DreamLeague Season 22 Recap: How Team Falcons Delivered a Promising Victory

DreamLeague Season 22 Recap: How Team Falcons Delivered a Promising Victory image

📖 Published on: March 12th, 2024

✍️ Updated: March 14th, 2024

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Team Falcons came up with a massive surge to the top of the Dota 2 world with their victory at the DreamLeague season 22 was a storied climb that many fans did not expect. So far, it seemed that the Falcons are ready to take on the next challenge as they move on after a promising victory in the competition.


How Team Falcons Carved Their Path to the Championship?


Team Falcons emerged as the champion in the MENA Closed Qualifier for the DreamLeague Season 22. The team managed to plow their way over Nigma Galaxy in a 2-0 affair in the upper bracket semis before moving on to a battle with PSG Quest in the final to drop a 1-2 loss. The Falcons salvaged their chances by following it up with a win over Winter Bear in the lower bracket final to get back on top of the competition. That’s when the Falcons got the chance to battle their rivals that knocked them out of the upper bracket.


Team Falcons with DreamLeague trophy image


In the qualifying match, Team Falcons had a chance to settle a score with PSG Quest, and they came out hammering with an impressive swing in the first game, ending it up at 42 minutes to claim a 1-0 lead. Quest managed to put up a fight in the second game, lasting for more than an hour before the Falcons regained their composure and claimed the win. With a 2-0 lead, the Falcons grabbed the chance to seal the deal for good and complete the sweep, wrapping the third and final match in just 31 minutes.


Battling at the Top of the DreamLeague Season 22


At the end of the MENA Closed Qualifier, Team Falcons emerged with a promising shot to the top of the competition with that slot. They joined a total of 15 other teams in the competition, and it seemed that it was going to be one of the biggest battles in Dota 2 at the time, with leaders such as GG, Team Liquid, and Team Secret coming into the game with a fiery pace into their games. But then, no one expected to see Team Falcons pull off one of the biggest wins in their run this year.


Group Stages - A Lucky Stretch


Team Falcons were clearly shocked with the way they played in the competition. They went for two straight draws with BetBoom Team and G2.iG before finally claiming a win over the Gaimin Gladiators. After that, three straight draws were once again at hand for the team with 1-1 draws to OG, Virtus.pro, and Azure Ray. However, a win over HEROIC allowed the team to finish 2-5-0, wrapping up a second-place finish in Group A for the first part.


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The second group stage saw a vast improvement from the Falcons, going up with a 7-0 finish at the top of the group stages to ensure that they would get their ticket to the top of the competition. This just meant that the Falcons were suddenly favorites as Team Spirit, Xtreme Gaming, and BetBoom Team were the only teams left by the end of the group stages, paving the way for the Falcons to have the upper hand moving forward.


The Playoffs - Double Clash with BB


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Falcons dominated the DreamLeague this season with a much more promising presence in their games. In the upper bracket final, Team Falcons were shocked with an upset as BetBoom Team closed out a win in the first game in just 38 minutes. Team Falcons managed to bounce back in the game with a massive run in the second game to beat BetBoom in an hour, and then eclipsed the final game with a 33-minute victory to seal the deal in the upper bracket final at 2-1.

BetBoom would then come back for a chance to win the Grand Final against a waiting Team Falcons. However, Team Falcons would not be denied on the big stage.


They went for a long-lasting battle in the Grand Final, putting up impressive strides in their bid for an impressive clash. The first game wrapped up in 46 minutes in favor of the Falcons, but that was just the start. The following matches took even longer. The second match nearly wrapped up in an hour, with BetBoom putting up an amazing fight in that game. The latter tried to come up with a strong comeback, but the Falcons were not gonna let up in the game as they went on to pour a massive finish to close out the championship with a 3-0 victory.


A Win for the Ages for Team Falcons


This victory marked the biggest victory for Team Falcons in the season. On top of that, it is already the second major tournament success of the team this year, proving that they are still one of the biggest squads to look out for in the esports industry. The win also netted the Falcons a total of $300,000 prize money for their success, and a direct invite to The International 2024, which is slated to take place in Copenhagen this year.

This has been a landmark year so far for Team Falcons, and they are definitely doing a great job of putting up impressive wins one tournament after another.

Team Falcons victory in DreamLeague Season 22 image


No one can deny that Team Falcons are starting to look like the contenders that everyone have been looking for to start off this year, and it seems that they are going to see more of them in the months to come as they continue to build an impressive pace.


There are still plenty of tournaments coming in this year, and it does seem that Team Falcons will be heavy favorites to look out for as they aim to make a push with a strong rally heading into The International late in the year. Always stay tuned for the latest discussions, sports and esports stories with GambleSpot! We give you unrivaled sports and esports blogs, analyses, predictions, and many more! Make the most of your wagers with us today!


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