Highlighting Noah Lyles’ Ambitious Goals for 2024

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📖 Published on: February 7th, 2024

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No one can deny the fact that Noah Lyles has been impressive in his 2023 campaign. However, the sprinter has already made it clear that he will be pursuing a bigger goal to start off 2024 with the Olympic Games coming in hot. So what should fans expect from him? As a six-time world gold medallist, the expectations are high enough for Lyles to deliver a promising run in his coming competitions this 2024. At the age of 26, he is shattering one record after another and is making history at his own pace, and it seems that this year is about to be his legacy.


Setting the Tone: How Noah Lyles Finished Strong in 2023?


Lyles came up with an impressive stretch in 2023, winning gold in the World Athletics Championships 100m while setting a personal best of 9.83 in the final. He followed that up with another gold medal in the 200-meter men's final, finishing with 19:52 in that stretch. That victory marked his third gold medal in the 200m and his fifth overall gold in the World Athletics Championships. On top of that, Lyles has also made it to the second spot in the world’s all-time list in the 200m.


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That makes him one gold medal away from passing Usain Bolt in the World Athletics Championships and another to take the top spot for himself. He was also notorious for criticizing the NBA’s titular “world champions” as he claimed that they don’t play on the big stage like he does.


Team USA went on to lose in the battle for third in the FIBA World Cup in the same month where Lyles finished strong with those two gold medals. That goes to show how he is building his pace as one of the renowned athletes in the United States.


With his impressive finish in 2023, Lyles now seeks to bring a new groove in his career with a lot of competitions at hand. The Olympics, for starters, will be a massive stage for him to compete, especially if he is keen to define his legacy in athletics.


Lyles’ Historic Boston Run


Just when you thought that Lyles would slow down in his campaign for more impressive feats and gold medals, the star went on to launch his 2024 run with a massive bang when he shocked the world with his victory in the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix Boston in the 60m sprint. Not only did he set a personal record with the 6.44 second finish, but he also set the fastest time of the year in the sport. That says a lot about his impressive start to 2024, and how he is really determined to deliver the best stretch of his career.


Lyles narrowly defeated Jamaican athlete Ackeem Blake by just 0.01 second, which sets the bar for the speed that he’s continuously delivering in his promise to continue winning more medals. If it is not clear, Lyles is ready to gun for the biggest stretch of his career in the Olympics. The victory has also added to Noah Lyles’ net worth in 2024. According to sources, Lyles is now at an estimated $10 million. Considering that he still has a lot of competitions to look forward to, the star might just eclipse that mark by the end of the year.


Lyles’ Ambitious Goals for 2024


With a new Olympic year at hand, it seems that Lyles is now setting his eyes on the bigger prize. While winning a gold medal in the World Athletics Championships in Budapest last year is already a huge feat, Lyles is gearing up for greater aspirations in 2024.


So what does Lyles want to see in his bag by the end of 2024? A total of four gold medals.


World Indoors in Glasgow


Lyles made it clear in a media conference after his Boston victory that he would love to get a medal in Glasgow. The event will be held from March 1 to 3 at the Commonwealth Arena in Glasgow, United Kingdom.

Considering that he had massive success in the 2023 World Athletics Championship, Lyles is one of the heavy favorites to win big in the competition, and his current momentum after an early February win says a lot about his chances of winning with a strong finish.


Paris Olympics (100m, 200m, 4x100m relay)


The Olympic stage is the best place for Lyles to make history. As he is set to represent the United States in the Olympics, Lyles has every chance to win a gold medal in the 100m, 200m, and the 4x100m relay.

That opens up the best opportunity for him to make history with four gold medals in a year. Lyles will face a lot of competition in the Olympics, but winning in each of these categories will arguably cement his place as the best sprinter in history.


Usain Bolt’s 100m and 200m World Records


Usain Bolt is a renowned sprinter among athletes in the world athletics stage. The Jamaican holds the record for the fastest finish in the 100m and 200m. It is easy to say that he is keen to win, but if Noah Lyles breaks Usain Bolt’s record, many fans would definitely rejoice in his success.


On top of that, it would also make him the fastest man alive, the same title held by Bolt when he set the feat in 2009 for both the 100m and 200m. Lyles winning the sprint while also breaking Bolt’s records would bring him to the upper echelon of the sporting world.


Can Lyles Fulfill His Goals This 2024?


Lyles has been one of the smartest and highly determined sprinters in the history of the sport. While many critics have doubted his chances, Lyles isn’t really paying attention to all the naysayers, especially after he succeeded well in Budapest last year.


Lyles is undeterred by the odds. He is willing to try and try again if he doesn’t succeed. That says a lot about his impressive determination to prove his worth and show the world that he has what it takes to be the best sprinter.


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“After what I did at Budapest and seeing what my body can handle, if I train for it, let’s take a shot. It’s the last race, there’s nothing to lose,” said Lyles. “This year I want to get four. And if I don’t get four, I am going after three world records.”


Lyles Inspiring Comeback Performers


Lyles isn’t the only one who made a massive splash to begin 2024. Jake Wightman also made his return to the big stage. After not racing for almost 13 months due to a freak injury in his foot, the 2022 world 1,500m champion went back to Boston to compete in the Grand Prix. While he narrowly finished second to US star Hobbs Kessler, who wrapped up his run at 3:33.36, Wightman’s time of 3:34.06 is still a personal best, even if he failed to reach the Olympic qualifying times in the 1500m of 3 minutes and 33.50 seconds.


Still, Wightman is pleased to come up with a narrow finish upon coming back from injury. He claims that it is not the best outcome that he desired in his return, but he knows that he has to start somewhere and build a strong progress, much like Lyles in his campaign for four gold medals.


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