Are the New York Rangers Slated for a Playoff Push?

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📖 Published on: April 10th, 2024

✍️ Updated: April 11th, 2024

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We have seen the New York Rangers come up with a promising slide in the 2023-24 season, and so far, they have been one of the best teams to watch in the campaign. From their impressive scoring bursts, all the way to pesky defensive schemes, it does seem that the Rangers are finally settling into playoff form as they hope to win the Stanley Cup.


What Are the Odds for the Rangers to Win the Stanley Cup?


As of the time of writing, the Rangers have the sixth-best odds to win in the Stanley Cup, with the team being one of the few squads to have odds below the +1000 mark. Considering the fact that they have been great these season, it is worth noting that the odds only project chances of winning and predictions for the team, but never the actual result.


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Still, the Rangers have been one of the league’s best teams over the years. They have done a great job of putting up massive campaigns on the big stage one game after another, and this season has seen them rise to a bigger challenge as they hope to come up with a daring push to the NHL Playoffs. As of the time of writing, the team has already clinched a playoff spot, still ranked first in the Eastern Conference having a massive win-loss difference from the next-best team, the Boston Bruins.


The Rangers have a total of four Stanley Cups in their franchise history, winning in 1928, 1933, 1940, and 1994. Since then, the team has never found a way to emerge at the top of the league, with their latest conference championship being in the 2014-15 – the same year when they also won the Metropolitan Division championship.


How Will the New York Rangers Pull Off a Promising Playoff Run?


If you’re a Rangers fan, then you definitely know how tough the past few years have been for the team. The squad has never seen impressive strides in their campaign, not being able to make a rally to the Stanley Cup Final, having reached that mark way back in the 2013-14 season when they lost 4-2 to the Los Angeles Kings. Other than that, it’s been a flurry of tough losses before they finally made a conference finals push in the 2021-22 season, only to lose in the first round in the following year.


But can the Rangers get a chance to book their ticket to the Stanley Cup Final this year? Let’s break down the team’s chances of winning.


Breaking Out of the Metropolitan Division is Hard to Do


The Metropolitan Division is the toughest in the NHL image

Did you catch the pun? Anyway, the Rangers are pulling away with the best record in the NHL this season, but it is also worth noting that the team is situated in the Metropolitan Division, which is one of the toughest division to play in. If you can remember the Rangers’ first round exit to the New Jersey Devils last season, then you know how tough of a division they are playing in. There’s still the Carolina Hurricanes, who have proven to be a team to battle against in the regular season so far. Let’s not forget the Pittsburgh Penguins, who have added Erik Karlsson to their roster as well.


When the playoffs roll around later in the month of April, it is easy to say that the Rangers will have to battle hard if they are going to make the most of this postseason chance now more than ever. On top of that, they will also have to go over the winner of the Atlantic, which should be between the Boston Bruins and the Tampa Bay Lightning, and the Florida Panthers. So yes, even the divisional positioning is starting to look like a disadvantage already.


Youth is a Double-Edged Sword for the Team


The 2022-23 season has seen some impressive improvements from the Rangers’ youth department, with most of it coming from the likes of Alexis Lafreniere and Kaapo Kakko, who were amazing in their own right as they got to shine bright in some of the key games that the Rangers have played in so far. This season has seen some impressive games from the so-called “The Kid Line”, which has proven to be a promising force for the Rangers and their chances of winning against elite teams in the league. However, one can also say that the team’s young side hasn’t blended well with its select veterans in some games, especially in clutch games where the stars are expected to shine and take over the game.

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This has been a tough break for the team, and they are still lacking the necessary decision-making skills and the impressive experience that they need to pull off massive victories in the long stretch.


Laviolette’s Coaching is a 50-50 Chance


Peter Laviolette's coaching has been shaky image

Let’s be fair, the Rangers are definitely doing a lot of good things in their games this season. Night in and night out, the team is starting to discover its talent and identity as they try to come up with more wins that have really affected the way they are putting up wins one game after another. Still, the players deserve credit for their massive performances, but it is Peter Laviolette’s genius that has played a huge role on that end if we are going to look at the bigger picture for their campaign so far. The Rangers were heavily criticized for hiring a veteran coach in Laviolette, who has seen some tough stretches in his coaching career over the years.


Still, it does seem that the Rangers could have opted to hire a younger coach to give them a fresh start, but now it is starting to pay off – but fans also have to keep in mind that the playoffs are a different beast – where the Rangers haven’t been exactly successful in the past few years.


Can the Rangers Finish this Season With the Stanley Cup?


It is no secret that the Rangers are considered to be one of the most impressive teams in the season. However, there will be a lot of contenders that the team has to beat if they are going to make the most of their chances on the big stage. It has been a long time coming for the Rangers when it comes to winning a Stanley Cup, and it does seem that their pace is starting to lead up to a promising swing in the playoffs, which is why fans should expect more progress for the team after so many years of poor finishes.


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