Sports betting in Connecticut

Long before sports betting has become rampant, Connecticut has been blessed with the chance to have casino operations and sports betting legalized, which has led to the booming industry that the state has seen over the years. We have seen how Conneticut sports betting has thrived from time to time, and it seems that this will continue to grow at a bigger level as time goes by.

The state's government approved sports betting in 2021, opening the doors to online betting on October 19. This has made it easier for gamblers to get in on the action and place bets on their favorite sports categories. In addition, the sportsbooks are now accessible to all, offering a thrilling and exciting experience for Connecticut sports betting fans.

Online sports betting platforms make it easy for bettors to make money and get closer to the action on the field. With just a simple internet-enabled mobile device, gamblers can play and win from their home. As a result, Connecticut sports betting is now accessible and more convenient than ever.

Sports betting in Connecticut is regulated by the Department of Consumer Protection and is governed by strict laws. With the recent approval by Gov. Ned Lamont, sports betting is now available at many places in the state. You can access it through mobile apps or even your browser. However, some sportsbooks may require you to download their app first. While offline casinos don't offer bonuses or special deals, many other sports betting locations do, making it a more exciting experience.

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So what’s the latest scoop in Connecticut sports betting? Well there are a few growth and tweaks to the state’s sports betting scene, with Bovada expected to be sent a cease-and-desist letter for its illegal sports betting operations in the state. There’s also the small sportsbook handle last May, that was still countered by the 20% increase year-over-year in the state.


Sports betting promo codes

Connecticut's three licensed gambling platforms offer varying promo codes, giving customers a better chance of making money from the games. In addition, the bonus codes provided by sports betting sites can give you a head start. For example, people who have never gambled before can take advantage of the chances to lower their risks.

Connecticut sport betting image

The bonus codes are unique reward systems adopted by Connecticut sports betting sites to reward their customers' loyalty. Some bonus codes come with new games as a way to introduce those new games to gamblers. The bettors can then use the bonuses to play the most recent games for free. Using bonus codes reduces the likelihood of losing money on sports betting.

Bonus codes make it more likely for new players to sign up for accounts on sports betting sites and make it more likely for current members to stick with the sports betting brand. Gamblers in Connecticut can get bonuses from brick-and-mortar and online casinos, but online sportsbooks offer even more options. Thanks to the bonus codes, gamblers will always want to come back.

Beware of wagering requirements when accepting bonuses on sportsbooks. Wagering requirements are specific conditions attached to bonuses, promotions, and offers from gambling locations, online or offline. They affect how the bettor can spend the prize and any attached winnings.

You can check each sportsbook legalized in Connecticut for their bonus codes. Also, check each bonus's terms and conditions or wagering requirements before accepting it. If the words are uncomfortable, skip the bonus and go for another, more acceptable offering. Since the number of sportsbooks in the state is small, it will take little time to search for a proper bonus code.


Betting options

The licensed gambling platforms in the state consistently add games to their databases, giving their customers more betting options. Make sure, however, that you choose one of the legalized sportsbooks in the state for a hitch-free gambling experience. The licensed sites offer fairness and safety thanks to their robust security protocols. Consequently, customers' financial or personal data will not get into the wrong hands. In addition, all the games available on the Connecticut sports betting sites are fair and reputable.

Through the legal sportsbooks at this outlet, you can bet on events in different sports activities, like the NHL, MLS, MLB, NBA, and NFL. In addition, series from international and domestic leagues are equally accessible. Thanks to the regulatory role of the Department of Consumer Protection, the betting platforms consistently play according to the rules, maintaining the safety and security of customers.

Aside from sports betting, several other games abound in online casinos in the state, including the following:

    • Slots
    • Roulette
    • Blackjack
    • Baccarat
    • Sic Bo
  • Pai Gow
  • Keno
  • Craps
  • Bingo
  • Video Poker

The games are also available on mobile platforms so customers can play them anywhere, even on the go. You can either download apps or play them via mobile internet browsers.

