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Anyone who has ever tried online slots before will surely have heard of Bonanza slots, as this has been immensely popular in the slot world from the time slots began! In fact, Bonanza Megaways has just been reinvented and remade to make it even bigger, better, and bolder in the world of online casino gaming – and we are delighted to bring you a full review of this beloved classic game – with even more features and chances of winning to boot!

To those who have been playing online slots for a while, the Bonanza Megaways slot game brings back fond, nostalgic memories. It seems that everyone has tried it at least once, and some have tried it a dozen times or more. But what makes Bonanza Megapays even more special? Is it just like the original? Well, what if we told you that it’s even better? The Bonanza game is more advanced, and this version – the Bonanza Megapays version – takes full advantage of the well-known progressive jackpot system. This version combines the best of both worlds at your fingertips: the heady nostalgia of playing a beloved classic combined with the Megapays jackpot system, which brings everything together and makes it oh-so-familiar yet completely new at the same time. Playing the game is an experience in itself, so get ready to embark on a whole new adventure at Bonanza Megapays.

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Theme and Graphics

If you have long been familiar with Bonanza slots, never fear – the new Bonanza Megapays slot is the same in look and feel, but even better! We can honestly say that it’s almost identical to the original Bonanza, but with a new logo and the renowned progressive jackpot counters at the top of the reels.

What makes the new Bonanza Megapays more appealing is the soundtrack – it’s a lot of fun listening to the distinctive banjo tunes, but unlike the original, this new game features bolder and brighter colors that add to the overall appeal of the game. The mining theme is still very much a prevalent aspect, even more so because they have added high-definition graphics and other enhancements that modernize the Bonanza slot game without it losing its classic appeal. In short, it has definitely improved from the original, transforming your gaming experience in ways you’ve never seen before.

Gameplay Mechanics

When it comes to how it’s played, nothing much has changed from the Megaways slots, either – but one huge advantage of players nowadays is the Megapays slot feature that offers as many as 117,649 chances of winning! You can start by placing a bet at .20 per spin, and the Bonanza Megapays game has a number of ways you can win, depending on the symbols that show up on each new reel. Some symbols have a low value, such as ace, king, queen, jack, 9, and 10. But of course, there are symbols with a higher value, which include the red, blue, and green gemstones/jewels – and the purple diamond symbol (the prized treasure!)

But the best part is the cascading reels on Bonanza Megapays, so each time you win, the symbols in the winning combination disappear and are replaced by new symbols – resulting in a domino effect (a cascade, as it were) that can give you even more chances of winning amid progressive payouts - and even more consecutive wins.


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Special Features

Admittedly, this is precisely where the adage, “Go big or go home” is really felt. The list of features on the Bonanza Megapays slot is fresh and original, as players can take advantage of free spins, multipliers, and of course, the ultimate progressive jackpot. As if these features weren’t enough, there is also the Reaction, which happens after ever win, where the winning symbols are removed and replaced by new symbols for more chances of winning. And what’s even better is that the hits are consecutive as long as you continue to win big – you can even start right now and play Bonanza slot free.

And like before, you can spell the words G-O-L-D using the scatter symbols to get 12 free spins, and you can benefit from a progressive multiplier which starts at 1 and continues to rise by 1 more after each Reaction. But as you know, the new part is the Megapays feature, which works in such a way that with each new bet, a part of the bet is added to the jackpot.

This is where the game is different from the original, because you don’t play the jackpot round on a wheel – instead, it is played by generating one random symbol (the Megapays symbol) on a 6 by 7 grid, and each time the symbol is generated, it collects at the bottom and you get to spin again. If there are no new Megapays symbols, it means that the feature is finished. If, however, you have collected four (or more) Megapays symbols, you can win anything from the mini jackpot (4 to 7 symbols), the midi jackpot (8 to 11 symbols), the major jackpot (12 to 14 symbols), or the mega jackpot (over 15 symbols).

Design and Compatibility

As always, the Bonanza Megapays slot proves to be a big winner in design and compatibility. You can easily play it on your desktop, tablet, or mobile, and you can win big each and every time. What’s more, the mining theme is ubiquitous throughout the slot game, and although not much has changed when it comes to graphics, it’s obvious that there are more high-res, crisper, and sharper, graphics – for instance, the grass is a lot greener than we remembered, and the plants and flowers have more vibrancy. A major change, however, is found at the top – where there was once a waterfall cascading downward, there is now a huge Megapays icon. And let’s not forget the four jackpots placed at the screen’s very top, which advertises the prizes available. Needless to say, wherever you decide to play it, you can have a seamless gaming experience overall.


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Volatility and RTP

Bonanza Megapays slots have high volatility – according to most, it rates a high of 5/5 on the scale of variance. The game’s Return to Player (RTP) rate is at a whopping 96.4% (even higher than the original Bonanza Megaways at 96%). It’s also worth noting that outside the progressive jackpot feature, you have a chance to win a top prize that is worth 72138 x!

What you should remember is that you can win the Megapays jackpot at random, and when you arrive at this bonus feature, one particular symbol is then selected as the Megapays symbol and it will be placed on the jackpot. When you have collected a total of four symbols, you win the mini jackpot, and you can keep going until you get the mega jackpot. In other words, this is good news for both casual players and high rollers, because there are essentially no limits.

Comparison with the OG Bonanza slot

As we mentioned earlier, there is not much difference with the original Bonanza slot game and this new Megapays one (except perhaps the better graphics and the better-sounding banjo music). But there is one significant difference, and that is the Megapays feature. You will certainly notice it as soon as you begin playing, and this means a wider array of bets – and the higher your bet, the likelier you are to trigger the progressive jackpot feature. With the jackpot feature, there are six reels with two to seven symbols and four extra positions that displays the symbols in handcarts. With every spin, the number of symbols change, which means that there are over 117649 ways of winning. This makes the Bonanza Megapays slot a more-than-worthy successor to the original.


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The Bottom Line

The Bonanza slot game has been with us for years – but the new Bonanza Megapays version is bolder and better than ever! For those who have always loved the appeal of the original Bonanza Megaways, this new game is sheer delight – and it definitely helps that there is a progressive jackpot that brings the game to unprecedented new heights. Thanks to Megapays, there are more chances of taking home a bigger jackpot - and striking the gold mine in the end.


What makes Bonanza Megapays special compared to the original Bonanza?

Bonanza Megapays elevates the original game with a progressive jackpot system, offering up to 117,649 ways to win and combining classic gameplay with new, exciting features.

How does the Megapays feature work in Bonanza Megapays?

The Megapays feature adds a portion of each bet to the jackpot. A random symbol becomes the Megapays symbol during play, and collecting four or more triggers jackpots ranging from mini to mega.

Can Bonanza Megapays be played on mobile devices?

Yes, Bonanza Megapays is designed for compatibility across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, ensuring a seamless gaming experience wherever you go.

What is the RTP and volatility of Bonanza Megapays?

Bonanza Megapays boasts a high volatility rating and an RTP of 96.4%, offering players the chance to win big, especially with the progressive jackpot feature.

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