Online Betting in Michigan

Michigan sports betting was launched on 22nd January 2021 and has contributed towards improving the US economy since then because of its large market cap. Michigan sportsbooks offer one of the most competitive sign-up rewards in the US to attract new punters. They offer reasonable bonuses to existing players too.

Want to know more about Michigan sports betting news? This is a trusted article that contains up-to-date information that you might need. In it, you'll learn the available MI app, top sports betting in Michigan, and how to place an MI bet. You'll also learn the best sports betting app Michigan, and a lot more.

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📖 Published on: June 15th, 2023

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Sports Betting Legality

Yes, online Michigan sports betting is legal in the Great Lakes State. Michigan has 14 available apps throughout its state. The bill that established the legalization of Michigan virtual sports was signed in December 2019 by Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

In 2020, legitimate sportsbooks were released in gambling houses. However, virtual sportsbooks were released on Jan. 2021.

Michigan Betting

MI Sportsbook Bonus Codes and Promotional Codes

Creation of Great Lakes sports betting account is quite quick and easy. It will take you up to a few minutes. All you need to do is to input some of your basic information. Sequel to this, your account will be credited with some bonuses.

However, you'll need to input the promo codes or bonus codes to activate this bonus. Yes, sportsbooks in Michigan offer bonuses to attract new bettors and keep the existing ones active. Before inputting your basic information on the Michigan sportsbook site, you must read their terms and conditions. This will let you know what the Michigan sports betting app promo entails.

After you've done the needful, you can then have access to any of the following promo opportunities:


Odds boosts

Odd boosts are forms of Michigan online betting that allow gamblers to improve their rewards on chosen betting. These sports betting apps Michigan must be downloaded, after which gamblers can get their accounts approved.


Free bets

Also known as the no deposit bonuses is another Michigan sports betting reward offered to punters upon signing up on a betting site. These bonuses required the gamblers not to deposit any amount, hence the name-free bets. However, the player cannot withdraw the money either. They can only use the winnings.


Deposit bonus

The deposit bonus is one of the most common rewards offered by MI sports betting sites. In this type of promo, Michigan sportsbooks will match the fraction of the bettor's first deposit to a specific amount.

For example, if a bettor deposits $50, the MI sports betting may match a certain percentage that always ranges between 20 to 100% with it.

Remember that gamblers can only withdraw this credit once they have fulfilled the sports betting requirements.


Second chance bets

This Michigan online sports betting bonus works the way it sounds. i.e., after a player deposits their funds, some sports betting Michigan online will give them a second opportunity on their first wager.

In this situation, when bettors' initial wager at the sports betting sportsbook is lost, free bets or bet credit credited to their accounts initially will be credited to their accounts back. Second chance wagers can also be regarded as a "risk-free bet" or "no sweat bet." However, the best sport betting apps no longer offer it.


What do you need to seize this great opportunity? It's that easy. Create your account on the site by inputting your basic information, and you're set.


How to Place a Bet in Michigan State

Before a gambler can place a bet on the online sports betting Michigan app, they'll need to deposit money in their accounts first. And the process is quite simple and faster than you might think. Many sports betting online Michigan apps accept different payment methods that are secure and safe.

In the next section of this article, we're going to discuss the different available payment methods that most online sportsbook Michigan apps accept and how you can withdraw your fortunes.

How to bet in Michigan


What You Can Bet on in Michigan State

So, you want to know the sports/games you can wager on before initiating Michigan sports gambling! We've got your back. We will discuss the best games you can bet on in this section.

The United States gambling industry has a variety of sports that players can play, and most of these games, if not all, are accessible to Michiganders. However, Michigan State also hopes to add more games to its list in the nearest future.

Highlighted below are sports/games and In-state collegiate sports that Michiganders can play on the Michigan sports betting apps and sites.

The Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) is charged with executing these tasks.

Betting on College Sports in Michigan State

While the Michigan State betting industry is ranked among the largest in the United States, a certain percentage of it is contributed by Michigan University Sports.

Of course, college games are also major sources of attraction in the State of Michigan. During the University basketball and football periods, Michigan State and the University of Michigan drew the most attention from Michiganders and others.

This is because Michigan homes copious smaller programs, each having its supporters and loyal fans. Also, Michigan State doesn't refrain from wagering among in-state clubs.

Somewhere else at legalized virtual sportsbooks, choices including UFC, golf, tennis, soccer, and NASCAR earn a reasonable deal of choice. For some gamers who wish to combi-ether, several books also give more industry competitions, including table tennis and rugby.

While wagering is believed to be enlisted only on sports, the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) has also allowed Oscars wagering. As a result, gamers may get some approvals with an entertainment talent throughout the Super Bowl period.

Note that Michigan does not allow betting on voting.

Michigan college betting

Betting Payment Options

After you've gone through and know you will fulfill the wagering requirements and other necessary information expected of you on your choice of online sports gambling Michigan app, next is to make payment. Then, you can withdraw if you're fortunate in your betting endeavors.

