Illinois sports betting overview

The state of Illinois is an excellent destination for people who want to gamble, as it has plenty of casinos and sports betting venues. Online sports gambling Illinois is legally allowed for those who want to place wagers on sporting events and horse races, even though casino games and poker are not legally allowed. Individuals of all levels of experience, from novices to experienced players, often come to Illinois and compete. Most people believe Illinois is a good place for sports betting because it is between Iowa and Indiana, which both let people bet on sports. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Illinois Gaming Board commanded that all casinos suspend their in-person betting services, meaning people could only gamble through online sportsbooks and betting apps. In line with this command, Governor J.B. Pritzker signed an order that removed the need to be there in person as a requirement. The new development made Illinois sports betting one of the most accessible for virtual betting almost right away.

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Since then, Illinois has become one of the top sports betting hubs in the United States. There are currently 10 legal online sports books in the state, and it is expected that there will be more to come in the mix as Illinois progresses towards a positive note in the sports betting industry one year after another.

What's happening in Illinois sports betting right now?

  • Fanatics Sportsbook has officially gone online in Illinois, making it the 10th overall legal sportsbook to provide both online sports betting and a single retail location in the state. It has also launched in a total of 19 states across the United States.
  • On February 2024, Governor J.B. Pritzker has proposed a tax hike in sports betting with the goal of combating their budget deficit in Illinois. If the plan pushes through, the proposal would raise the taxes from 15% up to 30% with the hopes of providing an additional $100 million to the state. However, it is still a discussion as experts believe that it could have a drastic impact in Illinois’ sports betting market.
  • On January 19, 2024, Illinois has racked up a state-record handle for the third month in a row, going with a November total of $1.4 billion with an 18.5% growth from its October tally.
  • ESPN Bet has officially launched in the state last November 14, 2023, joining the long list of sportsbooks in Illinois, making it the ninth overall legal sportsbook to operate there and in 17 other US states.


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Sports betting legality

At one point, Illinois residents were required to visit retail sportsbooks as part of their direct registration requirements before they were allowed to place their mobile sportsbooks on their favorite mobile apps. Governor J.B. Pritzker sidestepped the law during the coronavirus pandemic. He explained that initial in-person registration is an unnecessary hurdle for bettors to sign up for online Illinois sports betting apps.

Many years after the massive closure of the casinos, Illinois residents and visitors can now sign up for a virtual sports book and even bet online.Online sports betting Illinois has created an exciting new landscape for fans in the state who are eager to bet on their favorite teams or athletes without having to leave home.

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Major changes in Illinois sports betting

  • On January 30, 2023, Illinois Representative Robert Rita presented HB 1405, a bill permitting betting exchanges in the state. This sort of wagering enables bettors to wager against each other instead of just sportsbook chances and is currently only available in New Jersey.
  • In November, Illinois sports betting created another billion dollars in wagers, nearly $1.03 billion, marginally lower than in October. The income was also slightly down (3.3%) to $148.8 million.
  • On January 4, 2023, the Missouri legislature commenced its 2023 session, wherein discussion concerning sports betting is expected to be a significant point of focus. If Missouri legalizes sports betting, IL sports betting might experience a downturn in its handle as people from the St. Louis area can place a bet from the comfort of their homes.
  • On December 12, 2022, Illinois became the fourth state to receive more than one billion dollars in monthly handle during October. This achievement resulted in two additional records: $102.1 million in revenue and $16.5 million in taxes paid. If House Bill 5847 gets ratified, the seven professional sports teams in Illinois will receive licenses for sports betting. In September 2022, the total handle reached $831.8 million, which is a 39.5% growth compared to the handle from the previous month. This rise is because remote registration was brought back in March of the same year.
  • According to the Illinois Gaming Board, the application process for sports betting licenses that can only be used online began on October 31, 2022. This means that anyone interested in starting an il sports betting platform will have to apply through an online portal. When the application is complete, and all necessary documentation is submitted, board investigators will review it and decide whether or not to issue a license.

IL sportsbook bonus codes and promotional codes

Illinois has a lot to offer sports bettors for betting on games. Aside from the standard sports bets on football, basketball, baseball, and hockey, the state also offers some unique bets that are sure to draw attention.

Sportsbooks offer bonuses in Illinois to get people to join. To use the bonus and free bet, you must have attained the official age limit for wagering and at least be physically present in Illinois, even if you don't reside permanently. When you sign up, you must show the sportsbook proof of your identity, like a driver's license or Social Security number. After taking advantage of the bonus, operators of sportsbook websites hope that the new customer will continue to bet often.

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Here is an inventory of Illinois's most widely recognized sorts of rewards:


Free bet bonus

IL sports betting allows you to place a single bet on any game event for a predetermined amount. If you win, you'll have more money in your account.


