Soccer Sponsorship: How Betting Sites Capitalized on EPL Kit Sponsorship

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📖 Published on: March 25th, 2024

✍️ Updated: March 25th, 2024

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It is no secret that many betting companies have invaded the football industry – primarily the English Premier League – to increase their visibility among many bettors not just in the United Kingdom, but all over the world. This has been seen in many different kit sponsorships and even betting partnerships over the years, which has led to the rise of gambling sites in the sport.


How Betting Companies Entered the EPL Scene


Newcastle United and it's kit sponsor, Fun88 image

There have been a lot of betting companies that have found its way into the EPL scene, with many of these companies putting up impressive efforts to make sure that they get the best exposure in the big games that these clubs play in from time to time. Considering the fact that the EPL has one of the largest betting markets worldwide, it was a no-brainer that they needed to make a move and enter the EPL with an impressive presence that would help them gain more sign-ups and bettors in the long run.

The first club in the Premier League to ever carry a betting company as its main kit sponsor was Fulham in the 2002-03 season, which was a partnership with BetFair.


While that only lasted for a single season, Fulham would go on to carry sponsorships with various betting companies, platforms and casinos over the years. This includes the likes of Marathonbet, Grosvenor Casinos, BetVictor, W88, and currently, SBOBET. This just goes to show the relevance of betting companies as they tried to make their way in the Premier League from time to time.


Notable Clubs with Kit Sponsorship from Betting Companies


There have been a lot of clubs in the EPL which have managed to incorporate gambling companies and platforms as their kit sponsors. Over the years, some deals have expired and have been replaced by new sponsors – such is the case with Fulham, which is an active EPL team. For this list, we are only going to take note of the sponsors that have been there for more than a year with the partner club they have a deal with.


Here are some of the most notable clubs in the EPL that have engaged a deal with over the years:


Southampton FC -


Since the 2020-21 season, Southampton FC has had a standing deal with as its kit sponsor. Back then, was also the kit sponsor for Watford FC during its run in the Premier League, and the subsequent campaign in the Championship. So far, Southampton’s deal with has survived over the years and is one of the longest-standing deals between an EPL club and a gambling company. While the team is now playing in the Championship, they are within a shot at the promotion, which means a pending return to the top-flight next season.

Southampton FC's kit sponsor, image


West Ham United FC - Betway


West Ham United's kit sponsor, Betway image


West Ham United FC’s main kit sponsor is Betway, which has been a principal partner of the club since 2015. As of the time of writing, the contract still has three years left to go and is likely to be renewed moving forward. Betway has also helped West Ham innovate its jersey design over the years and has been a major partner for the EPL club. For those who don’t know, the Hammers are one of the long-standing teams in the EPL that has a gambling company for a kit sponsor, and this just goes to show how impressive their relationship has been over the years.


Aston Villa - BK8


Aston Villa's kit sponsor, BK8 image


Perhaps the most recent deals among all the current football kits in the EPL, Aston Villa’s partnership with BK8 is more open as it is labeled as principal partner by the club. This three-year deal stretches all the way to the 2025-26 season in the EPL, and what makes this so interesting is that it is also committed to helping in charity through the club’s third kit that was revealed this summer. Per kit sold of that third version of the club’s uniform, BK8 will make a contribution to a local charity in Birmingham. The deal also includes multiple advertising opportunities in the Villa Park with the goal of raising funds for charity.


What Makes Betting Crucial to the Football Industry?


How crucial betting is to the football industry image

Both the betting companies who launched themselves alongside EPL clubs over the years and the clubs themselves benefitted from the said deals. For starters, the gambling companies earned an increased exposure to the public thanks to the sponsorships. It’s not only the players who wear the kits and get broadcasted online. Remember, these kits are also sold to the fans of the club, therefore each fan that wears the said uniform is another boost to the publicity of the team and the betting site itself. On top of that, clubs who chose to accept gambling companies as their sponsor usually become a popular pick among many bettors online.


You can always see the “official betting partner” ad for the said betting site and the club that they chose to partner with. Increased exposure and bigger fan following has allowed both sides to thrive in their respective atmospheres, which is why there is more to expect in the continuous growth of gambling sites and club partnerships.


The Future of Betting Sponsors in EPL Club Kits


However, it does seem that the betting sponsorships between EPL clubs and gambling companies are about to come to an end. We have seen the rise of campaigns in the United Kingdom that is forcing clubs to remove all betting sites as their front-shirt sponsor by the 2025-26 season, and while there’s no official resolution, it does seem that the clubs are forced to oblige to the said plans if they are going to keep their status as a top-flight club. This says a lot about the shaky relationship between betting and football over the years, and how will it change when that season comes.


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