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The 40 Super Hot slot game has enthralled players for years with its classic (and we must admit, oh-so-yummy) fruit theme, and this new version has once again wowed young and old players alike. Much like the Garden of Eden with its cornucopia of fruits, the 40 Super Hot slot game by EGT Digital is attractive, exciting, and very tempting indeed! The game is a well-known favorite of many, and it’s a popular theme that continues to attract and retain any player who comes across it, because who doesn’t love fruits and their array of colors? But if you are raring to play a game (or three!) of Super Hot 40, here’s what you should know about this classic fruit-themed game with a twist: a full review.

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Retro, Classic

Theme and Graphics

The fruit theme of Super 40 Hot slots is what sets it apart, and the age-old fruit theme has always been a crowd-pleaser (you might remember the retro 20 Super Hot slots game with nostalgia!). But the magic of a fruit machine theme can only go so far – and that’s why EGT Digital has gone full-out with this version, leaving players wanting more. In all respects, the 40 Super Hot slot game is the loftier version of the original 20 Super Hot. The sound effects are incredibly soothing and relaxing, with their soft click every time you press a button and the joyous sound of a jingle each time you win.

The visual appeal is also undeniable – with its juicy and colorful fruit symbols, which include fruit from the whole rainbow spectrum - cherries, lemons, oranges, plums, grapes, and watermelons. In addition to the myriad of fruits, the fiery backdrop is another detail that distinguishes it from other games, and it gives 40 Super Hot its heat!

Gameplay Mechanics

When it comes to structure, 40 Super Hot is super easy to play and super easy to understand. It has a total of five reels and as much as 40 ways or paylines (compared to the original which only had 20), and they are arranged in a 5 by 4 grid. All you have to do then is spin it and wait for the ever-welcome sound of coins dropping! With its 40 paylines, you are guaranteed a balanced and fixed paytable (and even better payouts). And when the five appear all at once, now is the time to celebrate!

But there are even more aspects that differentiate the 40 Super Hot slot game from its predecessor. For one, it has stacked symbols, and this leads to even greater wins. The betting range is between $1 to $20 per spin, and along with the same fruit symbols, there is the iconic star scatter symbol as well as the wild Lucky 7 symbol.


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Special Features

Just like any slots game made by EGT Digital (who, by the way, recently changed its name to Amusnet Interactive), the Super 40 Hot slots game is loaded with special features, including Lucky Red 7 (the wild symbol), which creates winning combos, the abovementioned star symbol (a scatter symbol) and its potential for the best payouts, and the Gamble feature, that gives you the chance to double your winnings. But wait – there’s more! Don’t forget the Jackpot Cards feature, which adds a four-layer mystery jackpot to the game, which certainly adds to its charm.

Design and Compatibility

Because the Super 40 Hot slot game is basically a spin-off of the beloved Super 20 slots game, it has a fruit theme. But its vintage design lends familiarity to it, although its graphics are clearer and better in every way. Players can play it either on PC, tablet, or mobile, and it has no trouble accommodating any other preferred operating system. Best of all, there is no registration or download required. Any platform works like a charm – which lends to 40 Super Hot EGT slots attraction and makes it as popular today as it was when it first came out.


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Volatility, RTP, and Betting Strategy

Arguably, one of the game’s draws is its RTP (Return to Player), which is at 95.81%. It also has a low volatility rating, and its symbols are valued at 1x to 40x. It’s important to bear in mind that the wild and scatter symbols have payouts as well, and the payouts range from 4x to as much as 100x (for the wild symbol) and 20x to up to 2000x (for the scatter symbol). Also, the maximum win is at 1000x bet for each line.

Most retro slots don’t have a bonus feature, but 40 Super Hot does! It might well be a good strategy to remember, because you can gamble your overall winnings. How can you do this? It’s simple - the Gamble special feature is activated once you have attained a winning combo. Then a 2x icon or button will appear near the spin icon after you have received the winnings. Once you click on this button/icon, you will see a screen with a card facing downward. All you have to do at that point is guess what color the downward-facing card is, and if you are right, you have the chance to double your win. If you guess incorrectly, you will lose your potential winnings. Of course, you can stop at any time or keep at it – but the potential to win big is there, it’s just up to you if you feel extra lucky!

Comparison with the original Super Hot 40 slot game

As a well-loved classic theme, the Super Hot 40 slot game is familiar and brings a sense of nostalgia to any player. But with the free 40 Super Hot slot, all the details are clear and the graphics are gorgeous, to say the least, and what makes it different from other slots with the same theme are its special features such as the Gambling feature and the Jackpot cards feature, which, when triggered, gives you 12 cards, all facing downward, and when you click on each card, the card will flip and you will see the suit. You will have to find three suits that match, and once you do, you can win the numbers in the corresponding suit!


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The Bottom Line

Lots of people love the classic, retro appeal that comes with the 40 Super Hot, and it’s definitely enchanting to play and watch the graphics unfold before your eyes. As a matter of fact, some say that it’s the best-designed fruit machine slot game there is! It has more to offer any slot enthusiast as well – it has dazzling features such as the Gambling and jackpot cards feature, and players have the opportunity to choose from four prizes in the jackpot as well. Players will be enticed by the timeless appeal of this enduring game while at the same time be amazed with its modern features. It is worth trying, especially if you want to travel through time and experience the buzz of this true retro classic.


What sets Super Hot 40 apart from its predecessors?

Super Hot 40 elevates the classic fruit slot experience with 40 paylines, stacked symbols for bigger wins, and a range of betting options from $1 to $20 per spin, making it a more thrilling version of the beloved fruit-themed games.

What are the special features in Super Hot 40?

Super Hot 40 boasts several special features, including the Lucky Red 7 wild symbol for winning combos, a star scatter symbol for top payouts, a Gamble feature to double winnings, and the Jackpot Cards feature for mystery jackpots.

How does the Gamble feature work in Super Hot 40?

After winning a combo, players can activate the Gamble feature, where guessing the color of a downward-facing card correctly doubles the win. Incorrect guesses result in losing potential winnings, adding a layer of risk and excitement.

Can Super Hot 40 be played on mobile devices?

Yes, Super Hot 40 is designed for seamless play on PCs, tablets, and mobile devices without the need for registration or downloads, offering clear graphics and a vintage design that appeals to both new and nostalgic players.

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