Sustained Dominance: Can Manchester City Remain the Biggest EPL Club in a Decade?

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📖 Published on: May 22nd, 2024

✍️ Updated: May 23rd, 2024

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Manchester City just bagged its fourth Premier League title in a row, and it cannot be denied that the team has certainly built a promising roster that is competitive enough to come up with massive victories like no other. Still, this season is a landmark of what City has been able to achieve in its first four years of dominance, and it cannot be denied that the EPL is in safer hands with a new juggernaut to remember.


A New Untouchable Club to Remember?


If this is going to be one of the biggest stories in the season, there’s no denying that Manchester City is already on its way to becoming one of the untouchable clubs in the EPL. There’s no team in the history of the EPL or the whole English Football itself that has managed to come up with four titles in a row. The most has been three title wins, with Manchester being the latest to pull off the feat in the EPL era. This just says a lot about the potential of Manchester City being the first club to build off a dynasty that is expected to last longer than usual EPL champions.


Manchester City is starting to be an untouchable club image


Over the years, we have seen six different champions in the Premier League era, and it cannot be denied that Manchester City is starting to make its presence felt as a league leader – a new dominant club to remember as it makes its leap towards football immortality in the English side of the game. This is already seen as an inevitable twist in the competition so far, and Manchester City is starting to deliver on its massive climb with considerable growth in the league. Now it is time for them to become a promising team to remember – one that today’s fans will look out for every single season.


Manchester City has been a dominant club over the years image

City won the 2020-21 title with a clear dominance in the league, beating rivals Manchester United by 12 points despite a rocky and shaky season full of injuries and adjustments due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They followed it up with a toe-to-toe victory over Liverpool in the final day of the 2021-22 season after claiming a crucial win in the final day. The 2022-23 season was wrapped up with a late rise for City when they capitalized on Arsenal blowing its league-leading points to win it in the final month. Of course, this recent victory to cap off their fourth in a row was decided on the last matchday with a key victory over West Ham.


Building Dominance with Star Power


So what’s the secret to Manchester City’s success in the past few seasons? Star power.


Considering the fact that they have lethal scorers in both Erling Haaland and Kevin De Bruyne, City has surrounded their stars well with some top-class talent. It is true that the star duo are responsible for carrying the team in most of their games, and yet they have needed the help of the supporting cast so far. Some can even argue that Phil Foden, who has been on the rise on the midfield position and is being a magnificent and truly playable for Guardiola. We have also seen how Josko Gvardiol became a promising winger with a scorer’s instinct, along with Stefan Ortega even impressing in his massive cameo in their 2-0 win over Tottenham.

The duo of De Bruyne and Haaland has been phenomenal image


It also cannot be denied that Jack Grealish has flourished in his midfield role with extended minutes – even sharing it with Bernardo Silva as a promising offensive playmaking combo for City. Julian Alvarez is also on the rise with his promising two-way presence, and it cannot be denied that they are making up for City’s impressive unit, and this says a lot about how the team is clearly deep in its roster – able to perform at a high level when it matters most.


Grealish and Ederson have been fun to watch this season as well image


There’s also the impressive dominance of Ederson as a keeper, and Stefan Ortega has been great on the goalpost, which has helped City emerge as a defensive team with all their talents rocking it well at this point. City has allowed only a total of 34 goals in the season, which says a lot about how their defensive anchors have shined bright in front of the net.


Genius Dynasty Coach in Pep Guardiola


We also need to give credit to the master genius at work in the club. It cannot be denied that Pep Guardiola’s genius is something that has helped build this squad, we are seeing bigger strides from a club that almost has a similar build from a team that has dominated a football league for a decade. Yes, Bayern Munich won 11 straight league titles before Bayer Leverkusen broke their own championship curse and won in the 2023-24 Bundesliga season. So far, we have seen how Manchester City is quite built the same way but with a much bigger difference in terms of squad composition and talent power.


Guardiola secured his fourth EPL trophy in a row image


For instance, Bayern Munich built itself with a star scorer at the helm in Robert Lewandowski and the Raumdeuter – Thomas Muller – who has been a promising scorer and playmaker for the team. They would go on to add a lot of talented stars who became a staple in the squad, as well as young reserves who are on the rising path to stardom.


Pep Guardiola is a remarkable genius in his time with Bayern image

In case you didn’t know, it was Guardiola who was pulling the strings for Bayern at the time from 2012 to 2016 – responsible for almost half of their championships back in the day. Now he is bringing the same championship formula for Manchester City – having Erling Haaland (elite star scorer) Kevin De Bruyne (playmaker) and a lot of talent surrounding the team. This says a lot about how Guardiola’s brilliance and wits in assembling the same structure in Manchester City – only now he’s expected to do everything better with everything that he’s learned over the years. Now it is time for City to emerge as a primetime club that will dominate the most popular football league.


Will Manchester City Stay as Winners for a Decade?


Manchester City has been a dominant force in the EPL right now, and it seems that it is going to stay that way in the years to come. Who knows, maybe they can be the dominant winners for a decade considering that the EPL is seeing fewer competitive teams on the rise. Manchester City may have just locked in its place as the primary club to watch in English football for more years to come.


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