Connecticut sportsbooks permit their customers to bet on several events, offering them multiple money-making opportunities. Connecticut sports betting is legal. Betting on any state-approved gambling site gives access to professional teams and several betting options. Some of the college teams available for betting are:

  • Blue Devils from Central Conn
  • Hawks from the University of Hartford
  • Stags from Fairfield University
  • Huskies from UConn


Top Sports Betting Options in Connecticut

Connecticut is locked with three dominant sportsbooks that are allowed to operate legally in the state. As of the time of writing, there are only three sites that you can consider when it comes to your betting options:



If you are looking for a site that has less restrictions when it comes to betting bonuses, you won’t have to look far than FanDuel, which features promising offers for players, such as same-game parlays, impressive odds for live betting, and even allows live-streams for you to watch games live and on demand.

Fanduel sportsbook image



DraftKings Sportsbook

Another superb betting option for you to consider is DraftKings, which offers a wide array of sports betting markets and comes with a user-friendly platform that you can consider especially with their generous sign-up bonuses.

DraftKings sportsbook image



Fanatics Sportsbook

Replacing SugarHouse is the all-new Fanatics Sportsbook, which is a behemoth when it comes to the wide array of sporting events that you can look out for. This also features a promising loyalty program that can help you reap rewards when it comes to doubling your winnings and making use of impressive odds from the site.

Fanatics Sportsbook image


College sports betting overview

Bettors got the nod to bet on college sports in Connecticut following the government's decision to legalize sports betting in the state on October 19, 2021, as opposed to October 7, the initial date set for the launch. The government licensed three sportsbooks to operate in the state, giving bettors options.

The minimum age requirement for betting on college sports is 21 years old, and Connecticut residents can only access college sports betting on state government-approved gambling platforms. The geolocation technology on your mobile device will verify your location. Only those within the state boundaries can access online sports betting here.

Many legal gambling sites in the state require customers to download mobile apps to play the games. You can only download the apps for these sites if you live in the state. The restriction promotes security and ensures better management. You can bet on sports events from other states on Connecticut sportsbooks too.CT college betting image

While the state permits bettors to take advantage of college sports, such an opportunity is not extended to college teams in the state. You can, however, bet on Connecticut college teams if such teams are part of other teams or tournaments.

The legalized gambling platforms in the state regularly update their databases, providing the latest games to bettors in the NCAAB, NHL, NBA, and even NFL. Bettors can participate in live tournaments, too, until such events conclude. In addition, they notify their customers of upcoming sports events several days before the events begin.

Some gambling sites can give their customers the winning probability of each team, helping them to make even better gaming decisions. You can bet on one of the teams to win using the head-to-head or injury information on gambling sites.


Sports betting apps

Connecticut legalizes only three sports betting platforms, and you can start your sports betting on any of them. Customers can select any convenience for them based on their gambling expectations. However, the three platforms differ in several areas, necessitating investigation before picking one. Check below for factors to consider when selecting the best app for online sports betting:


Check the payment speed

The gaming site must offer instant deposits, and the withdrawal process must be quick. The quick payment processing must also cut across all the available payment methods. Customers should only have to search for a short time before getting the payment tabs on the site. Also, the information on the cashier page must be easy to understand.


Consider the navigation

Check if the site offering CT sports betting is easy to navigate. You should not have any problem depositing or withdrawing money from the site. The sign-up or sign-in process should be hitch-free too. Moving through the pages on the site should be fast and hitch-free. Nothing less than this is acceptable.


How safe is the platform

A reliable site offering CT online sports betting should be 100% secure. Find out how the site handles your data during registration and payment. Has there been any security risk report before about this platform?


Ease of use

The betting app must be easy to use. It should have no glitches and must not expose you to security risks. Find out if the CT sports betting online platform regularly updates the app, which can promote ease of use.


Check for live betting

Live betting enables sports bettors to bet on live events. The tabs and links on the app should respond fast to your taps lest you miss the live events opportunities.