Risk-free bet

To participate in a risk-free bet, you must first place a bet that meets the requirements of the IL sportsbook. If you win, you'll get the money. If you lose, most IL sports betting sites will give you site credits equal to your lost bet. Sometimes, these kinds of advances come with cashback or protection rewards.


Sign-up/deposit bonus

The sportsbook is willing to match some or all of the money you deposit with its own money, which boosts your initial deposit to some extent. Most times, these bonuses are known as "match bonuses." Match bonuses are a tested method to boost your earning potential. Sign-up Bonus means you don't have to put much money down before betting; you only have to make a qualifying deposit (usually a minimal one). You can earn up to $200 when you make a qualifying deposit and place a bet with one of the state's authorized sports book operators.


Reload bonus

With reload bonuses, players can get extra rewards for bets they've already made. Reload bonus gives players a chance to increase their winnings by putting their initial deposits back into the game and making more bets with more confidence.


What are the terms and conditions of the Illinois betting bonus?

Every Illinois sports betting bonus comes with certain conditions, varying from one sportsbook to another. Below are some of the main conditions to look out for:

  • Rollover Requirements
  • Minimum Odds
  • Maximum Bet Size
  • Restricted Markets
  • Expiry Date


How to place a bet in Illinois

Some people might want to go to a licensed sportsbooks in Illinois, while others prefer to bet on sports online. If you want to do something more challenging yet rewarding, you can also place bets at one of the many casinos in the state. No matter what method you choose, you need to know all the rules for your game to go as smoothly as possible.

Different places have different limits on how much you can bet, but most places let you bet a total of up to $2,000 per day—people who wish to bet at a gambling place in Illinois should fulfill these requirements.

  • Attained the age of 21 years, which is the official age for gambling in the united states
  • Have proof of address, like a bank statement or utility bill


If you are physically in Illinois, then you are a few steps away from the Illinois sports betting world. The few steps you need to take are outlined below. First, review all the terms and determine which one you prefer for all the games and sports lines they provide.

  1. Select the preferred sportsbook in Illinois. If you want to stick with one sportsbook or try out several, you must familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of each.
  2. Create an account with the promo code that applies to you. Subscribe to your favorite Illinois sports books using the appropriate sign-up codes to get special deals. NOTE: The sign-up requirements for online betting Illinois are different. Some IL sports betting sites need proof. Others will ask you to prove the information you gave them, like your address and personal information, by showing them different documents.
  3. Deposit cash into your bankroll. Deposit options are unique to each Illinois sportsbooks, but most bookmakers use the most popular and well-known payment methods. In most cases, the same withdrawal options are available for users to cash out their winnings. However, most casinos do require a minimum deposit amount.
  4. You can start betting on completing the registration process. You are expected to fund your bankroll with real cash. Once you have funds in your gaming account, you are all set.

Online sportsbooks Illinois are better than those in retail stores and are safe and reliable. All the apps have passed the criteria set by the Illinois Gaming Board. In addition, these legal sportsbooks have strict measures to keep customers and their wagers secure. After you've downloaded the app on your device and the online sportsbook has verified your identity, you can place bets from any part of the state. Plus, these websites offer bonuses and betting options you won't find at any brick-and-mortar casinos.

Bets you can make in Illinois

All online sports books in Illinois offer lines on every major league sport and most professional sports worldwide. NCAA Division 1 game are also available for betting (with some restrictions on in-state colleges).

The most popular sports for betting in Illinois include:

  • NFL
  • NBA
  • MLB
  • NHL
  • College Football
  • College Basketball
  • MLS, EPL, and other pro soccer leagues
  • Tennis
  • MMA
  • Golf

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College sports betting in Illinois

College sports betting is very common in Illinois, which shouldn't be a surprise since Illinois is one of the most sports-obsessed states in the country. According to Sports Illustrated, residents of the state of Illinois wager more money than residents of any other state in the United States on college football and college basketball games. This genuine interest in sports has resulted in fascinating opportunities for those in business willing to make the most of those possibilities. For example, many bookmakers offer their customers the chance to bet on sporting events with fixed odds and live betting options, allowing them to bet real money while watching the game's live action.

Have you been trying to understand why you can't use the sports betting apps on your phone to bet Illinois or Northwestern teams? It is because of the law in that state. It is not currently possible to place bets online on local college teams in Illinois, even though Illinois sports betting has been legal since June 2019. On the other hand, doing so in person at a retail Illinois sports book store is now permitted.

People who bet on college sports in Illinois should be glad that the state has not completely banned its arrangement with legitimate sportsbooks running in the state. But, at the same time, there is doubt about the rationale of this provision. It could lead to punters sticking to the unregulated market and traveling outside the state to spend their funds elsewhere.

Worst of all, it could leave athletes exposed to attempts at manipulating matches. To some extent, this was a classic case of someone looking for a problem. "There is a chance that this law will be withdrawn or repealed." future time.

