another level. The last time that we have seen teams play this way? The 2009-10 season saw all teams in the top right come up with 50 wins, which just shows how tight the competition was at the time. But it also seems that this season will be seeing the same level of energy and intensity among teams, which makes it fun to watch.


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The difference? There are two extra teams vying for a playoff spot thanks to the Play-In Tournament. This means that four teams will be battling hard before the playoffs begin, adding yet another twist to already many scenarios waiting to happen in the postseason. This is why you should expect to see some interesting plot twists and promising games that will bring out the best between the top players in the league.


Ranking Each Team’s Winning Chances in the Play-In


The Play-In Tournament offers a chance for the 9th and 10th seeds in each conference as an added twist and excitement in the postseason. This year’s Play-In teams are expected to be between the Golden State Warriors, the New Orleans Pelicans, the Sacramento Kings, and the Los Angeles Lakers. All of these teams have a deep rotation, and a promising squad that has a selection of stars, which makes the upcoming matchups more interesting to look out for.


However, there can only be two teams that will be coming up with a spot in the 2024 NBA Playoffs, which is why the Play-In Tournament for the Western Conference is going to be a massive war that will feature some of the best stars that the league has ever seen. This is why you should not miss a chance to wager on the playing teams that will shake up the viewership ratings in the coming days.


Here’s how the teams are expected to fare in the Play-In Tournament.


Golden State Warriors (10th seed)


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What? Stephen Curry and the Warriors are in the Play-In Tournament? Yes, indeed they are. After a myriad of tough struggles, injuries, rotational disasters and many other issues, the Warriors have slowly found their footing late in the second half of the season and are vying for a shot at getting back in the playoff mix. However, the rest of the campaign isn’t going to be easy for them, and this is why they are definitely locked in for a trip in the Play-In. Still, there is a strong chance that Curry and the gang are going for an epic run that will see them either fall to the ground and possibly mark the end of the Dubs Era, or get one last chance to make a splash in the post season. The Warriors are likely to get a fair chance at winning in the Play-In if they get their groove going against any of the two teams that they will face.


Phoenix Suns (7th seed)


There are many things that could go wrong for the Phoenix Suns. It does seem that their roster chemistry has something to do with the way they are playing right now. There are many cases as to how Kevin Durant and the lack of scoring prowess between him, Devin Booker, and Bradley Beal remains to be a massive problem for the team. On top of that, their depth has been really questionable as of late. To be the 7th seed at this point is a lucky stretch for the Suns, and they will definitely have to move mountains if they are keen to take their chances in the Play-In Tournament. Who knows, maybe the Suns can actually get their playoff groove going and come up with a much better performance on the big stage to secure their slot in the postseason now more than ever.

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Sacramento Kings (8th seed)


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It is quite surprising that one of the well-rounded teams in the NBA in terms of roster composition is vying for a chance to survive in the postseason. We have seen the Kings emerge as one of the giant killers in the NBA this season. Following a re-emergence from the squad and making it to the NBA Playoffs for the first time since 2006, it does seem that Sacramento will have to come up with a rematch against their foe in the 2023 First Round and another game that will give them a chance to earn the 8th seed. Domantas Sabonis is on a tear, and De’Aaron Fox has been seeing some impressive groove, which should boost the Kings’ chances of winning now more than ever.


Los Angeles Lakers (9th seed)


It cannot be denied that the Lakers are starting to be a favorite to win in the Play-In Tournament. After months of being a team that has been stuck in the 9th seed, the Lakers finally moved to occupy the eighth seed. It can be remembered that LA has pulled off one of the biggest climbs in the NBA last season when they went from being the 13th seed all the way to qualifying for the Play-In, and then beating the 2nd seeded Memphis Grizzlies, and demolishing the defending champion Golden State Warriors to make it to the Western Conference Finals. This time, LeBron James and the gang have a better chemistry, and they are heading towards the postseason with a lot of expectations.

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Bet on the Play-In Tournament in the NBA!


The Play-In Tournament is one of the most promising competitions that you would not want to miss. Considering how well these teams have been playing in the season, you can definitely expect that there will be a lot of promising games that will end up in a tight affair. Make sure to stay tuned for the rest of the NBA as the season winds down in its final games of the season, setting the final spots for the Play-In Tournament.


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