Logical Discussion: Should the NFL Fully Adapt Roofed Stadiums?

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📖 Published on: May 15th, 2024

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The NFL is known well all over the world thanks to its immense battles between teams and high unpredictability in the game. One of the biggest considerations that impact the outcome of the game is the weather – and roofed stadiums have started to negate that factor ever since. But should the NFL consider putting up roofs in all of their teams’ stadiums?


What Makes NFL Roofed Stadiums a Trend in the Game?


Over the years, there have been a lot of discussions as to how it will make an impact when it comes to the games played over the course of a season, and it remains a huge debacle that everyone seems to talk about every now and then. Still, the roofing technology has been one of the most promising innovations in the game, and it remains to be seen as to how it can be a promising twist that can either be beneficial for a certain game or a disadvantage in the long run.


The Mercedes-Benz Stadium is one of the known roofed stadiums in the NFL image


The SoFi Stadium is one of the known roofed stadiums in the league image

Retractable roofs are commonly the issue that many fans are keen to see implemented in their games. Roof technology has been one of the biggest innovations over the years, and it has allowed arenas and stadiums to come up with various sporting events that either require an open space or a closed roofing. This just means that there are many expectations in seeing how effective roofed stadiums can be, especially in the NFL among many other sports. That’s the discussion for many stadiums that host NFL events. Known sports such as soccer, tennis, and baseball are considerable for this style of roofing. Permanent roofing is beneficial for sports such as basketball, ice hockey, volleyball, and many others.


On top of all that, the comfort of fans is also put into consideration, especially if certain events would need fans to see the game unfold with natural lighting and many other concerns.


Switching to a Roofed Stadium: Yay or Nay?


So what makes a roofed stadium a promising priority in the NFL? Well, there are many factors to consider before one should push through with the plan to make all football stadiums permanently with a roof – retractable or not. Sure, almost every owner would want this – a huge stadium that can present almost every popular sport in the world without worrying if the event would need to see a closed roof or an open one. Turns out, this would be a massive investment for everyone to take on, but would give us the best experience in the NFL in the long run.


So what are the benefits of switching to a roofed stadium in the NFL?


Shield Against Weather Conditions


It is safe to say that no one would ever forget the legendary “Ice Bowl” of 1967. This was a Super Bowl game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers, which was played in a 48°F thanks to the wind chill along with a failing turf-heating system. Of course, it would go on as one of the greatest games in NFL history – albeit a weather-hampered one. The weather in the United States is a bizarre and complex situation to talk about, but wind, rain, snow, and heat all play a huge role in how a game unfolds in the NFL. Depending on the season, these factors differ from time to time, and it can even be a massive difference on how a team will come up with a promising win in their games.


The Ice Bowl in 1967 featured a strong winter presence in a championship game image


Frigid temperatures don’t usually stop games, especially when these are big events like the playoffs or even the Super Bowl. Rain or shine, the game continues on, and this is what makes football games even more fun to watch. So the idea of shielding the game against weather conditions can work in different ways, which is why there will always be a different opinion as to how the roofing solution will impact the game in the long run.


Prevention Against Game Delays


Cricket and baseball mainly have to suspend various games due to heavy rain in the field, and it sometimes differs especially when it comes to the various weather conditions. Still, a roof provides well against game delays – especially in soccer or football – where the game continues even if there are multiple weather complications and has the most expensive stadiums in the world and the largest roofs as well. Building a permanent roof can level the temperature advantages that would be a huge concern for many players, and this is why fans can expect to see different shifts when it comes to the efficiency of roofing in the NFL. On top of that, game delays can be a tough break for many game schedules, especially when it comes to crucial stages of a certain season.

NFL games are susceptible to delays depending on the weather image


The NFL plays in a short calendar, with at least one or two games played in a single week. Judging by the tight schedule, it means that game delays should be averted by promising roofing, especially with


Multi-Purpose Roofing


As said before, the technological advancements in today’s modern architecture and roofing have allowed various stadiums to build a retractable roof to ensure that they can host multiple events. As of the time of writing, Indianapolis, Dallas, Houston, and Phoenix all have retractable roofs. Another one is being planned for Atlanta by the end of the year, and while it may be a promising innovation, many have also pointed out some downsides – but not enough to outweigh its efficiency as a whole.


Retractable roofing is a sound option for today's stadiums image


Though most of the games played in these stadiums with retractable roofs have played their matches with the roofs on, it does seem that there will be more changes to come when the whole league makes the shift to full roofing in all stadiums – whether they opt to the expensive retractable options that seems to be the future of the league in years.


Should the NFL Consider Roofed Stadiums?


Roofed stadiums remain to be a discussion for a lot of people in the league. Fans are always quick to point out the pros and cons of putting the league’s games under roofed stadiums, and it cannot be denied that it will also have an impact on the outcome of the biggest games that will be played in a single season, affecting your wagers depending on the stadium that they are playing in and its surrounding weather conditions.


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