Online betting benefits:



Customers are safe when they register on the legalized gambling sites in the state. The Department of Consumers Protection closely monitors the sites offering sports betting in Connecticut, ensuring they protect their customers' information. Failure to play by the rule can earn them heavy fines or an outright suspension of their licenses. No complaints had ever surfaced regarding safety since the inception of sports betting in Connecticut.


No investigation confusion

Only three sports betting platforms are approved to operate in the state. So, aspiring bettors will only search for a short time before getting a good place to begin a betting adventure. Customers can quickly get detailed information about the three sites, enabling them to make informed decisions when choosing a gambling site.


Comprehensive payment options

Gaming platforms in Connecticut also offer several payment methods, enabling customers to pay quickly. Deposit processing is instant, and withdrawal happens very fast. Thanks to the sites' assured security, customers can choose any payment method without fear. Each gaming site passes through the Department of Consumer Protection before adding any new payment method.


Endless betting options

Customers can bet on sports from different categories, including NFL, NCAAB, NHL, and NBA. Games from MLS are also accessible, with each type featuring a series of Games options. The gambling sites offer more than just sports betting; you can equally bet on other games like a live dealer, video poker, poker, roulette, blackjack, slots, and fantasy football.


Make money

You can make money from sports betting in Connecticut. The money-making opportunity depends on the odds of each bet, with the odds increasing as the likelihood or probability decreases. You can also access the lottery, which can make you instantly rich.

Connecticut sports betting payment methods

Many gambling sites offering sports betting in the state insist that customers withdraw their winnings using the same method for depositing, protecting their security and privacy. As a result, the sites quickly process deposits, and the money can show up in your gaming account immediately. Withdrawal, too, sails through fast, but the processing period differs across payment methods.

Customers at sportsbooks can pay in a variety of ways, including the following:

  • Play+
  • Neteller
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Skrill
  • PayPal


Customers may pay a fee for deposits and withdrawals. No licensed gaming site offering sports betting in the state charges its customers deposit fees, but the carrier or payment processor can charge such fees. The costs vary equally across payment methods.

The information you must provide to use the payment methods differs. Some payment methods require many personal details from customers, while others do not. For example, when you pay with a credit card, you have to give your card information. With PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller, on the other hand, you only have to give your email address. As a result, customers need to be more comfortable providing their card details online to choose any e-currency payment method to deposit on sites offering sports betting in Connecticut.

The regulatory role of the Department of Consumer Protection compels sportsbooks to protect customers' data. So your financial information will not leak to unwanted third parties.

E-currency payment methods offer affordable options to gamblers interested in sports betting in Connecticut, deposits and withdrawals are usually instant via these methods. The charges are also minimal. In addition, opening accounts with third-party payment platforms is hitch-free.

Prepaid cards are also suitable for an instant deposit on Connecticut gaming platforms. They work like debit cards but are not connected to active money accounts. The disconnection makes them safer than debit cards since no one can steal your money using the prepaid card payment details.

Tips for placing a bet

The betting process is straightforward across the gambling platforms in the state. There may be a slight difference in the process from one site to another. Nevertheless, none of the procedures will put the new player under stress.

Before placing a bet on any team, consider the ROI metric to help determine how much money you can make from the stake. In addition, the dashboard usually contains information for tracking odds on futures.

Before you can start betting on sports on any Connecticut sports betting sites, you must first register an account with the platform. Check below for general information on registering an account for online sports betting in Connecticut.

  • Navigate to the site and click on the registration link.
  • Many of them only request for email and password. Provide your email and create a password. You will need to confirm the password and click on Register.
  • The gambling site will forward a confirmation email to the provided email address during registration.
  • Please open the email and follow the link to confirm your account.
  • You will then need to log in using the information you provided during the registration process.

After you log in, you can follow any team or league that most interests you. The sites will give you a personalized dashboard with news, picks, and odds you find relevant.