Betting payment options

After registering your account, the next step is to deposit money. As in other states, bettors in Illinois have several quick and easy ways to get their money. The best sports betting app Illinois allows clients to access their funds easily. Request to withdraw the money from your account and select the payment method of your choice. These common payment methods include:

Most cards cost between $5 and $20 to cash out. If you decide to withdraw your winnings by sending a physical check, the fee can be $300 or more. But the minimum for payment methods like PayPal and online bank transfers is usually around $1.

Pros of online betting

Online Illinois sports betting is a growing industry, and betting online has many benefits. If you're looking to bet on sports in Illinois, you can visit a classical retail sportsbook, but online Illinois sports betting offers some great advantages. These include access to multiple operators and ease of use attractive welcome bonuses, free bets, and bonus schemes that make gambling appealing to individuals who wish to increase their chances of winning. The added convenience of not needing to be physically present.

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Sports betting apps in Illinois

A growing number of sports bettors prefer the convenience of betting on their gadgets. The best sports betting apps are available in Illinois, giving people who want to bet on sports events a unique experience. With Illinois sports betting apps, fans can easily and quickly bet on their favorite teams or competitors.

Sports betting apps Illinois provide live updates and explanations on the most recent match-ups, allowing active fans to stay up to date as it happens. In addition, Illinois has a wide range of real sports betting options, which include apps from major bookmakers. Bettors can use the sports app Illinois to place bets on football, basketball, and baseball, among other sports.

Illinois sports betting apps offer real-time betting on various sporting events. With this service, users can place bets on games that are currently being played or will be played in the future. In addition, this platform lets you bet on live games and gives you information and analysis about each sport's past so you can bet.

There are lots of reasons why people want to bet on sports through Illinois online sports betting apps. Here are the major pros of mobile sports betting apps in Illinois:

  • The main benefit of downloading a betting app in Illinois is that it is easy to use. You don't have to be wedged at your computer to use the mobile sportsbook on any Illinois betting apps.
  • You can access it on the go, at work, or even at a big sporting event. Once you have any Illinois sports betting apps, you can get to your favorite betting platform much faster than if you had to open your device's search engine whenever you wanted to place a bet. This is called straight-up betting and spread betting, and it can be exceptionally useful to those who love to bet on live games.
  • Many sportsbook illinois app users use the platforms' odds calculators to make game plans. This helps them make better choices about their bets and lowers the stress of gambling. The game plan allows people of all budgets and interests to get involved in sporting fun.


Concise facts about Illinois sports betting history

Illinois has a long history of gambling, which began in 1927 when pari-mutuel betting on horse races was first allowed. This history has been augmented with the introduction of online gambling.

Over the past hundred years, the state has added more gambling options by slowly passing new laws.

The Supreme Court's decision in 2018 that the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) was legal made it possible for Illinois and other states to support and legalize sports betting. Even though many people believe this ruling legalized sports betting throughout the United States, the truth is yet to unfold.

The Illinois Gambling Act became law on June 1, 2019, when Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed it. The act made land-based Illinois sports gambling more popular and finished setting up the rules for sports betting in Illinois.

Residents of Illinois can now bet on professional and amateur baseball, basketball, football (including American Football), ice hockey, soccer (both men's and women's), college sports, and horse racing, thanks to this historic law.

Since the legalization of sports betting in the state, a total of 10 sportsbooks have set up shop in Illinois, which just adds to the promising and significant growth potential in the state’s sports betting scene. The continued rise in the numbers of bets made from players has helped Illinois sports betting hit a state-record handle for the third month in a row last November 2023, going up to $1.4 billion with an 18.5% growth from the previous month.


Can you bet on sports in Illinois?

Yes, as of June 2020, sports betting in Chicago and the rest of Illinois was made legal. Since March 5, 2022, bettors no longer have to sign up in person across the state. Instead, they can now sign up online.

Where in Illinois can I bet on sports?

The answer solely depends on the type of bet you want to place, as most sports bets in Illinois can either be in-person or online. If you want to place a bet online, you can use the app or bet online from anywhere inside a state's borders. In addition, you can bet at one of the ten casinos in the state or at seven sports venues if you prefer to place your bet physically or in person.

Is sports betting legal in Illinois?

Yes, sports betting is legal in Illinois as long as the bet is placed through a licensed and regulated casino or bookmaker. There are also several online sportsbooks that offer bets on sporting events in Illinois. So you can place your bet online and enjoy the excitement of live sports without having to leave home.

Will Illinois ever get rid of the in-person registration requirement for mobile bettors?

Yes! House Bill 3136 was passed in October 2021. This bill aborted the rule that Mandante beginners sign up in person at a traditional casino. The legislation went into effect on March 5, 2022. As a result, web-based gaming enthusiasts in Illinois can now sign up and bet virtually from anywhere inside the state.

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