Five Players Who Could Contend for the MLB MVP in the 2024 Season

Five Players Who Could Contend for the MLB MVP in the 2024 Season image

📖 Published on: March 27th, 2024

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It is no surprise that the MLB season is starting to brew up with some of the biggest names being already hyped for the MVP. This season is going to explode with a lot of impressive candidates for the said award as some of these players are due for a a massive rise to dominance in the MLB. That being said, the 2024 campaign is set to feature some of the best rising talents in the league who are bound to carry their clubs to success.


Who are the Winners from the 2023 MLB Season?


The 2023 season saw two massive performances from star players in the AL and NL. Shohei Ohtani proved to be an impressive two-way sensation that the Angels treasured over the course of the season, while Ronald Acuna Jr. showed that he can put up massive performances that shocked fans all season long. It was a show of impressive growth from the two stars – how their respective teams needed them to show up on the big stage and pull off massive performances to steer their clubs at the highest level.


Ronald Acuna and Shohei Ohtani bagged the MVP awards for the 2023 season image


While MVPs don’t translate to World Series trophies at the end of the season, it still plays a huge role on how their teams perform from the season all the way to the Playoffs. This season is expected to be different with more candidates emerging from the dark – hoping to leave their mark in the season and show that they have what it takes to win on the big stage.


Ohtani and Acuna are already hot favorites to emerge as winners this season, but there’s no denying that this season will be a bigger one to look out for with multiple candidates putting up impressive performances down the stretch. I guess we are all in for a treat this season with big games coming up from the best players in the MLB.


Who are the Top Contenders for the MLB MVP in the 2024 Season?


With Spring Training wrapping up in a few days, it does seem that we can already make some speculations as to how some of the top players in the league will manage to come up with a strong performance that will cap off the campaign with flashy plays, MVP-esque showdowns, and many more. That being said, the 2024 season is expected to be a beast for the MVP race, and no one can deny that this will be a race to remember for the ages.


Let’s talk about the top MVP contenders for the 2024 season.


Mookie Betts - Los Angeles Dodgers


Mookie Betts image

Mookie Betts is certainly a high favorite to win the MVP this season as he is slated to play with both reigning MVP Shohei Ohtani and 2020 MVP Freddie Freeman. Betts is expected to move to the second base as a full-time player on that end, while Ohtani is set as the team’s designated hitter – meaning there won’t be too many two-way performances for the former Angels star. This, however, means that Betts will get the best chance to lead the way from being a massive pitcher who can be a defensive outfielder who also plays middle infield. The impressive versatility of Betts has made him a top pick among many fans in the MLB over the years, and he continues to be a promising star who has what it takes to come up with a strong campaign.


This season will define what kind of a leader Betts is as the pressure is on the club to win the World Series this season, and that includes Betts’ case to become the MVP by the end of the run especially if they ever emerge as a 100-win team this time around.


Julio Rodriguez - Seattle Mariners


Let’s be frank, at the age of 23, Julio Rodriguez shouldn’t be able to do the things that he does on a regular basis. The Seattle Mariners have found a gem in Rodriguez’s games so far in the previous season, and he even managed to finish fourth overall in the AL MVP race. While he didn’t exactly splash the whole run last year, Rodriguez dialed up his OPS to a fiery-hot .941 in the second half of the season. He has shown that he’s capable of putting up an impressive stretch of games, especially when it matters most for the Mariners. He’s still young – and some even deem him too young to contend for the MVP, but who’s to judge when you’re able to put up impressive numbers night in and night out?

Julio Rodriguez image


This is the case for Rodriguez as he continues to deliver promising finishes like it’s just another day in the office. The Mariners’ star has the best chance to finish as the AL MVP this season with Ohtani out of the picture, and both Juan Soto and Aaron Judge not being much of an impact player for the Yankees so far. This MVP is definitely an award that is Rodriguez’s to lose.


Corey Seager - Texas Rangers


Corey Seager image

With the Rangers now on the block as a team to win the World Series once more, it does seem that Seager is on the MVP list thanks to his heroics in the team’s championship run. However, health has been a major in his career, with the 2023 season seeing him play a total of 119 games – and yet he managed to finish second in voting that time. He led the AL in 42 doubles to go with 33 home runs, which is a career-high record for the star. Channelling his inner MVP is going to be fun to watch this year as Seager aims to bring the Rangers to another title run. What should we expect from Seager’s campaign this season? He’s put up a lot of impressive games in the previous season despite playing under 120 games.


Just imagine if he gets to play 150 games on the field, and Seager would definitely be able to show off impressive stats that will help elevate his case for the MVP. After all, the Rangers are slated for bigger improvements this year, which just proves that he is ready to roll on another level.


Fernando Tatis Jr. - San Diego Padres


While he had a rough run in the 2022 season, Tatis got back into the field as a stronger and wiser player with high-level performances both on the bat and on the glove. The Padres star bagged the Gold Glove in 2023, and being the best defensive outfielder in baseball is certainly going to make an impact in his MVP case this season. At the age of 25, Tatis is just entering his prime with a chance to deliver a promising campaign that will define his status as a generational star in the MLB – and the MVP is the best way to prove that. The Padres didn’t have much of a chance to win in their games in 2023 aside from Tatis’ heroics. However, Tatis will have better odds of winning the MVP if he gets his team to the playoffs now more than ever.

Fernando Tatis Jr. image


After all, you can’t be seen as a generational player and a true MVP if you can’t even lift your team to the top of the MLB. Tatis is going to be the spark for the turnaround, and they will need more of his heroics if the Padres are going to make the best out of their chances while the star earns his MVP award


Corbin Carroll - Arizona Diamondbacks


Corbin Carroll image

Corbin Carroll is expected to show up as a fiery star who will be able to contend for the MVP award this season after his emergence in 2023. We have seen impressive strides from him since his rookie year, and Carroll has definitely done a great job to prove that he is one of the special stars that the Arizona Diamondbacks will be able to rely on to come up with a massive climb in the Playoffs. Who knows, maybe the MVP is in his midst to wrap up a bigger season that will make him a rising talent to remember. At the age of 23, Carroll will have a chance to follow a long line of ROTY Winners who went on to win the MVP award.


The likes of Kris Bryant (2016), Dustin Pedroia (2008), and Ryan Howard (2006) have all won the MVP following their rookie years. Carroll was already an MVP candidate for the D-backs last season and finished fifth in the NL voting. If Carroll can help the Diamondbacks emerge as a contender to look out for, there’s no doubt that Carroll will also have a stronger case for the MVP as well.


What to Expect in the MVP Race for the 2024 MLB Season?


The 2024 season is going to be a fun run to watch for many MLB fans all over the world who are keen to see the MVP race evolve to a whole new level with massive showdowns coming up from the best players and best teams in the league. We are all going to get a chance to find out which teams will push their games to the next level, and the respective MVP candidates who will get to prove their worth on the big stage.


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