When creating a password on sports betting Connecticut gambling sites, you should usually follow the guidelines below:

  • The information you provide in the Password and Confirm Password boxes must match
  • It would help if you used a combination of lower and upper cases of the alphabet
  • The password should equally have one or more special symbols
  • You should include one or more numbers in it
  • The number of characters should be up to 10


Is sports betting legal in Connecticut? Yes, it is legal to engage in sports betting in the state. Federal law does not support gambling, but each state makes its laws. Not all states have legalized it, but Connecticut is among those that have. It is common to see variations in state laws across the country regarding online casino games, including sports betting since each has to make its laws according to its residents' needs and regulatory goals.

Connecticut defines gambling as risking something valuable to gain something contingent on chance. Aside from sports betting, gamblers are free to engage in other games, as follows:

  • State lottery
  • Jai alai
  • Dog racing
  • Horse racing

State law also legalized charitable organizations' gambling and social gambling. The Mohegan and Pequot tribes have legal control over the large casinos in the state. At one time, Connecticut had the most famous casino in the United States. It had six casinos and 17 kinds of table games.

Sport betting in Connecticut image

The Department of Consumer Protection oversees online gambling in Connecticut, ensuring that sites that offer it follow the rules. The agency also regulates other gambling activities in the state, including online poker. Note that the state only approved three gaming sites to operate. Any other place aside from the three is, therefore, illegal. You can contact the Gaming Division of the Department of Consumer Protection to find out if a gambling site is legal in the state. This will help you choose the right Connecticut sports betting site.

While sports betting and many other forms of online gaming are legal in the state, the states offering the games have individual rules and regulations, which customers should be wary of.


History of Connecticut sports betting

Let's go down memory lane to give you an exciting CT sports betting update.

Connecticut started legal sports betting in 1976, including jai alai and horse racing. The sports events were held at off-track venues called Connecticut OTB. However, the government privatized the off-track betting places in 1993, selling off the whole operation. Nevertheless, the buyer continued offering its customers several races across the United States and Canada. They also provided race videos, telephone wagering, self-service, and reward programs.

The company was sold in 2010 to usher in another era of innovation. Sportech, the new buyer, started the first online sports betting CT platform in 2014 and launched a mobile app. In addition, this company introduced new concepts for entertainment and betting in the state.

Connecticut lawmakers granted a gaming company in 2021 between the state and the two gaming tribes, giving birth to the state's strictly regulated online and offline gambling environments. CT Sports betting monitoring in Connecticut is the sole duty of the Department of Consumer Protection, which carries out its regulatory activities in line with state and federal laws.

Last April 2024, Connecticut has seen a massive $187 million handle from the month of March after the UConn Huskies have won the NCAA March Madness, which has seen a spike considering that there was a huge number of bettors for the NCAA that time. This comes as a massive win since the college betting laws are rumored to be amended with those present in the state only allowed to bet on collegiate events.

Bovada is also slated to receive a cease-and-desist letter from the regulators in Connecticut in the next few weeks after they have been proven to be operating in illegal sports betting in the state.


Can you bet on sports in CT?

Yes, you can participate in sports betting in CT. However, Connecticut college teams can only feature on your bet slip in an intercollegiate tournament. You can also bet on several other gambling games aside from sports. Betting on sports can also be online or offline.

Where can I place a sports bet in Connecticut?

You can place a sports bet on three legalized Connecticut online sports betting platforms. Customers need to register on these sites and also deposit money before betting. The registration process is hitch-free, and the deposit is usually instant, depending on the chosen payment method.

Is sports betting legal in CT?

Yes, it is legal to participate in online sports betting Connecticut. The state government legalized online sports betting in October 2021, and bettors will be on the right track if they visit any of the three legalized sportsbooks to bet on sports. The Department of Consumer Protection regulates sports betting in the state.

When did sports betting become legal in CT?

The date was October 19, 2021. From that point on, it was legal for people in Connecticut to bet on sports in stores or online. This date also marked the advent of several other online games in the state, including online poker. The state also permitted its two tribal casinos to sell games in stores and online.

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