At this juncture, we'll bring you the available payment methods for Great Lakes sportsbook apps. While the payment methods may vary among sportsbooks, in general, the available payments methods will be one of the listed below:

Highlighted below are the available deposit options for gamblers – new and existing ones on the Michigan sports betting sites.

Payment options for MI online sports betting:


Debit and credit cards

Most Michigan online sportsbooks' most widely accepted payment methods are Mastercard and Visa. Often, some operators would also accept Discover and American Express.


Bank transfers

Other than the card payment methods, most sports betting will accept transactions initiated using regular bank transfers, including wire bill deposits and wire transactions and e-checks or ACH transfers.


Third-party payment processors

Another popular payment option accepted by most Michigan sports betting in Michigan, United States, is the 3rd party sellers.

Third party seller like PayPal is a popular vendor that offers smooth transactions in depositing online sports betting in Michigan.


Prepaid cards

If you have yet to find your betting option, why not use prepaid cards? It works perfectly like the options above when depositing funds for making Michigan sportsbooks betting.



Ideally, most sports betting sites/apps should accept raw cash. Many punters make this payment by working up to the cashier or via retail cages affiliated with the betting house or Michigan sportsbooks. Bettors can also make payments via 3rd party issuers.


Other payment options

Like gambling club branded prepaid cards, PayNearMe using cash to pay at any eligible CVS, Family Dollar, or7-11, ACH (eCheck), and more.


Withdrawal options for Michigan sports betting

After you've gambled and won, the next is to withdraw your winnings. In this section of the guide, we will work you through the varieties of withdrawal methods to cash out your fortune on the Michigan sports betting phone application.

Michigan sports betting withdrawal is relatively easy and special. Most Michigan sportsbooks apps would allow you to withdraw through most of the earlier methods you used to deposit. However, should the site not allow you to use any of the methods above, it'll offer you alternative methods.

This alternative option, however, often requires the bettors to check their mail for authorization. Note that withdrawal transactions are always instantaneous.

Most gamblers say they love Michigan sports betting and betting in America because their transactions are always legalized, regulated, and financially okay.

Pros of online betting

  • Michigan sports betting transactions are easy, swift, and safe.
  • Michigan sports betting requirements are always fair.
  • Michigan sports betting has also contributed towards improving the United States economy because Michigan is one of the largest revenue in the US.
  • The proceeds from Michigan sports betting can be diverted to aid Michigan State's government schools.

Sports Betting Apps in Michigan

The Michigan sports betting constitution invited 15 virtual sportsbooks in total. However, since Michigan already has 14 betting apps operating in the state, only one could join them.

The legalized virtual sportsbooks made their first public appearances on January 2021. Many of these apps were present throughout the first month. However, other apps join the race soon after. This makes the apps total 15.


Concise Facts about Michigan Sports Betting History

In December 2019, Michigan State approved digital casinos, sports gambling, DFS, and online poker. This was not surprising as the Governor has not vetoed any similar laws that found their way to his table in the previous year. In addition, Michigan has long been known for its tolerance of all forms of legal betting.

Other forms of betting that are legalized in the Great Lakes State are:

  • Michigan Lottery
  • Licensed charity gaming
  • Detroit commercial casinos
  • Tribal casinos
  • Pari-mutuel wagering (horse racing)
  • Altogether, Michigan homes 26 gambling clubs - 23 native casinos spread across Michigan and three commercial gaming clubs located in Detroit.

However, horse racing betting, also known as pari-mutuel wagering, has been legalized in Michigan since 1933. Right now, only one is functioning in Michigan.

Lastly, the Great Lakes betting and constitution governing charitable sports have existed since 1972.Below, we'll examine the Great Lakes State betting history and delve into what bettors can wager on in Michigan State.


Michigan betting timeline

Here are some memorable dates in the Great Lakes legal betting timeline:

1933: The Michigan state approves the 1933 Racing Act to legalize and control pari-mutuel horse competition. This led to the creation of the office of the Racing Commissioner.

16th May 1972: Eligible Michigan voters endorse a constitutional revision legalizing the establishment of a state betting. The margin of the vote was 2-1.

1st August 1972: Then Michigan Governor William Milliken accents the 239 Public Act into law. As soon as the Michigan Lottery was established, William assigned Gus Harrison as Michigan State's pioneer Lottery Commissioner. The earnings, however, are diverted to aid Michigan State's government schools.

1972: Michigan State licenses 382 Act. This Act permits non-profit companies to raise money via authorized raffles, bingo games, millionaire parties, and the selling of charity sports pass.

13th November 1972: The Great Lakes State Lottery is established by selling passes for the 50cent Green Ticket sport.

24th November 1972: The Great Lakes State holds her earliest draw.

22nd February 1973: Taylor's Hermus Millsaps wins Michigan's first $1 million Lottery.

January 1984: Fred Dakota, Keweenaw Bay Indian ethnics challenges Michigan's right to control the Indian gaming system. Fred opens The Pines, a single blackjack gaming house in his two-car garage.

4th July 1984: The earliest ethnic-sanctioned gaming house launches on Michigan's ethnic land in Brimley.

