How the EPL is Brewing a Three-Way Rivalry This Season

How the EPL is Brewing a Three-Way Rivalry This Season image

📖 Published on: April 19th, 2024

✍️ Updated: April 22nd, 2024

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The English Premier League is coming close to the finish line with five more matchdays left to play in the season. It does seem that we are coming in for a promising battle between some of the best teams in the competition, and it cannot be denied that the top three teams are also showing a lot of promise of an intense battle brewing all the way to the final day of the season.


The Story of a Three-Way Rivalry


For the first time in a long while, the English Premier League has seen another three-horse title race in years. This campaign is shaping up to be a promising thriller, a spectacle for everyone to see, but something about this year’s rivalries is making it special – a promising story that will unfold in the closing days of the EPL campaign. This is why it is more fun to watch – bringing back the classic feeling of highly competitive title races that the league has seen over the decades.

Manchester United has won the most three-way ties in the EPL image


We have seen different teams battle it out in a three-way showdown over the years. The 1992-93 campaign saw Manchester United, Aston Villa, and Norwich City battle it out in a close race, before the Red Devils eclipsed everyone and won the league by 10 points. United also did the same thing in their 1998-99 run when they edged Arsenal and Chelsea. Arsenal earned a title win in the 2001-02 season after defeating Liverpool and Manchester United – with Newcastle also in the mix but far from the actual finish. Perhaps the tightest win in a long while was Manchester United’s title win in the 2007-08 run, where they defeated Chelsea and Arsenal with two and four-point deficits, respectively.


Steven Gerrard slipped in a Liverpool game that decided the title winner image

In the 2010s, there’s only one instance of a three-way rivalry or more. The 2013-14 campaign saw Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City, and Liverpool square off on the big stage. City emerged as the champion for this season, with Liverpool losing the title with Steven Gerrard’s infamous slip that was a decisive finish in the title race. Everyone was left frustrated at that time because Liverpool had the makings of a football dynasty - much like Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga. Since then, the EPL has seen no three-way battles at the top of the league, with most clubs battling one on one for the title or even a lone team jumping out to the top – until this season began.


The 2023-24 season nearly featured a six-way tie at the top of the league. However, as the months went by, the contenders started to falter, while other teams managed to claw their way back in the upper echelon of the EPL. When April came, the standings already saw Arsenal, Liverpool, and Manchester City battling for dominance in the league, and now we are heading for a fantastic finish for the first time in 10 years.


What Next for the Top Three Teams?


With the EPL set to come up with a promising finish in the title race, we have to expect bigger battles down the stretch. There’s no denying that all of these teams will be giving their all with the hopes of showing that they have what it takes to win, and this is why we have to hope for some fiery games ahead.


So what’s next for the top three teams in the EPL with just a few months of action left to play?


Manchester City (1st with 73 points, 22-7-3 record)


Manchester City image


Manchester City is slated to play a total of six more games in the season, which means they are slated to score at least 18 more points to prove their case in the league. This is quite the schedule considering that they are set to face Brighton, Nottingham Forest, and the Wolverhampton Wanderers for their next three games – which are all easy wins for the club at this point, however, the next three games will prove to be a crucial stretch for City, considering that they will be battling against Fulham, Tottenham, and West Ham. For City to win, they will need to come up with a promising rally to win all of their games, or for the other two rivals to fumble their chances.


Arsenal (2nd with 71 points, 22-5-5 record)


The only thing that will keep Arsenal from winning their first EPL title since 2004 is themselves. The Gunners have a lighter schedule compared to Liverpool, but equal with Manchester City in terms of difficulty. The Gunners will have to play the Wolves, Chelsea, and Tottenham for half of their final six games. However, this will be a crucial stretch for them as they are still bound to play Bournemouth, Manchester United, and Everton for the final three games, which should be a great chance for them to close out and control their fate in the closing games of the season – eventually locking up a title at the end of the day.

Arsenal FC image


Liverpool (3rd with 71 points, 21-8-3 record)


Liverpool FC image

Liverpool has definitely turned up its volume in playing their games in the past few months. No one can deny that the team has proved its worth among the contenders for this season, and their schedule is the toughest among the top three teams in the competition, with four of their last six games coming up against clubs in the top 10, which makes it a bigger problem for them. They will face Fulham, Everton, then West Ham, Tottenham, and Aston Villa in their final five. For the season finale, however, the Reds will get to face the Wolverhampton Wanderers, which should help them come up with a decisive victory should they ever need to win big in the final game of the campaign.


Who Will Win in the EPL’s 2023-24 Season?


The 2023-24 season of the EPL is going to be a fun finish now more than ever, and this is why you should definitely expect fantastic games down the stretch and come up with more drama as the season winds down to its final six games. So far, Manchester City is a top pick to win the title, with Arsenal following suit for their chances of winning, with just a few wins from being able to come up with a promising title. Liverpool, however, is also a top pick to steal for the league title, and this is why you should really expect this race to go down to the final game of the season.


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