Five Scenarios to Expect from the ESL One Birmingham 2024

Five Scenarios to Expect from the ESL One Birmingham 2024 image

📖 Published on: April 19th, 2024

✍️ Updated: April 19th, 2024

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We all know how Dota 2 games can be exciting, especially when it is played between some of the best players in the world, and no one can deny that the hype for ESL One Birmingham is building at a rapid pace with fans already making some predictions of their own while setting expectations in the coming games as the competition closely begins to shape up.


GambleSpot provides you with an insight in the coming ESL One Birmingham. In this article, we will discuss the different possible scenarios that you can expect to take place in the competition amidst all the playing teams and star players that are expected to make a splash in the games ahead.


What to Expect in ESL One Birmingham 2024?


A total of 12 teams is expected to come into play in the ESL One Birmingham, with four teams earning their berth from the EPT Leaderboard, and the other eight squads earning their spot in the tournament via regional qualifiers. This will begin in April 22nd with the group stages being played in two single round-robin groups of six teams each. All series will have two games, with the top two teams from each group advancing to the upper bracket, while the third and fourth place teams will be given a spot in the lower bracket.


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The Playoffs will commence in April 26th, with the matches set in a double-elimination bracket, and all matches set in a best-of-three game series. The Grand Final, however, will be set for a best-of-five campaign between the final two teams who will make it to the big stage. The prize pool is set at $1,000,000, with 26,640 EPT points spread throughout the rewards for the successful teams in the competition.


Big Storylines to Look Out For in the Tournament


The ESL One Birmingham is slated to be one of the biggest tournaments that will rock the Dota 2 stage. And this is why there are many interesting scenarios that will possibly take place on the big stage, and these are promising storylines between teams that you would not want to miss now more then ever.


Here’s what you should expect to see in the ESL One Birmingham 2024:


Team Spirit to Deliver a Promising Victory


Team Spirit image

Team Spirit has been one of the most promising teams in Season 2 of the ESL Pro Tour, and so far, they have managed to amass huge victories whenever they play against some of the daring teams in the league. For starters, they have been a fiery squad to look out for, and there’s no denying that the team will be able to continue building on a rapid pace that will give them a chance to even qualify for the Riyadh Masters 2024. Spirit is expected to come up with a strong run in this tournament, and there’s no denying that they have the perfect chance to even set a promising rally in the competition now more than ever.


BetBoom Team to Continue Historic Season


We have seen BetBoom make a huge climb in their games for the ESL Pro Tour so far, with the team leading everyone else with 8,030 points as of the time of writing. This puts them in perfect position to deliver some of the best performances they have in a tournament where they are bound to gain more EPT points. This is why the expectation is set for BetBoom to stay on track in their promising campaign and keep a huge run for the ESL One. Who knows, maybe this will be the turning point that will guarantee the team a chance to play at The International, raising their banner and proving that they are the new kings in Dota 2 that everyone has to bow down to.

BetBoom Team image


A Resurgence Run by Team Liquid


Team Liquid image

Everyone has been frustrated with the way Team Liquid has played in the past few months. Their biggest win in a long while has been at the ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023, which just says a lot about the rough pace they have been seeing so far in the game. However, no one should ever count out the promising squad led by 33, even though their games in the Elite League have seen them on a slump with lots of tough losses. This will be the comeback chance for Liquid to make the most of, and one can say that this tournament will mark a “now-or-never” phase for the team’s chances of emerging back to the big stage.


Team Falcons to Settle a Score with Xtreme Gaming


Team Falcons vs Xtreme Gaming image


If we are talking about one of the biggest favorites in the game, Team Falcons are known well for being an unpredictable contender. Their most recent loss to Xtreme Gaming in the championship stage of the Elite League has proven to be a spark of rivalry, and this story is expected to continue when the big stage for the ESL One Birmingham takes place. Team Falcons will have to fight for their chance at fighting against one of the best teams in Dota 2, and this may probably end up being the climactic storyline that you can look out for when they battle in the Grand Final at the very least.


Gaimin Gladiators to Make a Deep Run


The Gaimin Gladiators are keen to make their way to the top of the ESL Pro Tour, and no one can deny the fact that they will be making their way towards the top of the competition. This tournament will be the big chance that the Gladiators can utilize to ensure that they will get the best shot at moving up the points. The winner will get 6,400 EPT points, and this should be enough to put Gaimin Gladiators close to the first place with the hopes of locking up their rank in the ESL Pro Tour. It has been a roller coaster ride in the competition, and it cannot be denied that the Gladiators will have their best chance of scoring a massive finish by beating all of their rivals in this tourney.

Gaimin Gladiators image


Bet on the ESL One Birmingham 2024 and Win Big Rewards!


The stage is set, and the ESL One Birmingham is ready to rock and roll with the best teams coming to play. You can be sure that this will be a fun-filled week of Dota 2 action to look out for. What better way to make it more promising than to place your wagers on the favorite teams to win or a promising underdog to steal a victory on the big stage of the ESL One Birmingham?


Lucky for you, GambleSpot is always updated on the biggest Dota 2 matters and the rest of the sports world. Make sure to visit our site to see the latest news, blogs, betting guides, game analyses, tournament previews, and many other sports-related content that you can use to make informed bets in the coming sporting events for a bigger chance to win!

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