10 Things to Do With/For Your Mom on Mother's Day

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📖 Published on: May 9th, 2024

✍️ Updated: May 10th, 2024

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It’s that time of the year again when the first woman in our lives gets a special day. Yes, it’s Mother’s Day, ladies and gents! It’s when we celebrate the women who we call mom, mommy, mama, and even grandma. While we’re a firm believer in celebrating our mothers every day, May 12th is just another day to show them how special they are. If you’re like us, we love to come up with new ways to make our moms feel special. Read on to get some ideas on how to make Mother’s Day one to remember for you and the special women in your life.


1. Spa Day with Mom

When it comes to R&R, it’s the perfect opportunity to go big and bring your mom to a luxurious spa or even make a lovely at-home spa day. There are so many ways to go about this, from setting up spa stations and making DIY masks to hiring professional masseuses and manicure professionals to come to your home; the possibilities are endless.


If you want to take her somewhere super special in a tranquil and completely serviced accommodation, some popular spa getaways to check out include:


  • The Spa at Wynn, Las Vegas
  • The Spa at Sea Island, Georgia
  • The Allison Inn and Spa, Newberg, Oregon
  • Tree Spa at Hidden Pond Resort Hotel, Kennebunkport, Maine


2. Make her a time capsule

One of the best parts of Mother’s Day is the opportunity to be creative - and one way to do that is to unbox your old childhood photos and mementos and bring your memories to life. A simple time capsule in honor of Mother’s Day will not only make your mom feel honored and loved, but also jog her memory of being one of the most influential and important people in your life. You can’t go wrong with this!


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3. Make some art together

Another potentially relaxing and engaging activity to do with mom is to make some art together. Get some art supplies and your best photos of each other and paint them together! You can even do it as a family, and whoever best captures Mom’s portrait wins a cute little prize. This is a great way to exercise your artistic skills, bond with family, and create more memories she’ll want to remember.


4. Visit a museum or amusement park together

If you’re keen on making mom feel all the feels and enjoy all the fun on her special day, why not take her to Disneyland or a local amusement park? It’s a great way to keep her excited over some childhood-friendly entertainment while also making sure you get to spend some quality time together.


5. Take her on a girls' night out in Las Vegas

One of the more planned out ideas in our list is to take her to some of the best casinos and resorts in Las Vegas. Buy her a nice dress and take her out for some spectacular drinks and watch some superb performances from Vegas residents like Adele and Cirque du Soleil; we’re sure she’s one to feel like a special gal after all the spoiling.

6. Create a signature scent with your mom

A thoughtful and memorable gift for Mother's Day could be attending a fragrance-making workshop with your mom. If the two of you are enthusiasts of perfumes and scents, crafting a unique fragrance that captures the essence of your mom’s favorite scents and smells can be a delightful way to extend the joy of this special day. The best part of this experience is the ability to wear your bespoke scent, offering a beautiful reminder of your bond with every spritz.


7. Treat Mom to High Tea

Celebrate Mother's Day in style by inviting your mom to high tea—an ideal outing if she adores tea. High tea offers a fabulous opportunity to dress up, savor delicate finger sandwiches and pastries, and snap gorgeous Instagram photos with elegant china settings. More than the delightful treats and chic atmosphere, the true joy of this day comes from spending quality time together. What better way to make her feel special and cherished?


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8. Host a Mother's Day Movie Marathon & Quiz Night

A movie marathon is a wonderfully simple and budget-friendly way to celebrate Mother's Day. Compile a list of films that resonate with Mother's Day themes, ensuring there's something everyone in the family can enjoy. To add an extra layer of fun, consider organizing a quiz night based on the movies you watch—it’s a great way to engage everyone and enjoy some friendly competition.


You could even create cozy viewing spots with blankets and pillows and serve your mom's favorite snacks and drinks to keep everyone comfy and happy. It’s all about creating a relaxed atmosphere that celebrates your mom in the most personal way possible.


9. Create a Personalized Playlist for Mom

Crafting a personalized Spotify playlist is a sweet and simple gesture that will keep your mom smiling and singing along this Mother’s Day. It's the perfect soundtrack for her to enjoy not only on this special day but also while she goes about her daily tasks, accompanied by her favorite tunes.


Add songs that have meaningful lyrics, and tunes that evoke happy memories, or simply choose songs that you know she loves. You could even include a few tracks that remind her of her youth or songs from your shared experiences. This thoughtful gift keeps giving, offering a melody-filled backdrop to her everyday moments.

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10. Custom order a puzzle portrait of her and solve the puzzle together

Surprise your mom with a custom-made puzzle portrait for an interactive and heartfelt Mother's Day gift. Choose a cherished family photo or a beloved image of her, and have it transformed into a jigsaw puzzle. Solving the puzzle together not only provides a fun and engaging activity but also sparks conversations and shared memories as each piece comes together. This personalized puzzle can serve as a unique keepsake that your mom can frame and display once completed, reminding her of the special bond you share every time she sees it.


Happy Mother’s Day!

With these ten thoughtful and fun ideas, you're all set to make Mother's Day truly memorable. Whether it's relaxing, crafting, or exploring, each activity is designed to celebrate and cherish the wonderful women in our lives. Enjoy making new memories with the first lady of your life—here's to a day as special as she is!

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