Clay Showdown: Five Favorites You Should Bet on in the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters

Five Favorites You Should Bet on in the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters image

📖 Published on: April 5th, 2024

✍️ Updated: April 10th, 2024

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The ATP Monte-Carlo Tournament is fast approaching, and it does seem that there are many interesting storylines that are set to unfold with new impressive games coming up featuring some of the best competitors in the Tour. But who will get to emerge at the top of the Masters 1000 event after another set of competitive and intense matches coming down your way?


Why the Monte-Carlo Masters is a Crucial Tournament in Tennis


The Monte-Carlo Masters is the annual tournament held at the Monte Carlo Country Club, and is played in clay courts. This event was founded in 1986 as the Monte-Carlo International, evolving into a combined men’s and women’s tournament before 1982 saw the women’s side cease. Over the years, the Monte-Carlo Masters have evolved into a promising tournament that is loved by the masses, especially when it became popular among many stars in tennis.


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Rafael Nadal holds the record for most title wins in the Monte-Carlo Masters, winning the competition for a record total of eleven. That has made the case for him as one of the biggest players when it comes to the best players in the clay surface. No other player has ever managed to win more than five except Nadal, which just says a lot about how competitive this tournament is, especially with the tough and challenging environment that is proven and tested over the years.


In the Know: Tournament Details to Keep in Mind


Who would not want to miss the breeze and the scorching heat in Monaco? This tournament is played in clay, which is considered to be one of the biggest and toughest surfaces in the game. On top of that, no one can deny the fact that the ATP Tour has often featured clay events on a tougher note, with a lot of massive competitions highlighted from time to time. With clay season finally on the rise, it does seem that there are a lot of promising matches that you would not want to miss in this contest.


On top of that, the prize money for today’s edition is set at €6,410,670, which just means bigger stakes and more fiery matches to look out for. Not to mention the number of points up for grabs for those who will get a chance to come up with a promising victory by the end of the campaign. That’s just another thing that would spice up the competition as our top stars take on the tournament.


Five Favorites Who Could Win the 2024 Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters


There are many players who are gunning for a shot at scoring a Masters 1000 victory to add to their feats this season. This just means that there are multiple stars who are going to make a dash to the top of the competition. Of course, the odds usually favor the former stars who have won the tournament or have gone far in the previous addition, and the fiery players who have made big strides this season.


So, let us dive deep into the big names who are slated to get a big shot at the Monte-Carlo Masters.


Andrey Rublev


Andrey Rublev image

Andrey Rublev is the heavy favorite to win in the Monte-Carlo Masters this year. He was able to come up with an impressive feat in 2023, showing that he can come up with massive victories whenever he’s locked in so far. This season has seen him make some climbs in various tournaments in the Tour, but none of them has given him a championship finish, which builds up to his case this time around. The Russian star lost to Tomad Machac in the Round of 64 of the Miami Open, which has set him back in terms of climbing points, and this is a win that he needs to build on.


Stefanos Tsitsipas


There are a lot of talks as to how Stefanos Tsitsipas has been slowly in decline this season with the way he is playing right now. The world no. 12 is a -80 in the recent standings, only amassing a total of 3,175 points, which just shows how much effort he needs to put in if he is going to make a massive climb in the competition. The Monte-Carlo Masters will be a big chance for him to come up with a push in the ATP Rankings, conjuring a comeback season for him after failing to crack into the top 10 last year.

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Holger Rune


Holger Rune image

Holger Rune has seen some impressive stretches this season so far, coming up with a promising campaign with multiple tournaments that ended in deep pushes – even if he didn’t win any of them. This impressive climb has led him to earn massive points down the stretch, allowing him to climb to the eighth spot so far in the campaign. As the runner-up in the previous edition of the Monte-Carlo Masters, Rune is also a top pick to win in the competition, especially with the pace he is riding right now.


Carlos Alcaraz


Carlos Alcaraz has enjoyed a promising push in the early games of the season. Although his short campaign in the Miami Open left him falling by 160 points in the Rankings, now sitting in the third spot. His win in the first leg of the Sunshine Double – the Indian Wells – has allowed him to build some pace heading into the clay season, a surface where Alcaraz has been dominant much like his Spanish idol Rafael Nadal. This just means that he is keen to step up his game and deliver a huge campaign that would help him regain his footing.

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Jannik Sinner


Jannik Sinner image

The reigning Australian Open winner also went on to steal a promising victory in the final leg of the Sunshine Double. Jannik Sinner’s win at the Miami Open has allowed him to ascend into the second spot of the ATP Rankings. The Italian star is on the verge of breaking into the 9,000-point mark, which just means that there is more to expect from Sinner’s campaign as he is bound to make a climb and stay on his hot pursuit in the standings. After all, he is already 22-1 in his match record this year, which makes his promising climb fun to watch at this point.


Bet on the Monte-Carlo Masters Today!


Now that you have a profound idea about the Monte-Carlo Masters and the favorites to win, you should have a fair chance of winning in your wagers. Thanks to our tournament preview and detailed discussions about the favorites to win, there’s a great shot that you can win handsome rewards when you wager on the first clay tournament of the season!


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