Odds to Win: Can the Kansas City Chiefs Repeat as Champions?

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📖 Published on: February 9th, 2024

✍️ Updated: February 23rd, 2024

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The Kansas City Chiefs are going to the Super Bowl LVIII to defend their title against the San Francisco 49ers. But can the team come up with back-to-back Super Bowl victories and cement their place in football history?


Much has been said about the poor form of the Kansas City Chiefs. When the postseason came firing, a lot of people asked, “Are the Chiefs going to the Super Bowl?” Yes, and they are coming in with a strong momentum now more than ever!


Background: How the Chiefs Made it to the Super Bowl?


The Chiefs didn’t have a stellar campaign as they did in the previous season. There were even a lot of Chiefs trade rumors in the closing months of 2023 as their form waned with tough losses against lowly teams in the league.


To wrap up the 2023-24 season, the Chiefs finished with an 11-6 record. At the time, the Chiefs’ Super Bowl odds were quite unstable as the team ended up having the same record as the Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, and the Cleveland Browns. That says a lot about how Kansas City has to beat the odds to get back into the Super Bowl, and they did not fail to impress so far. The Chiefs’ Playoffs began with a strong wild card victory against the Dolphins at 26-7, showing that they are a different beast in the postseason.


The Bills managed to put up a fight against the Chiefs in their Divisional Championship showdown. But the Chiefs managed to edge them in the fourth quarter to close the game at 27-24, thanks to a late touchdown that sealed the game for good. The biggest challenge in the Chiefs’ playoff games came against the Baltimore Ravens, who managed to secure the AFC’s best record at 13-4. On top of that, it was against Lamar Jackson and the gritty Ravens squad – who had some beef with the Chiefs since the regular season.


Still, the defending champions proved their worth on the big stage. There is enough reason why the Kansas City Super Bowl appearances have reached six in total. Heroics from Travis Kelce and timely consistency from Patrick Mahomes saved the day to help the Chiefs win 17-10 in the AFC Championship.


Who Will Kansas City Play in the Playoffs?


As the playoff stage wraps up in the Super Bowl, the Chiefs now have one big task ahead of them. They are set to face an old rival in the San Francisco 49ers – who are coming in as one of the biggest teams ever to make it back to the Super Bowl stage. The 49ers are a squad full of star talent, and there is a lot of reason to expect them to complete the revenge tour against the Chiefs now more than ever. It would also be a cherry on top to end the long run of Kansas City Chiefs’ NFL championships on the biggest stage.


The Chiefs and Niners share a bit of history in the Super Bowl. Kansas City defeated San Francisco back in 2019 to claim their first championship rings in Super Bowl LIV.


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With almost the same core and coaching staff intact, one can say that the Niners are back for blood with revenge at hand.


Who Is Favored to Win the Chiefs’ Game?


While Kansas City is set to defend its title in the Super Bowl, the odds on the Chiefs’ game are on the other side as the Niners are favorites to win. This means that the Chiefs will play as the underdog for the upcoming game and will have to fight hard to win big. So far, the stats do not lie. The Chiefs have been quite inconsistent in their past few games, and even analysts claim that they just got lucky enough to make it to the Super Bowl with Mahomes playing underwhelming football.


Timely performances from their core have willed the Chiefs to a Super Bowl berth. On top of that, Mahomes is playing it smart by avoiding sacks – making sure he can gain yards before passing off the ball. On top of that, Kelce is playing inspired football this season. Most of those are coming from having Taylor Swift on the stands, but he is figuring out where to plant himself for a touchdown which has helped the Chiefs figure out their struggles so far.


How the Chiefs Can Win the Super Bowl?


While they are going as underdogs in the Super Bowl, it seems that the Kansas City Chiefs’ playoff history offers a great insight toward their chances of winning on the biggest stage of football. The Chiefs have an all-time record of 8-7 against the 49ers, but the last three games ended up in a win for them, which says a lot about the way that the big game is going to turn out, and it would be fun to see how well they will put up a fight against the 49ers.


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It would take a lot of defensive performances to stop the 49ers in their tracks. On top of that, Mahomes will have to step up his game if he wants to deliver a title to Kansas City one more time. The Chiefs will need to put up some impressive strings of defensive stops down the stretch to close out the game in their favor. Locking up the 49ers in their tracks means putting up defensive lines, and even a pick 6 is possible if they shore up their defense. The Chiefs are ranked first in points allowed this season, which says a lot about their lines and how it would be possible for them to wrap it up with a bang.


Will the Chiefs Cover the Spread?


Kansas City is expected to cover the spread by just a few points. It cannot be denied that they have a lot of experience on the big stage. They did manage to beat the spread back in their AFC Championship game when they delivered against the Ravens. So what happens if the Chiefs win today? Beating the spread is one big feat, but what makes it more promising is that their third overall Super Bowl title will make them one of the best teams in the league to ever achieve that feat with the same core.


The team is expected to pull off massive performances down the stretch, but it will take a superhuman effort for them to defy the odds and come up with a massive victory against one of the top teams in the NFL – albeit a stacked one that has what it takes to win as well.


What to Expect in the Super Bowl?


The Super Bowl is the ultimate stage of the NFL, and it is safe to say that the intensity will match no other game in the season. This is why fans should expect nothing less in the game as the two teams are expected to go all out and bring what they can to the big stage. Of course, the Super Bowl will work like any other game for the two teams. The only difference is that the stakes are higher, and it would mean more aggressiveness between the two playing teams and it will definitely affect how the pace will be from start to finish.


Get started in betting on the Super Bowl and see if the Kansas City Chiefs can make history once more and deliver a fantastic finish to their campaign. Or will the San Francisco 49ers end the Super Bowl on a high note? Make the most of your NFL betting experience today!


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