Has AI Made Sports Betting Too Easy to Predict?

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📖 Published on: April 8th, 2024

✍️ Updated: April 10th, 2024

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Sports betting has taken it to the next level with the help of AI. We have all seen how AI has made life easy on multiple fronts in various industries, and it cannot be denied that there are going to be a lot of speculations as to how it can reinvent and personalize your betting experience now more than ever.


Has AI Made Sports Betting Predictive?


With the big advancements in AI, it cannot be denied that it has been tweaked enough to help bettors come up with programs that can help predict winners in any given sports event. With the rise of many GPT products, it was just a matter of time before AI for sports betting can actually come up with promising predictions that would reflect the same results as a selected sporting event. This is why there are many people who are keen to find out if AI can actually provide real-time analysis and recommendations for their wagers.


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So far, the use of AI isn’t limited to betting as well. It has also been engineered to come up with insights on player performances, team dynamics, roster composition, and many more. However, it has also transitioned into assisting in bankroll management, staking strategies, and even predictive models that have advanced algorithms that can help in sports betting. This is where the many conclusions of AI being too helpful in making sports betting overly predictive when it comes to various games, ruining the experience for bettors.


What If: Effects of Predictable Betting Results


Still, we are still far away from the technological advancement that would allow betting to be predictable any sports betting AI. But, in the event that AI would emerge as a platform capable of coming up with accurate betting results, then it would have immense effects and ramifications in the sports betting world. One can even say that it would either plunge the sports betting industry into bankruptcy, or a new golden era of personalized experience for bettors to enjoy.


After all, it means that predictable betting results would change the dynamic for sports betting at a whole new level. This is why it is important that we understand how it would actually affect the way sports betting would become in the long run. Let us discuss how the sports betting world would change if AI can actually predict the results of games.


Unfair Betting Odds


Unfair betting odds would be the result of an accurate AI prediction image

With the help of AI sports betting apps, you can be sure that winnings will come easily. However, this would also tilt the balance between the betting odds since it means that there would be multiple changes as to the chances of winning for both teams or players in a given game. For instance, the odds would already favor the one that is predicted to win by AI, which means there would be no or less wagers on the underdogs, making the odds truly unfair. No odds to win for the underdogs would mean smaller payouts as well, since all the odds would be shifted in favor of the favorites.


Not even the best AI for sports betting can make a difference on that end since it means that every game can be just simulated to come up with a predicted result, which would mean that everyone would win.


Losses for Bookmakers


Speaking of everyone would win, it also means that bookmakers would go broke if every sporting event can be predicted. In 2022 alone, bookmakers were already estimated to be making at least $85 million that time. In the span of two years, that has definitely increased, especially with the massive platforms available for sports betting over the years. However, having a predictive AI that can always guess the correct outcome for any given game is just bad for business. Imagine the possibility of having bettors having access to accurate prediction tools with the help of AI.

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This will definitely have massive impacts on how profits would come in for oddsmakers – taking them out of business entirely if not as soon as AI emerges with this kind of power. After all, there’s just no point of making odds for bettors if they are always going to win in the long run.


Sporting Events Would Have no Thrill


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Considering that the games are now predictable and would have accurate results circulating online even before they begin, it would be no fun for many bettors and even fans themselves to try and watch the games. No one would want to see a game that is already decided even before it begins – let alone big series on various sporting events that have multiple games to play. People would lose interest in these games – no one would even watch the games themselves anymore simply because there’s no way that the game would even change its result without the AI being able to predict it first.


The sports and esports industry would collapse after that, which just means that there would be nothing to bet on afterwards, thus the collapse of both the sports betting world and the sports industry at the end of the day.


Can AI Actually Predict Game Results?


Lucky for us, AI sports betting isn’t still accurate when it comes to predicting game results. On top of that, it would be really hard to predict games as there is no such thing as a guaranteed result at every turn. It means that the result will always vary from time to time, with different games even played with extra periods, different players, and even varied scoring. There’s just no way that AI will be able to use all of the available data just to predict a game that is just taking place now.


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Technology may advance at another level, but it is impossible that AI will be able to comprehend all the factors surrounding a single game, let alone a tournament. This just means that we are lightyears away from actually having a fully-aware AI that has what it takes to predict a game, a tournament, or even a whole season.


GambleAI: An AI You Can Trust


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