1993: The Indian Tribe of Saginaw Chippewa becomes the earliest ethnics to approve a compact with Michigan's State. Saginaw Chippewa's tribe concurs to deliver 2% of fortunes from the increasing Eagle betting house and Resort.

31st August 1996: Then earliest large Game, now known as Mega Million's ticket, sells in Michigan. It introduces the earliest multi-state gambling game in collaboration with Maryland, Georgia, Massachusetts, Virginia, and Illinois - to the Great Lakes House in history.

November 1996: A proposal that legalizes the erection of 3 authorized casinos in Detroit was accepted by Great Lakes voters.

1997: The Michigan State witnesses the passing and signing of The Michigan Gaming Control and Revenue Act into law. It legalizes the establishment of 3 legalized wagering houses in Detroit.

29th July 1999: Establishment of sports betting company in Detroit.

14th December 1999: MotorCity Casino Hotel was established, becoming second Detroit's commercial betting house operation.


Michigan's history from 2000 till now

10th November 2000: Another Casino Hotel was created in Detroit, becoming the second commercial gambling house in the city.

April 2013: Rick Snyder, then Michigan's Governor, suggests introducing digital lottery sales.

November 2013: Great Lakes legislators object to the Governor's suggestion to fund the establishment of digital lottery sales. However, the State's Lottery uses the fund in its budget to proceed.

November 2014: Great Lake's iLottery confidentially establishes, permitting gamblers to obtain tickets for immediate keno and removes its game equivalents, including Pot O' Gold and Cashword, from devices - Desktop, tablet device, or mobile phone.

January 2016: The Great Lakes Lottery includes draw games for digital sales. Bettors can obtain tickets virtually for the most common draw games on the lotteries - Mega Millions, Powerball, Fantasy 5, and Lotto 47.

December 2018: Michigan lawmakers pass a law legalizing virtual betting. However, then-outgoing Governor Rick forbids it.

December 2019: The Michigan legislators pass a rebrand bill authorizing digital poker, digital gambling, fantasy sports, and sports betting. New Michigan's Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, approves the bills, inviting commercial casinos and old ethnics to show interest in games betting and digital wagering approval.

11th March 2020: The earliest retail sportsbooks were established in Detroit city. Another sportsbook was also established. The next day, a new casino was also established.

22nd June 2020: Another Casino begins operation, becoming the first state's tribal gaming house sportsbook.

13th July 2020: A new Casino established sportsbooks in 3 ethnic casinos in Dowagiac, Hartford, and New Buffalo.

17th July 2020: Another Casino begins operation in Manistee, becoming the earliest in northern Michigan.

10th September 2020: Another gambling hub established a Sportsbook, the first in the Great Lakes Upper Peninsula.

2020 upward: Michigan will establish digital and mobile sportsbooks, digital poker sites, and digital casinos.


Is Sports Betting Legal in Michigan?

Yes, sports betting is legal in Michigan. The Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) is the board charged with regulating and monitoring betting activities within the state. Have an issue with Michigan sports betting or gambling in a commercially licensed casino online or within Detroit? Don't hesitate to contact the MGCB. MGCB will give you advice or render the required assistance to you. The Phone number to call is 313-456-4100. You can also reach out to them by Fax: 313-456-4200. Be informed that their official working hours from Monday to Friday are 8 a.m.-5 p.m. However, if your issue is with retail sportsbooks and tribal gaming houses, you can reach out to the appropriate authority. Of course, we mean authorities like the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) or individual tribes. If the above doesn't answer your question, you may be having issues with funds (depositing) or withdrawing. In this situation, you'll have to first reach out to the particular virtual sportsbook provider. You can get their contacts by checking their Contact Us page. In addition, you'll likely find their customer support mobile number, email, social media handles, or live chat support details.

Is there any Specific Age for Betting on Michigan sports betting?

Yes, there's a specific age that a potential gambler must be before they can be allowed to wager on the Michigan sports betting sites. True, anyone under 21 years of age will not legally be allowed to gamble on online sportsbooks. Before you can gamble on Michigan sports betting sites or apps, a virtual sportsbook will have to verify your official age before being allowed to sign up, after which you can proceed to bet. However, should there be any issues while registering your information, the sportsbook will notify you shortly to submit any government-approved means of identity.

Must Aspiring Bettors be Permanent Residents of Michigan before they can be eligible to Bet Online?

No, aspiring gamblers need not be permanent residents of Michigan State before they can be eligible to bet. However, bettors must be 21 years old or older and reside in Michigan State at the time they initiate their betting. The reason why non-Michigan residents must be inside Michigan when they're gambling in the state is because the Michigan State mobile sports gambling app uses geolocation technology. This tech will determine the exact location of the gambler so that any wrong information will be disregarded. Also, the sportsbook app will ask the bettor for the bettor's Social Security Number's last four digits when they sign up for their accounts to verify their identities and ages.

How can an Aspiring Gambler Create an Account at an Online Sportsbook?

The process that an aspiring bettor will follow to create a digital sports gambling account is easy. All they have to do is to provide basic information for the verification of their identities and ages, as well as to set up how they want to fund their accounts. Be informed that you must be at least 21 years old and stay within the state before you can legally bet in Michigan.

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