Clash of the Giants: Four Group Contenders to Bet on in the ESL Pro League Season 19

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📖 Published on: April 19th, 2024

✍️ Updated: April 22nd, 2024

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The ESL Pro League Season 19 is about to take flight once more, and it seems that we are coming in for a much more promising campaign with a lot of teams coming in hot and trying to find their way to the top of the league. Find out which teams are more likely to emerge as a promising squad that will give them the best shot at the IEM Cologne 2024.


In this tournament preview, we will detail all the formats, specifics of each round, and other relevant details when it comes to the ESL Pro League Season 19. Learn what is at stake on the big stage of this Masters and make sure to bet on the best team that you think has a big shot at winning!


What to Expect in the ESL Pro League Season 19


The ESL Pro LEague Season 19 is slated to begin this April 23rd, with 32 participating teams battling all the way to the final, until the last team standing has taken everything for glory and honor in the competition. The tournament will wrap up on May 12th, where a supposed champion will be named by the end of the campaign. A prize pool of $750,000 will be up for grabs, with the champion earning a lion’s share of $170,000, including 2,000 BLAST Premier Points and a straight slot for the IEM Cologne 2024.


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On top of that the competition will have two phases as with any other CS2 Tournament. The Group Stage will feature four triple-elimination format groups, with each group having eight teams playing in a best-of-three series. The top four teams from each group will move on and earn their shot to the Playoffs, in which group stage winners will advance to a straight shot in the quarterfinals. Meanwhile, runners-up will advance to the Round of 12 as high seeds along with the 3rd place teams in the Round of 16. However, the 4th place teams will end up advancing to the Round of 16, but will be set as the low seeds.


For the playoffs, however, teams will be playing in a single-elimination bracket, with all matches played in a best-of-three series. The Grand Final, however, will be played in a best-of-five series to determine the winner, which is why it will be the biggest stage of the game that fans will have to look out for as teams try to battle their way to the top.


Who Are the Top Four Teams That Have the Best Chance of Winning?


There are a lot of promising teams participating in the competition, and it cannot be denied that there can only be a few teams that will go down as the contender to end the tournament, and one champion at the very least. This is why fans can expect a promising set of battles from the toughest teams to beat in the competition.


But which teams are more likely to advance and make a deep run in the group stages all the way to the final?


Group A: FaZe Clan


FaZe Clan image

Among teams in Group A, FaZe Clan is the team that is more likely to come up with a promising campaign in the ESL Pro League Season 19, and no one can deny the fact that they are going as one of the heavy hitters in the game. For what it’s worth, the team has managed to blow their way over to the IEM Masters Chengdu, proving that they have what it takes to deliver a promising championship, especially after losing to Natus Vincere in the PSL Major Copenhagen 2024. Now this is their chance to dominate and prove their place in the CS2 scene as a contender that will take over the game for good.


Group B: G2 Esports


G2 Esports virtually has no rival waiting for them in Group B, and one can say that they would likely have the easiest path to qualifying for the playoffs. They are known well for their high competitive level in the game, always putting up promising performances on the big stage and even delivering a strong game against the contenders in CS2 over the years, and they are translating it well with the transition of the new game so far. All signs point towards a massive finish for G2, possibly a finals berth at that. However, they will need to outwit all of the big contenders in the playoffs if they want to win big.

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Group C: MOUZ


MOUZ image

Losing to FaZe Clan in the final of the IEM Chengdu 2024, it seemed that they really needed a big stage to get back on track with their winning pace. So far, they do have a few contenders to deal with in the Group Stages, such as Team Liquid and FORZE Esports, which, luckily for the team, will have to battle each other before MOUZ will get to meet one of them in the upper bracket final of Group C. This is why the odds are highly favoring MOUZ to come out on top of the group, and it cannot be denied that the team is ready to dominate and take on the big stage for a promising finish.


Group D: Natus Vincere


If we are going to talk about the big contenders, then it is impossible to have a list that doesn’t include Natus Vincere. The winners of the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 has proven to be a promising team to look out for over the past few weeks, and it is not a surprise that the team is a favorite to look out for, especially with the way they have been thriving behind the success of NiKo and the way they are rolling into the toughest competitions over the past few months. Still, NaVi is likely to make a deep push in Group D, with the likes of HEROIC and Ninjas in Pyjamas as the only hurdles in their way – and these two teams will face in the upper bracket quarterfinals.This is why there are higher expectations for NaVi to continue their winning trend and raise the bar in the ESL Pro League Season 19.

Natus Vincere image


Place Your Wagers in the ESL Pro League Season 19


The ESL Pro League Season 19 is set to flare up the fiery rivalries in CS2 and bring the game to the next level with promising games between the best teams and players in the world. Make sure that you don’t miss the chance to watch the promising matchups and blazing showdowns on the big stage, and get the best chance to win wagers from the massive games!


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