Rome Domination: How Alexander Zverev Claimed the Italian Open Win

Rome Domination: How Alexander Zverev Claimed the Italian Open Win image

📖 Published on: May 20th, 2024

✍️ Updated: May 21st, 2024

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When no one else expected him to show up with his best on the big stage, Alexander Zverev proved that he could come up with some of the most impressive tennis runs in this season. But how did Alexander Zverev turned up the game and flipped the switch en route to a single-set loss rally in one of the biggest tournaments in the ATP Tour season in the Italian Open.


What Does the Italian Open Mean for Zverev?


Zverev has loved the way he played his game in the Italian Open, cruising over one opponent after another, making the most of his massive game and delivering a promising performance on the big stage. This has been the biggest win that the German star has managed to claim ever since he got injured in the 2022 French Open, and now he has gained a massive momentum heading into this year’s edition of the Roland-Garros, and the first Masters 1000 win since the 2021 Cincinnati Open – the same year he lifted the ATP Finals trophy as well.


Zverev returns a volley image


"Obviously winning my first ever Masters here in Rome and winning my first after my injury also in Rome, so Rome is a very special place for me," Zverev said. "It is a very, very special week."


Zverev won big in the Italian Open image

Moving on from that ankle injury two years ago, Zverev has definitely regained his pace in the game with a promising streak of strong performances in the past few months. The German star is now slated to climb to the 4th spot in the ATP Rankings. This has been one of the most impressive stretches for the 22-time tour-level champion, especially after showing his elite form in rallying with massive swings and fiery games from start to finish. Zverev’s depth and consistent game have proven to be one of the biggest factors in his success. Now he has regained his momentum and is ready to make bigger waves in the campaign.


How Did Zverev Rallied to Win in Rome


Zverev may have just pulled off one of the biggest campaigns in his career, which just says a lot about how he has managed to put up a massive rally in the current ATP Tour, joining Jannik Sinner and Carlos Alcaraz as some of the biggest winners of the season, and this says a lot about how he has managed to shock the fans and critics with his impressive game. But how did Zverev came with an astonishing performance that saw him emerge with the best campaign of his career yet?


After winning against Aleksandar Vukic (R64), Luciano Darderi (R32), and Nuno Borges (R16), Zverev did a great job of making his way to the top against some of the elite players in the game, making one big play after another to win big in the games he played. Here are some of the biggest highlights in Zverev’s Italian Open rally this ATP Tour.


Serving Galore: Quarterfinal vs Taylor Fritz


Taylor Fritz was expected to be a massive challenge for Zverev given the fact that the American star has been putting up some impressive strides in the past few months with deep tournament runs and strong performances in that span. Still, Zverev came ready in the showdown with a promising service game, winning six aces and a strong run on the break points, which certainly delivered the win for the German star. Zverev went on to close this game without much hassle at all, beating Fritz in a 6-4 and 6-3 affair and closing out a massive victory that fans didn’t even expect.

Zverev defeated Fritz in straight sets image


Surprise Challenge: Semis vs Alejandro Tabilo


Tabilo caught Zverev off-guard and nearly stole a series win image

While Zverev has been really successful for the early phases of the Italian Open, the real challenge came from an unlikely player in Alejandro Tabilo. The Chilean has managed to put up a fight in this game as he managed to steal the first set right off the bat, shocking Zverev and forcing him to make adjustments throughout the game. However, Zverev managed to claw back from a late deficit in the second set to win it in a total of 10 point-breaks in the game between the two players before finally managing to beat out Tabilo in the final two sets, with a triumphant comeback.


Battle at the Top: Final vs Nicolas Jarry


The final against Jarry was something to remember considering how the Chilean star made it a close game to begin with. Still, Zverev plowed through the game with his impressive volleys and service game, cruising with a 6-4, 7-5 victory to win the Italian Open for the second time in his career. The match took 1 hour and 41 minutes to complete, mainly due to Jarry’s strong hits in the early game before Zverev finally took over and flipped the script in the game with his strong response, finally knocking off Jarry in the crucial moments to close out a promising victory that will define his success in the coming weeks.

Nicolas Jarry put up a fight in the final set but came up short image


What’s Next for Alexander Zverev?


Zverev is definitely focus on what the Roland Garros has to offer for him, where there has been a lot of tough finishes for him. The 2022 edition saw him end up with an injury, which led Nadal to secure a default – giving him the ticket he needed to win in the last of his 22 Grand Slams. Still, Zverev is now entering the French Open 2024 with hopes of securing a massive finish that will give him a shot at claiming a big win on the big stage.


Zverev now prepares for the French Open image


The French Open is one of the biggest wins that Zverev can claim to improve his case in the ATP Tour, and this just says a lot about how the star can come up with a promising finish in the season – and maybe even anchor a massive climb to the top of the ATP Tour rankings now more than ever.


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