The Dos and Don'ts of Betting in an iLottery

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📖 Published on: April 4th, 2024

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A ‘one -one-in-a-million chance’- is what many people think when the word lottery is blurted out. While the traditional way of buying lottery tickets is as easy as scratch and go, the way the digital era has changed the way lottery betting works means a little more finesse, a little more security, and less second-guessing involved.


There are a bunch of unspoken rules when betting on the lotto or Keno, but not everyone is a novice and will keep this in mind. If you’re wondering ‘Can you buy lottery tickets online?’ read on to get a better idea of how to buy them online, what the dos and don’ts of online lottery betting are, and how to play lottery online- the right way.


Do: Opt for all numbers


Now, we’re not saying bet on all the numbers you lay your eyes on. But remember to maximize your odds by picking all numbers available on the ticket that fall in a reasonable and definite range. Try not to fall for repetition by betting on the same range of numbers you typically go for, instead, try including numbers that statistically have higher data ranges– this means doing a little more research.


Don’t: Go for consecutive numbers


If you have a keen eye for numbers, then look into the statistics from previous lottery draws. Find the numbers with interesting patterns, and you’ll likely realize that getting consecutive numbers in the same draw as winning picks is slim to none.


So, the lesson here? Avoid betting on consecutive numbers, numbers in the same group, or numbers that end with the same digit. Instead, cover a wide range of numbers in the pool to give yourself a bigger chance of winning. If you want, you can check out Richard Lustig’s lottery tricks to change up your picks in your next draw.


Do: Wait for the Jackpot to Stack Up


Make it a point to exercise patience when it comes to jackpot picks. If there aren't any big winners, the jackpots tend to rise each week. Again, this is where a bit of research is needed to find the perfect lottery for the type of jackpot you wish to hit. Keep an eye out for the starting amount and the level it’s at when won, then make comparisons on the current jackpot and explore how close your odds are with your typical pool of numbers. Let’s say someone won the jackpot a few weeks ago - the smart move is to wait a couple of weeks before purchasing lottery tickets again. This way, prizes will most likely shoot up and give you a bigger chance of winning more.

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Don’t: Play the lottery with a single line.


This tip might bode well for first-time lottery bettors. If you’re a solo bettor, stick with one ticket just to see how it works first. For instance, Powerball how it offers 292 million possible combinations but only one combo will be picked to win a Lotto jackpot.


The chances of this being your one purchased ticket may be slim to none, but a fine line and possibility still exist. If you’re the type of person who wants to maximize your chances of winning, convince a few other friends to buy one ticket so you can join a syndicate and bet collectively.


Do: Select a credible online lottery.


Another obvious tell when finding an online lottery is looking at the legitimacy and reputation of the lottery. Online lotteries have apps or websites with all the information you need to know before signing up. Look at their licenses, reviews, customer support options, and responsible gaming services available to players. This way, you’ll gain more confidence in signing up for an account and purchasing lottery tickets right from your phone.

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Don’t: Suffer more losses than you can bear.


This might not be obvious to constant lottery bettors so let us reiterate it; avoid losing more than you can afford! Setting betting budgets might help in this case since it’s never smart to recklessly spend on more lottery tickets on a day when lady luck isn’t on your side.


Do: Utilize the Quick Pick Number Generator if available.


Now, this is a tool for online lotteries many people actually enjoy using. It can be frustrating when you don’t know which numbers to pick for the next draw, so a Quick Pick Number Generator might just be a friendly tool for you to check out. Most online lotteries offer this feature, where the tool generates a list of numbers through a device, sparing gamblers the added stress of selecting their picks.


It’s good to remember that not all number sets are chosen by the number generator, so don’t follow any hard or fast rules for these picks. Plus, there are no subjective characteristics attached to any particular number in the lottery; all numbers have an equal probability of winning; it’s the virtual place where we let the math do its thing.


Don’t: Ignore the presence of a second chance lottery.


Who isn’t a fan of second chances? Well, lottery players have access to such a thing called second chance lotteries which means you get another shot at a win without having to buy another ticket.


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The idea is clear-cut and basic: after purchasing your ticket, you watch the main draw. If you are not the winner, you mail in the ticket for the second draw along with the completed form on the back. This is typically done automatically by online lottery games. Next, a single ticket will be chosen at random to participate in the second-chance draw.


Do: Track your lottery ticket.

Another obvious tip, but you’d be surprised how often people overlook this. A good way to be consistent with your lottery bets is simply to keep track of them. Online lotteries will give lottery app users notifications through email or within the lottery app on the progress of their picks. This also includes small winnings which are typically added to player accounts automatically. While not all players like to follow the live draw, these notifications, and proper tracking habits can help you practice responsible gaming in the long run.

Don’t: Skip out on reading the terms and conditions.

Before signing up for any online lottery and inputting your financial information, notice the terms and conditions for signing up. The tendency is to just scroll past it and click ‘accept and continue,’ but when it comes to lottery apps, it’s best to skim or even read through the fine print. It’s better to understand how these apps handle your data and deliver your winnings accordingly - you know how big data can be.


Stick to Your Senses


While we like to believe common sense is common, it’s not always the case. When you buy lottery tickets online, it’s not as clear cut as it seems, and a lot of unwritten rules apply that could hamper the responsible way to gamble in lotteries. Now that we’ve shared the dos and don’ts of betting in online lotteries, err on the side of caution and remember that lotteries are all about a game of chance, and the responsible way to bet is within your hands. Stay afloat, stick with your senses, and use online lottery apps with caution intact.


Learn more about iLotteries in the US and explore your odds of winning from our guide at GambleSpot.

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