The Stanley Cup Final: Edmonton Oilers vs Florida Panthers Series Prediction

The Stanley Cup Final: Edmonton Oilers vs Florida Panthers Series Prediction image

📖 Published on: June 6th, 2024

✍️ Updated: June 11th, 2024

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For the first time in the history of the league, the Edmonton Oilers and the Florida Panthers will be squaring off on the big stage of the Stanley Cup Final, hopefully bringing the playoff chase to a close with a massive showdown between the two best teams in each conferences. As both squads now seek to write history in the game, it is high time to spot which team has the best chance to come up with a promising victory by the end of the Stanley Cup Final.


The Stanley Cup Final Stage is Set!


As the NHL season goes down to a race to four wins to wrap up the campaign, it seems that there is going to be a promising battle between the best of them all as the Stanley Cup Final features two teams with different stories in the league. The Edmonton Oilers have finally clinched an appearance in the Stanley Cup Final for the first time since the 2006 season, and are aiming to punch its first title victory since the 1990 edition. On the other hand, the Florida Panthers seek to make history by winning its first Stanley Cup Final ever. The team had a chance back in the 1996 edition (lost to the Colorado Avalanche), and the previous season, where they fell to the Vegas Golden Knights.


Expect intense action in the Stanley Cup Final image


The Florida Panthers are slated to have the home-ice advantage in this series after finishing as the 1st seed in the Atlantic Division with a 52-24-6 record. Edmonton comes in as the second seed from the Pacific Division with a 49-27-6 record. Taking a look at the head-to-head stats in the 2024 season, the Panthers edged the Oilers in both meetings, winning 5-3 at home and then pulling off a 5-1 rally on the road.


Expect intense action in the games image


However, it is worth noting that the Panthers have a long history of failing to come up with a massive success on the big stage, going 0-2 in the last two trips and losing dramatically in both attempts in the final. This is their chance to actually make the most of their hopes of bringing a promising victory in the Stanley Cup, hopefully win its first championship. Edmonton, on the other hand, has been a successful squad on the big stage, winning a total of five Stanley Cups in a storied era of success.


What to Expect from the Florida Panthers

Matthew Tkachuk image

The Florida Panthers carved its way to the Final with some interesting victories against the Tampa Bay Lightning (Round 1), Boston Bruins (Round 2), and defeated the best team in the Eastern Conference in the ECF in the New York Rangers. The Panthers will be expected to rely heavily on Matthew Tkachuk’s offense, which has been on point with five goals and 14 assists for 19 points in total. It is also quite promising to see Carter Verghaeghe and Alexander Barkov step up in the games, which should definitely help their case against a defensive-oriented squad from Edmonton.


Sam Reinhart will also have some stepping up to do in his games as he only has 12 points off eight goals and four assists in the playoffs so far. We are seeing some big expectations from Sergei Bobrovsky, who has been arguably the best goalie in the postseason with a 12-5 record and has gone with a 2.20 GAA and an efficient .908 save percentage. This will definitely play a huge role in the Panthers’ chances of winning against one of the top offenses in the NHL this season.


Defense will be the key for the Panthers if they are going to win the Final. There’s also more to expect from the wingers who will be crucial in directing all opposing traffic away from the goal itself if the Panthers are going to keep the Oilers’ offensive line from making easy strides to the top.


What to Expect from the Edmonton Oilers

The Oilers have certainly waged war in the West with the way they played their games. From breezing past the LA Kings in the first round, ousting the Vancouver Canucks in seven games, which definitely tested their mettle for the whole playoff run. Of course, the Oilers have also blown their way past against the Dallas Stars, who were nearly poised to come up with a massive trip to the Stanley Cup Final after tying the series at 2-2 before Edmonton regained the upper hand.


This postseason has shown how effective the Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl show can be for the team at this point. The past few years has definitely injected some tough frustrations into the team, but it seems that the star duo has found ways to integrate the rest of the squad into creating arguably the best offensive squad in the game. McDavid has been efficient with 31 points on five goals and massive 26 assists, while Draisaitl has channeled his balanced game of 10 goals and 18 assists. What makes this team so unpredictable is the fact that the supporting cast has been great for them. Evan Bouchard has stepped up well with six goals and 21 assists, while Zach Hyman has been a promising playoff riser with a league-leading 14 goals in the postseason.

The Oilers duo have proven to be lethal in their games image


It also cannot be denied that Stuart Skinner has found ways to stay on the top of the defensive side with an 11-5 record and a 2.49 GAA for .897 save percentage. It is worth noting that he has pulled off one shutout in those 17 games, which says a lot about how this team is geared for a big war.


Gamble Picks Prediction


Both teams are entering the Stanley Cup Final with a promising note, but it does seem that the Florida Panthers are heavy favorites to win big on the Final. But how well do both teams fare in the odds set by prominent betting sites ahead of the coming games?


FLORIDA PANTHERS -120 -120 -556 -400
EDMONTON OILERS +105 +150 +400 +300

*odds updated as of June 11, 2024


Gamble Picks Prediction: Panthers in Five


See a Champion Arise in the Stanley Cup Final


Since the 2020 and 2021 editions of the Stanley Cup Final, no team has ever managed to repeat as champions. This season is slated to feature yet another champion after the Golden Knights were eliminated in the first round. But on top of all that, it seems that there will be either a first franchise title for the Panthers in history, or a return of a familiar face at the top of the league with the Oilers seeking to establish its dominance in the NHL. It’s going down for real!


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